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I read your article that described the graphic detail of 49 dismembered bodies found in Mexico that were tied to the drug cartel wars which have been happening since 2006.

The author’s state that 47,500 people have perished in drug-related violence so far. It should be pointed out that this does not include the other deaths related to drugs; the thousands of overdoses, suicides, families destroyed, and violent crime that occurs here in the U.S. every year. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that in 2009, the number of deaths attributed to drugs exceeded those caused by motor vehicle accidents, killing 37,485. To put that in perspective, the total American casualties in the war on terror to date: Afghanistan: 1,969, Iraq: 4,486. The 18 years of Vietnam, 1957-1975, with a total of 58,156 deaths shows how severe the drug problem truly is.

I am told that drugs are a “victimless crime” by the people that are trying to legalize them. It has been proven multiple times that marijuana is a gateway drug to harder and harder substances.

Government regulation will not make any of these things disappear. We have seen what government regulation has done with regards to alcohol consumption. The Bureau of Justice stated that 73 percent of felonies involve alcohol. What would be the same statistic for legalizing drugs?

We are still talking about addiction fueled crimes here. The only difference is what substance is used. You still have a downward spiral that includes the medical industry on the verge of collapse and the drug cartels still being involved because their product would be cheaper than the highly regulated products provided by the government. This still does not address the other crimes that accompany it, such as human trafficking, prostitution, kidnapping and many others.

Isn’t the alcohol-related crimes enough? We have one legalized drug, why would we want to increase the problems?

Zell Zordel

New Castle

I normally wouldn’t have a reason to write a response to anything on the Opinion page because I believe fully that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But when I read Bob Millette’s May 11 response to my grandfather’s May 8 column, I felt strongly that I needed to say something.

It may seem to Mr. Millette that Ross Talbott may not have the best knowledge of those basic sciences, but I think that he is right in what he said and I’m totally okay if Mr. Millette doesn’t think the same.

But to say that evolution has nothing to do with religion is very ignorant. It is true that evolution is based on limited science, but it also claims that nothing and no one created the world and that it just appeared over billions of years.

The Bible states in Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” That little bit of knowledge shows that there is a connection between religion and evolution.

If Mr. Millette chooses to ignore this, it’s up to him. But as a follower of Jesus Christ, I believe that it is my responsibility to speak the truth in all situations.

Karalee Talbott

New Castle

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