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Mark Burrows, your letter in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent of July 26 was so right on. Only, dont give up coming to these great jazz events. Thats giving in to those few selfish enough to suggest that children are not wanted.I love to see the young uns dance and enjoy the evening with their parents. At 76, it brings back very fond memories. What I do object to, and Im with you here, are the very noisy adults who seem to be noisier this year than in previous years. But Mark, come back end enjoy the music with your children. The children are accepted by more people than you think.Stephen G. KuhnGlenwood Springs

Initiative 113 is bad for Garfield County. Currently, the state collects all the severance tax that is derived from natural gas and oil sales. Only 50 percent of this severance tax comes back to the communities affected by the impacts of gas and oil extraction for things like road maintenance, water and sewer treatment, social services, etc. These impacted communities (us) should receive more of the severance tax. However, Initiative 113 will change this ration from 50 percent to only 22 percent of this money coming back to us. Governor Ritter, our Front Range governor, is proposing Initiative 113 because this is great for the Front Range. The board of Club 20, which is a non-partisan group that represents 20 Western Colorado counties, unanimously voted to oppose Initiative 113.Last week, the Garfield County Commissioners voted on a resolution opposing this initiative. John Martin and Larry McCown voted for the resolution (to oppose the initiative), and Trsi Houpt voted against it. This brings to light the amazing conflict of interest that Trsi Houpt has entered into by being a Garfield County Commissioner and a board member of the Colorado Oil and Gas Commission (COGCC). She voted the way Bill Ritter, who appointed her to the COGCC, would want her to, but she voted against the interests of Garfield County. This is a prime example of the adage, You cant serve two masters, and Trsis vote showed which master she serves. Since the media will not do their job of reporting this conflict, we need to bring it to Governor Ritters and Trsis attention that this is not acceptable behavior. This conflict of interest is bad for Garfield County. Trsi needs to resign from one of these two positions.Kent JolleyGlenwood Springs

My kids have played tag, thrown grass and even played duck, duck, goose at Summer of Jazz. They’ve probably eaten quite a bit of the same grass while they’ve been playing. They’ve also danced to some amazing music. One of my fondest memories is watching a friend’s 2-year-old try to pick up my 4-year-old and twirl her above her head in imitation of two adults doing the same in front of the stage at Jazz. Many children start to dance before they can walk. I am saddened by the decision that was made as what some sponsors see as annoying, others see as beautiful. Am I a bad parent as Mary Noones article would suggest? I’ll have to wait and see.Sarah HassellGlenwood Springs

Barb Coddingtons letter represents quite a critique and a challenge. Since she places emphasis on name counting, not name calling, Ill limit my use of the G word. However, Im confused on her repetition of the McCain word appearing thirteen times in her letter, six in the first paragraph.Anyway, Ill start with her list of discussion topics including a suggestion that I should stand for something. Constraint is definitely not my style. So, heres where I stand on the issues mentioned.On the war, its too late to be for or against. Im simply for winning it. Its not part of our American tradition or heritage to surrender, especially to evil.Terrorism is mentioned as a concept. Ive no idea what that means, but its a fact that terrorism is a worldwide reality, except here in the USA, thanks to the security measures following 9/11. People need to comprehend that the Muslim maniacs are out to kill us all, not just Christians, but liberals and peaceniks, as well.Next is environment and climate change. Climate change is merely our Creators natural phenomenon thats been going on for eons. Global warming is a hoax concocted by Al Gore on a par with the carbon credits nonsense. Man can influence but not control the environment, including catastrophic floods, tornados and hurricanes. I do, however, commend the Denver Democratic Committee in their effort to obtain environmentally friendly biodegradable balloons for the upcoming convention, thus keeping our mile high atmosphere free of contamination. Although energy wasnt included as a serious issue, my stand is that the defiant inaction by our liberal, Democratic-controlled Congress borders on treason, in that its a betrayal of trust. The current oil shortage, caused by our legislators, has created an economic disaster thats beyond disgraceful. Its inexcusable that we cannot drill for oil in our own country.Well, thats where I stand as a patriotic conservative who loves and cares about his country.God Bless America. Richard DoranParachute

The Building Accountability Committee (BAC) at Glenwood Springs Elementary School (GSES) would like to thank the parents who responded to our recent independent school survey. We were thrilled with the high participation rate and even more excited about the results. This is the second year that GSES has used an outside survey company, and we were excited to see areas of growth and improvement. We saw improvements in all areas from the 2006 survey results. The following were some of the 2008 survey highlights: 100 percent of parents surveyed said that members of the school staff care about their child; 96 percent of parents say that teachers are meeting their child’s learning needs; and 91 percent of parents tend to agree that GSES is helping students understand the different cultures that exist in our community. Glenwood Springs Elementary School is proud to have served our community since 1921. We are pleased that the parents of our GSES community support the school, the staff and the administration. Please feel free to view the entire survey results that are located at the front office at GSES. Thank you again for your participation.Cathy Spence, Glenwood Springs Elementary School BAC member and kindergarten teacher

The recent hoopla over the opening of a new section of bicycle trail in the valley is marred by the destruction of real transit opportunities, a destruction caused by the building of that trail.The RFTA board’s decision to rip up the long-standing Denver & Rio Grande railroad tracks through the Roaring Fork Valley stands as a local travesty without parallel in many years. Lost to that shortsighted decision is the rail corridor itself now exclusively claimed by bicyclists and skaters along with any momentum or motivation to take transit here beyond clunky, road-bound, limited-capacity buses.That the trail-opening celebrants cited a railroad analogy in opening the trail (the so-called Golden Spike Celebration) is at best insensitive, at worst a flagrant nose-thumbing to those who have long promoted rail transit as a serious and true solution to the mobility, energy, and climate challenges we all face living here.The original golden spike did indeed unite a nation with a major transportation link. The sham reference to that inspired concept in the opening of a play trail ironically helps seal the end of a real transportation link.RFTA officials and narrowly focused recreation promoters will claim that transit on the rail corridor can be revived someday, and that the trail can just be moved at that time. Such rationalization is inaccurate at best, and more likely disingenuous. I challenge those boosters to cite a single instance in the country in which a rail corridor sacrificed to recreation use has been subsequently returned to transit service.Riding my bicycle does wonders for my health, for fuel supplies, and for the environment and planet. Having serious, fuel-efficient, fast, reliable rail transit service in the valley would allow thousands to similarly contribute to the improvement of our lives and surroundings.Using the one to destroy the other is not smart. Building a bicycle trail, however fun and however popular, does not justify the loss of opportunity it has caused.Steve SmithGlenwood Springs

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