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My name is Robert H. Gardner. I am running for a seat on the Holy Cross Energy board of directors.

Holy Cross is a cooperative electric utility, in the Eagle River and Roaring Fork River valleys, governed by an elected board of directors. Holy Cross provides electricity to nearly 55,000 homes and businesses generating more than $100 million in revenues each year. Directors are elected from and by Holy Cross members/consumers.

I believe that Holy Cross should provide consumers with highly reliable electric service at a reasonable cost, balanced with renewable power supply, energy conservation, energy efficiency and consumer service programs.

I am a lifelong resident of this part of Colorado. I was born in western Colorado. I attended school in Carbondale and Glenwood Springs. I graduated from Colorado State University. I raised my children here and spent most of my working career employed by Holy Cross Energy.

I was involved with nonprofit and community organizations in both Eagle and Roaring Fork River valleys. I have lived in Pitkin County, splitting my time between Basalt and Aspen, for the last nine years. I am familiar with all the communities in Holy Cross’ service territory.

I retired from Holy Cross after 30 plus years, progressing from laborer to executive management. I was a “hands on” professional with a proven track record in general and utility management, human resources, communications, consumer and public relations, energy conservation and efficiency, and renewable energy programs

For more information, please visit my website at

I believe that my education, experience, knowledge and understanding of Holy Cross’ consumers and service territory, along with my commitment to provide reliable electric service at a reasonable cost as clean and green as possible, makes me uniquely qualified to represent you on the Holy Cross board of directors. I ask you for your vote.

Holy Cross consumers will receive an envelope containing their ballots sometime between May 15 and 19. Open the envelope, review the information, cast your vote and drop your ballots in the mail on or before June 8.

Robert H. Gardner


I have read much debate in recent letters about the financial implications of both presidential parties in the upcoming election. However, I am curious as to how many people realize the extent to which local government affects our day-to-day lives.

For example, the town of New Castle requires a permit to put a “for sale” sign in your car. Since when did the Constitution require an American citizen to pay money to exercise their First Amendment rights?

Why are schools across the nation able to dictate what a child can or can’t eat, despite the fact that what is provided is perfectly healthy?

Why is the city of Rifle charging $23,000 for a building permit to simply erect a medium-sized house?

The answer to these questions is simple. It’s not our wealthy Americans who are greedy, it’s our government. It starts at the local level, and gets worse as it goes higher. So, the next time you cuss a company like Exxon-Mobile, remember this, they only get about 13 cents per gallon profit, while the government gets 50 cents per gallon, or so.

Now I realize that much of this is used to fund our various roadways, however, the waste I’ve personally witnessed in our highway department is quite profound. They deploy five employees to accomplish the work of two. And guess who ends up paying? It’s you and me.

Jim Klein

New Castle

Garfield County residents have to get rid of the county commissioners, who kiss the backsides of the oil and gas industry.

R. Andrews


Maybe the Sheriff should spend less time relying on the press to disseminate public safety information, and use his resources to find and apprehend the flasher? I appreciate all the warnings, but how is it possible that a naked man – a potential predator running around for quite some time – hasn’t been arrested? It’s not like our police officers have to worry about concealed weapons with “Mr. Breeze between his knees.”

It seems like our local law enforcement’s priorities might be skewed, when rounding up peaceful undocumented immigrants under the disguise of gang task force management takes precedent over finding and arresting naked perverted predators.

As a taxpayer, it’s not very comforting to have our county sheriff whining that the press isn’t doing their job, when it’s clear the flasher is still on the loose. What’s next, blaming the county commissioners for approving his budget of misplaced priorities?

Anita Sherman

Glenwood Springs

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