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I have decided to run for the board of Holy Cross Energy (HCE) this year because I care about our environment and am deeply committed to our region’s future. I have a passion for problem solving and developing creative solutions to decrease energy demand and increase renewable supply. My goals as director are to: ensure long-term price stability; support renewable energy programs; practice responsible fiscal management; bridge the gap between members and their electric co-op, existing programs, and their energy bills.

It is time to put my experience to work with HCE directors and staff. Holy Cross is one of the most progressive co-ops in the state while maintaining some of the lowest energy rates. As a leader, we set an example with respect to energy efficiency, clean power and innovative programs.

As sustainability coordinator for Vail and manager of the town’s recent $3.2 million energy efficiency overhaul, I have worked hard to ensure taxpayer dollars are spent responsibly, with maximum return on investment. Over the past 15 years, I have worked for the U.S. Forest Service, local government, private industry and nonprofit organizations and have gained first-hand knowledge on what motivates businesses and individuals to save energy, and how audit and rebate programs can be improved. My experience in energy management includes large commercial efficiency projects, community energy demand reduction, residential audits, retrofits, efficient building, biomass projects and waste-to-energy investigation.

My husband Steve and I are involved community members. You may know us through the annual highway, town, and river cleanups, zero waste events and the West Vail Community Garden. I currently serve as a director of the Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability, Treasurer of the West Vail Community Garden and Vice-Chair of the Institute for Environmental Solutions. I ask that you take the time to vote in the HCE Election, and ask that you vote for Kristen Bertuglia and Adam Palmer in the Northern District, and Bob Gardner in the Southern District. Look for your ballot in the mail after May 17 and return by June 7. Go to or email me at for more information.

Kristen Bertuglia


In his letter “Reasons for Leaving the Republican Party” on May 12, Thomas Rutledge describes his “awakening,” after 45 years, to the realization that the “Tea Party, Paul Ryan, Ayn Rand, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, fundamentalist Christian” party has no place for him.

I’ve had a rather different epiphany. Having voted for Johnson, Carter and Clinton (twice), I now find myself viewing Democrats as the party of Saul Alinsky, Frances Fox Piven, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayres, Van Jones, ACORN, anarcho-communist Occupiers, atheists, abortionists, shameless corruption (The Chicago Way), fiscal insanity (The Sacramento Way), Big Brother (in every way Orwell imagined), racism (the anti-white Justice Department way), class envy and class warfare.

Not only does this party have no place for me, I feel that it despises me because I’m white, Catholic, and an advocate of individual freedom as underwritten by the United States Constitution. Most of all, because I believe in America – what’s left of it.

I remember the days when people complained that there were no real differences between the two parties and their candidates. To be sure, whomever we elect, it’s always greatly about money and power, but factoring out such human constants, there sure are differences now.

Chad Klinger


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