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Gov. Romney strongly believes in the win-lose philosophy. He invented a company that worked by winning even when other people lost their jobs, health care and pension. He wants to repeal Obamacare so he can give more money to the wealthy while others suffer with bad health and loss of wealth. He loves U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget, which moves Medicare to a voucher program and more money for the military while the elderly try to stay solvent and healthy.

While in Colorado, Gov. Romney talked about how he would help our energy business, as if Colorado were separate from the rest of the world. Grinding up the mountains, fracking the shale, or digging up the coal will change our economy. This shift in our economy would be a win for the energy barons, but a loss for future generations that will deal with a hotter, drier world and the loss of the serenity of a clear blue mountain lake, as John Denver would sing.

Israelis are good, Palestinians are bad: win-lose. My Olympics was better than yours: win-lose. The 1 percent deserves all the tax breaks while the middle class loses its wealth, its homes, its jobs, its future: win-lose. Let investors buy people’s foreclosed homes: win-lose.

Gov. Romney is the perfect leader for the Tea Party GOP, a new brand of right-wing fundamentalist conservatives who want no compromise and have resisted all legislation to improve our job outlook, while working relentlessly to take away women’s reproductive rights. The Tea Party GOP has replaced the Cheney-Bush era neocons and now has the drumbeat of war with Iran pounding across the conservative media, and is doubling down on increasing the recession-creating Bush tax cuts.

If Gov. Romney wins in November, it means that America wants to embrace this win-lose philosophy. Our tradition of community, empathy and sticking up for our neighbors will suffer greatly. The middle class should be prepared for another round of staggering financial loss that will continue to move all the wealth of the country into even fewer hands.

Tom Rutledge

Glenwood Springs

Finally, a government entity that is part of the solution rather than part of the problem. I was thrilled to read the article in the Aug. 7 Glenwood Springs Post Independent about the Garfield County commissioners’ decision to use taxpayer money to pay off debt and save the local taxpayers over $2 million in interest. What a concept. Instead of using a surplus to fund a new project, they did something that is almost unheard of in government: retire debt. How soon can we send these commissioners to Washington, D.C.?

Will I be happy to pay my property taxes this year? You bet. It is such a novel idea to think that our tax money is being used for something truly worthwhile. Thank you so much, commissioners.

Linda Chaney

Glenwood Springs

Congratulations to the folks who put on the 4-H activities at the Garfield County Fair. They did a fantastic job.

Since I have grandchildren and great-grandchildren involved in 4-H, I am pleased to see them learning responsibility, fair competition and good workmanship.

Having been somewhat connected with 4-H since the 1940s, I am pleased to see it continuing in such a good way.

Keep up the good work.

Mildred Roberts


How lucky we are to get where we are going. It’s based on a lot of things the losers take for granted. As a “do or die” mission, we have either accomplished what we set out for, or have lost trying.

The 2012 Olympic Games underscores this: athletes win by thousandths of a second; the rest are contenders. Beyond luck, the winners anticipate all the factors. Some they have to take for granted. The difference is in the quality of practice. It builds an appreciation for what the true cost of winning is: giving back to those who make winning possible and enjoying, with humility, the whole process.

There is an analogy in this for the current political scene. Even beyond the presidential election, if people have succeeded, it has not been in a social, political, financial vacuum. To sustain success, one must mentor successors by giving in kind what was given before. It’s in line with karma, recycling, or even dividends and compound interest. Any less appreciation is short sighted, arrogant, criminal, unpatriotic, selfish, etc.

So, when we see people who have succeeded but are not willing to reinvest their success, it begs the question: Who is really feeding them? They are no better than swine.

Each political party has its own mascot. The two should remind each other to live up to that mascot. Each are at their best when they do: elephants should think of big things and remember; donkeys should be principled and stubborn. Then in turn, they should aspire to good places.

Maybe the only place we’ll see any real donkeys or elephants is in the barnyard or at the zoo.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

In my always humble opinion, the games of the XXX Olympiad couldn’t come at a better time. This might be the single most timely event in our history. What a boost the 2012 London Olympians are providing in a world that is engulfed in economic crisis, warfare and turmoil. Let’s hope it reminds us of how greatness is achieved.

With all of the national media’s political doom and gloom coverage of the Presidential election, isn’t it refreshing and uplifting to witness the athletes, young and old, not only demonstrate what’s made this nation great, and exhibit not merely personal pride but genuine patriotic pride in their performance and for the opportunity to represent our nation?

What a contrast the Olympic arenas are to what takes place in the political arena.

Just consider these examples: Olympic spirit of unity vs. political class warfare; Olympic sportsmanship vs. political dirty tricks; Olympic pride in achievement vs. political gloat of deception. There’s more, but that’s enough.

Consider, also, the dissimilarity between the podiums. I get truly emotional when I see the athletes on their podiums shed tears at the playing of their national anthems; but I get absolutely remorseful when I observe politicians mouthing words of redundancy and play-acting sincerity from their bully pulpits. How inspiring when the athletes mouth the words of their anthems, while even our most prestigious politicians often convey attitudes of indifference.

The media interviews also provide a contrast. The Olympians are abundant with heart-warming positively, while politicians abound with negativity. Enough said here, too.

In final analysis, isn’t it inspiring to see our U.S. athletes openly demonstrate what makes this country exceptional: the freedom to achieve greatness in their individual efforts with timeless dedication to improvement through repeated practice and development of skills, and then, to reap rewards accordingly?

Doesn’t this also define our nation’s concept of free enterprise where businesses in the private sector compete and achieve in the marketplace, ultimately, to be rewarded for success?

My country ’tis of thee. Let freedom ring.

Richard Doran


Once again we have a letter that either intentionally or unwittingly repeats inaccuracies and falsehoods. In her Aug. 7 letter, Juanita Williams echoes Mitt Romney’s accusation that President Obama is trying to disenfranchise military voters in Ohio. It takes only a small amount of research to determine just how wrong this view is.

Beginning in 2005, Ohio allowed in-person early voting by all eligible voters up until Election Day. This year, the Republican Ohio Legislature voted to end the last three days of early voting for everyone except the military. Military personnel retain the right to early in-person voting right up until Election Day.

The lawsuit Ms. Williams references will not in any way restrict military voting. It is actually trying to restore the three days of early voting taken away from everyone else. The voting rights of military voters would not be affected, and the suit does not have anything to do with absentee voting.

The argument of arbitrariness and unconstitutionality relates only to the fact that civilian voters have been excluded from the full early voting period. The first line of the lawsuit states clearly that its goal is to “… restore in-person early voting for all Ohioans during the three days prior to Election Day …”

The level of vitriol contained in Ms. Williams’ letter is disturbing and makes it difficult to engage in any level of rational discussion of issues. Shamefully, Mr. Romney has falsely accused President Obama of undermining military voting rights, an accusation that Ms. Williams seems all too eager to embrace without question or research.

Carole O’Brien

New Castle

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