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Why do too many liberals start out a confrontation with a smear? Wouldn’t it be better to merely state the facts? I write in reference to Jan Girardot’s letter of May 24.

To admit that only some of the fat cats are job makers and then mention Warren Buffett as one of the saviors is ludicrous. People like Buffett and Steven Jobs get all kinds of favorable media attention when, in fact, these people have sent an awful lot of jobs overseas.

Buffett has shown me how disingenuous a few fat cats can be when he brought out the tax situation between he and his secretary. He said that she pays a higher percentage of her income in taxes than he does. If his income is only taxed at 15 percent (capital gains tax that does not include the state tax), his claim would be true. However, his income is already taxed at 35 percent (corporate tax). If that still isn’t fair, Mr. Buffett, pay your secretary more. Or, better yet, grant her some stock options so that she can merely pay 15 percent when sold, as is your custom.

As for the fat cats of World War II, gee, it’s too bad if they actually ended up benefiting by using their factories, intelligence and their time. Barack Obama did have Congress on his side for the first two years and even after that he had control when considering his veto power. During Bush’s last two years in office, he faced a Democrat-controlled Congress.

With respect to the food stamps, I will refrain from making fun of Mr. Girardot when he mentioned that 15 billion people were on food stamps. I know that he realizes that there are not that many people on this earth, less than half of that figure.

I will have to bring up the fact that he did not defend Barack Obama’s past. It was not a foundation that I would hope for as a leader of the United States of America. Please folks, even if you need food stamps or you would prefer to be a taker rather than a giver, our country under people with Obama’s philosophy will continue to decline and the food stamps will become unavailable.

Dick Fitzgerald


I’ve lived in the Roaring Fork Valley for much of my life, and every year I gain a deeper appreciation for our local wilderness areas. I am thrilled to learn that U.S. Sen. Mark Udall has launched a proposal to protect additional wilderness in the central mountains of Colorado, including areas such as Hay Park (skirting Mount Sopris) right in our front yard.

I recently learned that the majority of Colorado’s existing wilderness is high elevation land, primarily consisting of rock and ice. One of the core intents behind Udall’s proposal is to extend protection to more ecologically diverse mid-elevation areas. This will help ensure that local wildlife can continue to move from the high country into the forests and meadows that provide critical habitat for mating, birthing and migration, and will preserve many of the tributary creeks and streams that feed the Crystal River and Roaring Fork watershed.

For most of the people I know in the Roaring Fork Valley, wilderness is one of the main reasons that we live and work here. It’s a part of our culture, our economy and our community.

I thank Sen. Udall for embarking on an effort that will benefit not only all of his current constituents, but also generations of Coloradans and Americans to come. I hope designating wilderness remains one of his top priorities and urge him to consider adding lands to his current proposal.

Sen. Udall is currently seeking input on this proposal. For more information I encourage everyone to visit http://www.markudall.

Ashley Muse


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