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Profuse thanks to R.W. Boyle for elucidating the ignorant masses concerning the connection of John McCain to the nefarious “self-serving criminals” of the Bush administration (although no crimes have ever been proven against Bush, Cheney, or other high officials, but so what?) … and also revealing the true author of the absurd, deluded quote on fascism and the cross, put forth recently via Dana Andersen.Eureka! It was Nobel Laureate Sinclair Lewis. His winning a Nobel matters little to me; so did terrorist leader Yassar Arafat and anti-semitic President Jimmy Carter, who will be remembered as one of our worst presidents ever – yes, even worse than the much-maligned George W. Bush. At least he gave us almost seven years of a prosperous economy, but all liberals talk about is the last 6-8 months. That’s nothing new for them. (Incidentally, the lame, Democratic-led Congress has a historically low approval rating, far below Bush’s. But again, no matter.)Speaking of fascism in America, it’s a complete farce, invented by the left, since that evil, and its companion communism, has been rightly traced to tyrannical, secular-progressive regimes, around the first half of the 20th century (i.e., Stalin, Hitler, Mao, among others), in which tens of millions, including numerous Christians, were murdered. Has anyone in America been executed for not being patriotic enough, or Christian enough? Perhaps Mr. Boyle can further enlighten us.The closest America has come to being truly fascist is via its own shameful holocaust (the clinical execution, by liberal high court mandate, of approximately 50 million unborn children, since the dreadful decision in 1973). It’s a true crime that leftists and secularists should be absolutely ashamed of, but lacking a conscience, they are anything but.All I can say is, may God have mercy on them, and on this nation – especially if one popular proponent of all forms of abortion (Barack Obama) becomes president this year. If so, Americans will lament putting that charming monster in power, for more reasons than one. Mark my words.Mrs. Coddington demanded conservatives answer something. Is saving innocents from slaughter good enough for her?Happy birthday, America. John HerbstBattlement Mesa

Recently a local girl named Audra Dobbs from Glenwood Springs, a native, I might add, won the title of Miss Rodeo Colorado. This young lady has been wanting this title since I knew her when she was 4 years old. She would sit on my lap and tell me “some day I am going to be the rodeo Queen.” In this day and age of people slamming the youth of today, I stand up and applaud her hard efforts to win this title. As I watch my valley lose all its cowboy/cowgirl heritage, the old rodeo grounds falling by the wayside, ranches becoming subdivisions, tears fill my eyes as I scream out, “Way to go, cowgirl.” I knew you could do it. I am so proud of you, Audra. The next title will be Miss Rodeo USA, and I am going to be there in Vegas cheering you all the way.Lori Anderson ThompsonSilt

It is clear from the daily full-page ads that the oil and gas industry has a lot of money with which to slosh around their propaganda on the proposed oil and gas commission rules. Natural gas prices have increased 67 percent since last winter’s peak in demand, so it’s not really about money or profits; they have plenty and will have even more come this winter as energy prices double or even triple over last. They’ve been spoiled by years of self-governance at the expense of Colorado’s natural environment, something for which this state is revered. As industry moves into more sensitive environments, it is only natural that they should be held to a higher standard to protect the wildlife that belongs to all Coloradans. And for those industry players who are not willing to be responsible with our environment, as columnist Ed Quillen says, good riddance. At these prices, others will come along and play by the rules, so no jobs will be lost; nor will state revenues be lost, except to expedited leasing that fails to garner a fair return as energy prices rapidly escalate. The oil and gas commission has a primary responsibility to the residents of Colorado, not to the industry that they regulate, and it should proceed to implement tough new rules that protect our environment, as mandated by recent legislation.Greg ScottEvergreen

This is a message to all who walk their dogs along the Rio Grande Trail or any other trails in the area. Pick up after your dog. There are receptacles and doggie bags along most of these trails. Use them. Or, put a doggie bag in your pocket. Let’s keep these trails clean and pleasant for all who walk, run, or bike on them.I wonder what your backyard looks like.Bea YoungGlenwood Springs

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