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The letters from Debbie Centeno (May 8) and Janett Centeno (May 9) so annoyed me I couldn’t respond fast enough. First of all, when I call some deserving soul a liar, the Post Independent’s civility police won’t print it due to libel concerns. It’s funny how often civility editing can be seen as bias against conservative viewpoints.

Janett Centeno is typical of the progressive “citizenship is just a piece of paper” crowd. She writes, “People could really care less whether a person is here legally.” Wrong, wrong, wrong.

She also says her illegal alien brother of multiple previous deportations “may not be a perfect citizen, but I know plenty of other wannabe gangsters who aren’t being harassed.” Not only is Ms. Centeno’s brother David Centeno not perfect, he isn’t a citizen, ergo he is deservingly being deported.

I do care if people are here legally. I am a legal immigrant and naturalized citizen whose family followed the rules. We learned English, no bilingual education for us. No welfare, no food stamps, no free health care, no subsidized housing.

Legal immigration is what made this country great. Illegal aliens will rot our quality of life and turn America into the kind of Third World country Mr. Centeno ran away from.

I am overjoyed that Mr. Centeno was justly apprehended by our valiant sheriff and would love to see each and every illegal alien in America deported back to where they came from. Keep up the good work, Sheriff Lou Vallario.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


By now, the solid American majority must be feeling that Washington, D.C., has become a monster with open jaws demanding that taxpayers fund more debt.

Our Congress is spending 57 percent more money than it takes in, and Obama’s solution is to raise taxes further. He talks about the rich in order to divide the country along class lines, but in fact new taxation will hit nearly everyone, especially the middle class.

We aren’t driving as much, we have cut down on groceries, and many of us cannot afford vacations. We are paying through the nose to keep Congress in luxury – hefty travel perks, retirement, medical, and their warm seats that smack of privileges they feel they are entitled to on our backs.

Congress on both sides of the aisle has become a private club with incumbent members striving to prevent anyone new from upsetting their status. People must realize at the polls that to vote for incumbents is to keep status quo and continue the growth and waste in government.

Witness that here in Garfield County both parties made sure to support their “good old boys” while refusing to allow other candidates to break the mold. Hopefully, Tisha Casida will make the ballot as an independent and capture enough votes to oust Scott Tipton, who is supported by big money and the establishment in charge.

Likewise continuing to vote for Udall and Bennett will keep the spending in Washington going up and up in fine socialist style.

Carol Abbott


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