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So the owners of Gould Construction reveal themselves as Romney supporters by having their workers show up at the Thursday rally in Basalt. This is the same Romney that wants to cut federal taxes and end government spending on projects like RFTA’s. The same project that Gould Construction is working on. Ahh, hypocrisy.

Gerald R. Terwilliger


So Mark Gould thinks his small business creates jobs all on its own. Does he not realize that these RFTA park-and-ride lots his firm is building are government jobs?

Then we have Dave Moore who thinks the government should be “expediting funds to create a commercial boom in Silt” consisting of things like fast food restaurants and truck stops. He thinks those businesses will provide jobs that will pay enough to cover the mortgage payment. Does he not realize that working full-time in a job like that won’t even raise a family above the poverty line, let alone pay a mortgage?

Wouldn’t you rather see your tax dollars going to create government jobs building our nation’s infrastructure than subsidizing private sector jobs which don’t pay a living wage?

Nancy Smith


I would like to point out a few areas of great concern in Mitt Romney’s campaign speech Thursday in Basalt. As I read the Post Independent’s coverage of Romney’s speech, I find his plans very disturbing. These plans should be disturbing to Republican voters as well. Romney was quoted as saying that he would balance the federal budget by the end of his second term. That is a very lame and arrogant promise. The federal budget should be balanced immediately in his first term. Why would he postpone balancing the budget? The other quote was that he would cut the rest of the budget that does not pertain to national security by 5 percent. Again, a lame promise. Five percent is not cutting the federal budget. He wants to do energy development. We are already doing that. Romney is making bold claims about creating lots of jobs. I don’t see much of that plan. He wants to repeal ObamaCare. Why did he turn his back on his own RomneyCare in Massachusetts? It is obvious that foreign policy will be a challenge for him. There is very little substance in any of Romney’s plans. Where is his bold leadership that he brags so much about?

The problem with President Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney is that neither one knows their own economy well-enough to fix it. Yet, they have access to thousands of economists. Obviously, they do not know how to fix their own economy, either, or they don’t want to. Trickle-down economic policies such as Bush-era tax cuts and stimulus programs have not worked. The trickle-down only goes as far as the wealthy 1 percent. These candidates and Congress do not understand that the current economic system is broken. Maybe they like this status quo. If they keep the 1 percent happy and Wall Street happy, that is more important. There are fixes out there for the economy, but these candidates do not have the leadership to use them. As long as these candidates and Congress are cozy friends with Wall Street, this economy will never be fixed.

Randy Fricke

New Castle

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