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Congratulations to the city of Glenwood Springs, Colorado Mountain College, the Garfield County Library District and Glenwood Springs’ Downtown Development Authority for working together to launch an ambitious downtown redevelopment project that will keep both the library and CMC’s headquarters in the city’s historic downtown, as well as providing more than 100 additional parking spaces there.

This $17 million project, which broke ground on Tuesday, has taken years to reach fruition, and could not have been realized without enormous commitment, flexibility and perseverance from all four organizations, and too many community leaders to name them all. Not surprisingly for a project of this size, there were unexpected complications along the way that required patience, ingenuity and cooperation to overcome.

Yet in the end, the attractive new facilities now under construction will create essential community infrastructure, including a state-of-the-art 14,000-square-foot library with expansion space and underground parking, an attractive public plaza plus a 150-space public parking garage. In addition, CMC was able to consolidate its 100-plus district office employees from several smaller spaces into an attractive new headquarters facility on Grand Avenue that saves on rent and provides it room to grow.

This unprecedented collective investment in our downtown area will strengthen our local economy, enrich our lives and create several new landmarks that will serve and inspire future generations of Glenwood Springs residents for at least the next half century.

Thanks to everyone who played a part for understanding that a community united around a shared vision can accomplish things that would otherwise be impossible.

Russ Arensman

Glenwood Springs

Barack Obama clarified my political thinking in 2008. I was a moderate Republican for 45 years, but there really was no longer any place for me in the “Tea Party, Paul Ryan, Ayn Rand, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, fundamentalist Christian” right wing Republican Party.

It was such a good decision to vote for Barack Obama and begin a political awakening. After eight years of the failed policies of Bush and tremendous personal financial losses, it became clear that Republicans no longer were looking out for me.

I have been poor, in the middle class, and in the upper middle class, but the party was focused on the wealthy. The GOP was focused on eliminating government that served the people by eliminating equitable taxes on the wealthy and by providing so many loopholes for business that some very successful companies paid no taxes at all.

I think Romney is the perfect symbol of the Republican Party, 100 percent focused on the wealthy and dedicated to eliminating services and opportunity for the middle class.

Thomas Rutledge

Glenwood Springs

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