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Stan Rachesky’s April 30 letter prompts me to respond. While I am somewhat disappointed in our president, I will vote for him again. Why? Consider the alternative: Mr. Romney and his gang would return us to the “good, old days” of more war, bigger banks, an even more right-wing Supreme Court, and bigger super-PACs.

I feel sure Romney would welcome back the war criminals (Bush, Cheney, Rice, other neo-cons) who got us into the wars that are killing off our young generations and soaking up much of our national treasure. We would see the big business fat cats growing even bigger and fatter in a Romney presidency.

Mr. Rachesky’s line about the government fearing the (armed) public is really a hoot: our government is basically owned by big business of all kinds, including the arms manufacturers. Electing the current Republican ticket will just make the current situation much worse.

Jan Girardot

Glenwood Springs

I would like to respond to a letter I received that was signed, “A Human Soul.” This was in response to a letter I recently submitted to the Post Independent.

First of all, I am sorry for the pain and degradation this person has endured all these years. I would like to communicate with the letter writer directly. Does this person have a post office box?

Please know there is help out there, and we have helped many at the Don Kriz Youth Farm. Refer back to the Aug. 25, 2011, edition of the Rifle Citizen Telegram for a story about this. The girl in the article experienced the same thing the letter writer has, only we were fortunate enough to intervene at the right time in her life.

We would like the opportunity to help the letter writer as well. Please contact me again.

Ken Kriz

Glenwood Springs

As a Ph.D. petroleum reservoir engineer and geologist, and having spent 30 years in petroleum reservoir modeling, assessment and fluid flow analysis, I was both shocked and angered by Dr. Tom Myers’s absurd theory that fracturing fluids could communicate to the groundwater, as reported in the May 5 Post Independent, “Reports back fears of fracking contamination.”

His previous scurrilous work at the bequest of the Natural Resources Defense Council for the December 2009 New York supplemental generic environmental impact statement comments was equally flawed.

First of all, Dr. Myers is an hydrologist, not a reservoir engineer or petroleum geologist. His geological and engineering model inputs and assumptions are unrealistic, and demonstrate the disconnect between the topic and his expertise.

The issue should not even be a topic of discussion in the news media, as it is implausible that fracture fluid could reach a groundwater reservoir. It cannot be reproduced in reservoir simulation models using realistic inputs, and after fracture-stimulating over a million wells, no instances of groundwater contamination from hydraulic fracturing have occurred.

This is simply the latest in the long list of science fiction perpetrated on the populace from non-experts posing as authorities and funded by political rather than objective scientific societies.

Scott Cline

Stanley, New York

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