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Further to my call in a previous letter to the editor for a Highway 82 bypass around Glenwood Springs, let me say that although I think a tunnel would be feasible, it probably would be too expensive.

However, there exists in Switzerland an example of a four-lane bypass which I believe could be a solution for Glenwood Springs, namely the viaduct of Chillon between Montreux and Villneuve at the eastern end of Lake Geneva. Just Google “Viaduct de Chillon” and read the Wikipedia entry and look at the photos.

A main east-west Swiss four-lane highway was built in the 1960s along the mountainside above the famous Chateau de Chillon using the same pre-stressed and post-tensioned concrete construction techniques as were used for I-70 in Glenwood Canyon. The point is, simply, that an elevated highway can be built around Glenwood on the lower slopes of either Lookout Mountain or Red Mountain.

It is time to call upon the citizens of Glenwood Springs to rise up in opposition to the current downtown bridge planning fiasco and demand that instead all planning efforts be devoted to rerouting Highway 82 around rather than through the downtown of Glenwood Springs.

Do this and you will forever put Glenwood Springs on the map as being the Colorado mountain town that most cares about itself as a place to live and work. After all, Manitou Springs did it successfully years ago.

So, stir your stumps, Glenwood Springs, and show us your stuff. The Project Leadership Team has never addressed the bypass-versus-bridge question, and it won’t do so unless Glenwood Springs citizens demand it. They have put the cart before the horse.

There is an old Turkish proverb that says, “No matter how far you have gone down a wrong road, turn back.”

Jim Breasted


I am writing over my great concern about our own government’s inability to look past its own nose on many issues in our nation. I am an avid news media addict, as I am sure many of us are. As I watch various newscasts, I suppose my greatest concern is the amount of U.S. dollars being dished out to foreign government.

I was appalled when I heard the costs are in the billions for Iraq, Afghanistan and certain other countries. I get quite confused when our own “great” government has so many issues with some of the simples problems in our own backyard.

For example, the Social Security moneys will be no more in the year 2030. I am approaching my retirement age, or so I thought. After paying into the retirement fund, I, or should I say “we,” will have to work an additional number of years in order to retire. After working many, many years, why is it we cannot reap the benefits of our labors?

Our government officials get paid a substantial salary to work for us. What is going on here?

Why not take all of these moneys that are doled out to countries which we have destroyed in war and solve some of our own problems?

I’m sure everyone has heard all this before, so why not speak out, speak up or, as the government would say, “Shut up.” Let’s make sure we don’t speak badly about our government or quite possibly an unmanned drone will be hovering above our homes to collect information, such as who is breast-feeding and who is not, just to name one issue.

If in fact our great government can’t figure things out, our children will be paying dearly and will work until death with little or no retirement incentives. The vow that two people (one woman and one man) say is “Until death do us part.” Doesn’t this sound like our government and our retirement woes? If we’re to file for a divorce from our government, who would collect alimony?

Larry D. Cunningham


Planning a trip outside of U.S. boundaries? Passport expiring?

My advice after going through passport hell: Start three months early, call often and keep your VISA card handy.

The U.S. Department of State: Crushing people’s dreams one passport at a time.

Annie Hoghaug

Glenwood Springs

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