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Stan Rachesky claims to know a good deal about Barack Obama.

Does he know anything about John McCain, not Cindy McCain; or John’s priest or pastor? Can he identify for us John McCain’s philosophy? How does McCain feel we can sustain his desire to stay in Iraq? What will he do for the economy? Did he or did he not make mistakes regarding Silvarado, and did he continue to support deregulation after Silvarado or learn from his mistakes? How does McCain feel about off-shore drilling and renewable energy? And by the way, what’s John McCain’s middle name?

In Stan’s June 19th letter, he mentions John McCain zero times.

Joe Blanc on June 23 mentions John McCain zero times, and slams Democrats, not Obama. Norm Shroll on June 23 mentions John McCain zero times, but we get to hear his thoughts about John Kennedy, the Clintons, Obama, Rev. Wright, Bush and the qualifications for a dog catcher.

John Herbst (June 21) mentions Obama roughly twice as much as John McCain, using one of those references to declare that he’s not a huge fan of McCain. Herbst is very worried about taxes. He attempts issues, though his entire discussion of McCain’s tax stance is, “McCain stated he doesn’t plan to raise taxes.” Good enough for John.

Richard Doran, June 20th, manages to mention God four times, John McCain once, and (who else), Jimmy Carter once.

Not one of these letters mentions the war. You know, the one in Iraq where sons and daughters and mothers and fathers are dying and being maimed. Terrorism is mentioned as a concept. Nor do one of these letters mention the environment and climate change. Cities under water. “What, me worry?” These are the twin elephants in the room for our conservative letter writers’ information. The group should pipe down until they can have grown-up debates about the serious issues, and for God’s sake (pardon me, Richard), stand for something.

Barb Coddington


It was wonderful to read about the special participants at the Strawberry Shortcut race this year. Paul Driskill continues to inspire us. Kenyan Sam Chelanga certainly ran a fabulous race. And Warren Bystedt at age 78 is an extraordinary runner. All are amazing men.

Just one thing missing from the three top stories ” women And the one that took our breath away was local runner Sarah Shepard. Shepard is an incredibly hard-working athlete who won both the women’s 10K and the 5K, and broke course records in both. When was the last time a woman won both races? Or anyone won both races?

You set the bar high for us, Shepard, and for that we thank you.

As we say on our team, “Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” ” Saint Francis of Assisi. Congrats on a great day!

Nancy Reinisch, Roaring Fork Women’s Triathlon Team

Glenwood Springs

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