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If the irony in the comments made by the gentleman in the Aug. 3 Post Independent and Aspen Times article referring to Mitt Romney’s visit to Basalt didn’t open reader’s eyes, then the sheer hypocrisy of them should have.

Here goes Mark Gould, the president of a large construction company and past chair of the Garfield County Republican Party, espousing the usual Republican mantra of the private sector creating jobs, not the government, as reason for supporting Mr. Romney for president.

Wait! Aren’t he and his workers, the ones he used as props for the Romney gig, cashing checks for working on the RFTA park-and-ride facilities, that wholly government-subsidized project? Say what?

David Johnson

Glenwood Springs

Those who know me well admit that I am direct and bold, but fair. I call things out for what they really are, and they know not to mistake my confidence for arrogance, rudeness or rhetoric. So let me take a moment and comment about this newspaper and this editor.

I have heard people say things like, “The paper is too biased,” or “The editor is too liberal,” and the like. I do not know if that is true.

To those who say things in this paper are biased or liberal, I would propose that they focus on who is writing, instead of where it is being written. Most polls indicate that conservatives outnumber liberals more than two to one. So, perhaps liberals are more vocal when it comes to their political beliefs. Or, perhaps conservatives do not wish to involve themselves as much. I do not pretend to understand the psychology or demographics of such things.

However, it has been my experience that this newspaper prints letters and articles from left, right, Democrat, Republican, liberal and conservative contributors. I have even personally seen letters printed in this newspaper that were especially critical of their journalism or editorial standards and actions. Therefore, one might conclude that any newspaper that prints those potentially self-injuring letters could not be as unfair as some might suggest.

Therefore, I would propose that if critics want to see what they might consider a more balanced newspaper containing more letters and articles that resonate with them, then they should write them. Write a letter containing 350 words or less and share it with your friends and take advice and counsel on how to improve it.

Letter-writers may be criticized for what they say, but most important issues are. Be confident, take ownership for what you say, and be ready to support and defend your positions if challenged.

Now, submit it to the editor. It may benefit us all.

Edward Wilks


The bear problem is definitely a people issue. I wish there was some way we could put latches on all the Dumpsters. A fundraiser comes to mind. And, along with that, we should plant berries and fruit trees in the forest for them.

I don’t mind bears, but I know they are scary to people. I have lived around them before and know that making food not available to them in town and making food available to them in the forest keeps them out of people’s way.

Fundraisers anyone? Volunteers to put latches on Dumpsters and fruit and berries in the forest?

Kate Hale

Stephenville, Texas

I write in answer to the Carbondale police chief, “Carbondale not Mayberry anymore,” Aug. 2. Carbondale may not be Mayberry anymore, but Chief Gene Schilling neglected to explain why it took officers so long to arrive at the scene while a car thief bumbled around trying to start a manual transmission. Where were they?

Chief Schilling’s statement that Carbondale residents need to start being more careful about locking their homes and cars may be true, but it is an inadequate response to the department’s failure to arrive at a scene so near the police station.

Mary Boland


Too many congressmen as well as Americans at large are looking at details (minutiae) and haven’t yet woken up to the larger picture in Washington, D.C.

Maybe they are thinking that it’s just taking longer to energize the economy. Maybe they are believing the unemployment figures put out by the liberal media. Maybe they are so entrenched in the idea of freedom of religion that they don’t see the huge movement of Islam that is creeping into many more countries.

How is it that our “president of hope,” with his slick speech and charisma, makes it sound as if everything is A-OK? Have people dared to think that everything that is happening in our capitol city is being deliberately engineered? Do we dare to suspect that Obama was funded and routed through Chicago, the Senate and on to D.C. by outside forces and funding? Have readers bothered to really look at and read about the great probability that most of Obama’s documents, including birth certificate, Social Security cards, college records, and passports, are forgeries? All of the paperwork – locked away and unavailable at the cost of a few million.

Islam is on the march. Our economy and military are being destroyed. Gay marriage is not about minority rights, it is about wiping out traditional values, Christianity and everything that America was founded on.

Look up the citizen gun grab that Hillary Clinton has sponsored at the U.N. That has nothing to do with crime sprees done by deranged or evil people – it’s all about disarming us against our own government.

Amnesty for illegal aliens is not about empathy, it is about changing the political demographics in favor of those who will vote for government dependency and changing the social culture of America. Even the news show hosts on more conservative programs are afraid to question the “why” of what is going on. Have readers asked themselves why?

Carol Abbott


It was an uplifting experience viewing the Carbondale area while traveling from Glenwood Springs to Aspen this week. It is a setting that should be protected from environmental harm.

