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It’s time to impeach the Garfield Board of County Commissioners. Utah’s closed-door meeting with other commissioners, bought by oil and gas, left no doubt finally where their allegiance lies – not with the average Garfield County citizen. Was this secretive huddle with oil insiders paid for with taxpayer dollars?

Since the election, their actions are calculated attempts to undermine and remove every regulatory and environmental safeguard so that our public lands are exploited and degraded. They care nothing about the legacy left of this land to future generations – only about selling out to short-term profits made by people who came from elsewhere, take all they can, then move on.

Their advisory board appointments were to political cronies – including at least one who’s made multi-millions selling ranch land to gas companies – given positions in an orchestrated attempt to gain knowledge on how best to remove all legislative and regulatory roadblocks when re-writing land use code.

They fired their county manager because he didn’t think like them. The BOCC will do everything in its power to unitize and drill Thompson Divide.

It was admirable to examine the budget line-by-line, and to preserve Silt’s organic farm, but the BLM resolution proves finally there’s no balance in this harshly ideological board.

John Martin exercised more restraint before having a unanimous board. Mike Samson was bought into power by oil and gas, and Tom Jankovsky didn’t turn them down either. Sadly Mr. Jankovsky has confirmed suspicions raised while running, when it was more important to be endorsed by the Post Independent’s resident genius, Ross Talbott, than to answer a questionnaire from the Roaring Fork Conservancy.

Why isn’t someone like Ken Neubecker on the advisory staff? Do rivers mainly exist for this board to drain them for fracking?

The BOCC used unemployment fears in the election to drive them to power, yet it’s tougher now to get a job thanks to employers being allowed to employ illegal immigrants. This board swore to uphold the Constitution, yet passes projects that benefit fat cats who employ illegals in a county that’s one of the worst anywhere for illegal immigration.

Enforce the law and protect our citizens and our land, or get out of office.

David E. Johnson


The upcoming Holy Cross board of director election has brought numerous candidates forward as possible new directors to the Holy Cross board.

As a 25-year member of the Holy Cross board, I would like to take the opportunity to endorse Bob Gardner for the directorship available in the Southern District.

Bob is a long-time resident of western Colorado, and prior to his retirement from the Holy Cross Management Team, I had the pleasure of working with him for many years at Holy Cross. I cannot speak too highly of his professionalism, dedication and attention to detail. Bob is a person that puts great thoughts into any decision he makes. Furthermore, his sense of fair play and honesty are beyond reproach. Because he has had the experience of working with the Holy Cross management and staff, he brings and important insight to any board decision. I know from firsthand experience that he has vision and a historical perspective of Holy Cross that only years in the business can bring. He understands consumer needs and concerns from both inside and outside of organization.

I believe Bob’s goals are to serve the consumers’ needs, provide reliable electrical service now and into the future, at a reasonable cost while being both clean and green.

Because of his knowledge, experience in the industry and his education, he is the most qualified and logical choice to fill the Southern District seat. He is a person who will bring balance, stability and longevity to the board for many years to come.

For the reasons previously stated, I hereby endorse Bob Gardner for the Holy Cross board of directors and urge you to cast your vote for him in the upcoming election.

Bob Starodoj, 25 year Holy Cross board member


Well, well, big surprise again with our county commissioners’ voting. I was at that Monday morning meeting about the use of public land for oil shale development. As usual the county commissioners had their minds made up before the public spoke about their feelings.

Isn’t it insulting to you that the commissioners repeatedly pacify the public with these input meetings and then just do what they want to do anyways? What happened to the concept that our commissioners, who are supposedly representing us, vote the way the public feels is right?

The worse thing about all this is that we voted these guys into office, and the best thing is we can vote then out.

I am sure some of you did what I did in the past elections and voted for someone that has been in the community for a long time and you thought they would represent us well. Now that we have past voting records to see, we know that is not the case with our present commissioners.

Time and time again our residents have come to the commissioners and voiced their concerns about the gas drilling companies. That their drinking wells are getting contaminated, air quality compromised, roads damaged and gas drilling companies not holding up to their agreements with private landowners. And the county commissioners sit back and say there is no absolute proof of any of this happening. Even if there is the slightest chance that the public health is at risk, something should be done. Like the old saying goes; ” Without your health you have nothing.” It seems that the commissioners only care about the money the county gets from these gas companies, and the money they get for their re-election. No amount of money is worth the health and quality of life, of our residents.

So our chance to make a change is coming up. Come next November two of the county commissioner seats are up for replacement. Lets make a change for a better community and elect people that put us first, instead of the money hungry gas drilling companies.

John Korrie

Glenwood Springs

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