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I am constantly amazed at the responses to columns written by my father, Ross Talbott. It seems as though there are individuals who, no matter what he writes, write a response letter of disagreement. Often it has been with the mean-spirited attempt to shut him up by inappropriately labeling him and causing him or the newspaper editor to give up.

Almost without exception these letters show great bias and misrepresent what was said.

Recently, the May 25 letter from Leslie Stoupas speaking against the importance of motherhood demonstrated this. Though she is somewhat correct in her first point of disagreement, she misses the main point. That is that animals do allow the destruction of offspring in instances where the instinct of personal preservation trumps their care. One of the significant things that differentiated mankind from the animals was the willingness to sacrifice one’s life for the survival of another (think ability to access extraordinary, say miraculous, love).

But now society has degraded to allowing killing the most innocent simply for convenience, not just for our personal preservation. This issue suggests we have somehow lost our moral moorings, our humanity, and have not only been reduced to our basic instincts but gone even further in allowing the killing of our offspring for convenience and pleasure.

The second point of disagreement is more egregious. Ms. Stoupas’ suggestion that historical evidence of children being reared by communal efforts somehow trumps importance of motherhood amazes me. Society is filled with examples of less than optimal child rearing. These examples should never be excuse for neglecting what has been proven by experience and clinical scientific study.

Reputable child psychologists have demonstrated that early mother-child bonding plays a key role in a child’s ability to cope with stress, complex thinking, relationship-building, trust and ability to function in a caring unselfish way. This inescapably puts a substantial responsibility and level of importance on mothers in raising children and the survival of society.

With this said, this does not remove responsibility of fathers, family, friends, communities and society in their caring for and raising kids to be thoughtful, intelligent, wise, contributing individuals.

Russell Talbott

New Castle

I am wondering why Carbondale thinks it should get energy impact funds for its new library, especially since the town is doing all it can to fight natural gas drilling in the area. The town itself is responsible for adding significant additional costs to the construction of the library. It is retirees and trust funders who have moved to Carbondale that are driving the need for a larger library – not energy company employees. I urge the Garfield County commissioners to deny the town’s request.

Just out of curiosity, if the library were oriented to take advantage of solar heating (windows) in the morning and winter, and shaded in the afternoon during the summer, how much would be saved by not installing solar panels and the accompanying controls? How long will it take to recover the costs of the solar panels?

Sharon Brenner


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