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I imagine Mrs. Mullins is feeling quite satisfied after her letter to the editor from this past Sunday.

I had never realized the power of one before, but after attending the Jazz concert last night, I now understand. I have grown up in this valley and have attended the Wednesday Summer of Jazz concerts since their inception. One of the many wonderful things about the concerts has been the social, family-friendly atmosphere. Generations of families and friends have had the opportunity to sit together, enjoy fantastic music and watch kids dance and play.

It appears those times are no longer. Following Mrs. Mullins’ letter, the children are no longer allowed on the grass area in front of the stage. The audience was informed that a separate “play area” would be made to accommodate the kids.

So are they planning on staffing this play area, so that the parents can sit and enjoy dinner in the park? At least with the kids allowed up front, parents are able to watch their child (children).

I do not condone parents letting their kids run wild and screaming during the concerts. I believe it is up to the parents to keep a watchful eye on their kids and be sure they are behaving in a socially acceptable way.

Statements such as “parents who must bring their children to these concerts” and “if you have to bring your children to these concerts” show that Mrs. Mullins would prefer an environment without kids.

Maybe concerts at auditoriums in Denver, or perhaps Aspen would be more satisfying for Mrs. Mullins. Having grown up in Aspen, I know that the Aspen Music Festival that runs in the summer is excellent.

I would be very curious to know just what percentage of the audience at the jazz concerts is made up of families with children. I would guess that it is a hefty amount.

Is the future to be that on Wednesdays in the park, we all sit in chairs like a concert hall and are not allowed to socialize? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Vreneli Diemoz

Glenwood Springs

Get ready, our way of life is about to change for the worse, though for progress and the good of the nation, our little valley is going to take the hit.

President Bush’s speech directly spoke of Western Colorado and our vast supply of oil shale. I am all for getting out of foreign lands and reducing our dependency on foreign oil, but I just ask our leaders to please make sure it is done with care and caution for our way of life and our health.

I feel like I am looking into a crystal ball, and the future does not look so bright for Western Colorado. I have seen what the past has done, and I am very afraid of what is to come.

I hope that greed does not rule, as I am sure there are those that will make a lot of money from this market.

Rape on the land is just a daily occurrence now, we watch it like the video of the man who was hit and laid on the street with no 911 calls or passers-by stopping to assist him while he lay injured. We turn blind eyes to oil spills and pollution in the air.

I don’t care what the commission report stated on the quality of air in our valley, it stinks, I smell it every day. After a year of living on our dream ranch, the reality of our nightmare continues.

Lori Anderson Thompson


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