It is troubling to read the letter written by Carl Mc Williams in the Aug. 2 edition of your informative paper. It seems the “movers and shakers” have targeted the Thompson Divide in this pristine area. Must they move in, jackhammer the environment and shake up your way of life?

Hopefully your representatives will listen to nationwide reports of individuals who have allowed fracking on their private land. Who is standing watch at the Thompson Divide site? What is the cost of progress?

Leri Lynn Williams

Pensacola, Fla.

For those interested in a bypass in Glenwood Springs, I suggest use of the initiative, carefully worded, to include the bypass as one option. The initiative is a fairly simple process, but involves considerable work, both mental and physical. To begin with, one must know well the initiative process. I suggest a person who has been involved in legal debating at Glenwood Springs High School, and who has considerable interest in the bypass.

Julian Vogt

Glenwood Springs

SG Interests’ beginning of the initial work for a drilling program in the Thompson Divide area is very welcome news. The downturn in drilling activity over the past few years has hit our county hard and resulted in a heartbreaking string of foreclosures, lost businesses, relocations and shattered dreams. The possibility of a new drilling program means that jobs can begin to be replaced, and those dreams reconstructed.

Our region’s economy is an energy-based one. Nothing is going to change that anytime soon. Renewed energy development and production are going to be the keys to economic recovery. Tourism, hunting and related industries are important as well, but do not bring the wealth and economic activity that energy development does. In any case, recreational industries need not compete with a vibrant energy industry; as experience even in our own county has shown, the two can co-exist.

The anti-energy, Not-In-My-Back-Yard element will predictably oppose this at every stage, unmindful of the impacts on their fellow citizens. For these people, no social or economic price is too high to prevent any development, no matter how minimal or important, from occurring. For them, continued unemployment and economic misery are preferable to producing even a single BTU of energy from the Thompson Divide.

For most of us, however, SGI’s announcement signals a great new opportunity to see our part of the state flourish again. Do not be fooled by the unfounded doom-and-gloom prophesies of the hard-core environmental lobby groups, like the Thompson Divide Coalition; the chance that new economic development could be started here is too valuable to risk.

Marilyn Oden


The term “federal unitization” of the Thompson Divide wilderness area in western Colorado is being touted by the industry as being the most important environmental management tool of this century. David Ludlam of Western Slope Colorado Oil and Gas Association provided a glimpse of the industry’s distorted sense of stewardship and corporate entitlement to our lands in his letter of July 26.

Drilling is an efficient and orderly destruction of the land to access resources below the surface. There is nothing environmentally sensitive in this process. Whether the drilling takes place on public or private lands, impacts to wild habitats, vegetation, riparian tributaries, and the decimation of century-old businesses reliant on an undisturbed wilderness area will be significant. Destroying the land for industry profits isn’t new or innovative.

Stewardship is a subjective term. Stewards for private industry profits aren’t necessarily good stewards for the common public. The driving force behind the proposed federal unitization of leases in the Thompson Divide is profit, based on an exportable commodity. The public, the wild habitats, and those businesses reliant on the Thompson Divide are an inconvenience in the industry’s effort to pillage and rape our land for profit. Thousands of years of untouched wilderness were sold to the highest bidder in 2003 under the Bush administration and Gale Norton’s 4c’s: corruption, cronyism, criminal acts and contempt for peons (aka the public taxpayers).

In his letter, the industry’s spokesperson publicly chastised environmentalists, ranchers, farmers, outfitters, concerned citizens and legislators for making this process worse by efforts to preserve land inappropriate for drilling. It was a telling glimpse of the industry’s convoluted mindset and corporate entitlements to our public lands. Ludlam’s polished statement had a sinister undertone. It was nothing short of an attacker whispering in our ear, “If you struggle it will be worse.”

Anita Sherman

Glenwood Springs

If all Americans were to see “The Dark Knight Rises,” the election in November would be a landslide.

The film is a striking condemnation of the Occupy Wall Street movement, of a regime in Washington that implicitly identifies with it and tacitly condones it, and of crony capitalists who have thrown in with it, only to learn that their reward is “death or exile.”

Viewing this movie is like re-reading “A Tale of Two Cities” and “Les Miserables,” and reliving New York City’s dark days after Sept. 11. Indeed, the good guys remind us of no one more closely than New York’s gritty mayor and cadre of hard bitten cops and firefighters who taught us how to endure in the face of masterminded evil. In this manner the film also reminds us that the Islamist attack on Wall Street and the leftist attack on Wall Street are kissing cousins.

For all that conservatives complain about Hollywood, “Dark Knight” shows us that Hollywood, like the capitalist system that has nurtured it, occasionally gets it right.

Chad Klinger


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