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Vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan believes in the sanctity of the individual, a’ Ia Ayn Rand. Each individual is absolutely in charge of his or her responsibility to self, and has no reason to shed that responsibility in a communal connection with family, child or neighbor.

Thus, a finely tuned government does not concern itself with programs for citizens who fail in this duty. Government’s responsibilities are the maintenance of domestic order and the military enforcement of the security of our nation.

For me to embrace this vision, I need Mr. Ryan to lead by example. He has been in Congress some 20 years and has accumulated a champagne health care and pension program instituted by our government exclusively for its workers in the legislative, executive and judicial branches.

As an individual completely responsible unto himself, it is an opportunity for him to step forward to forswear the personal future of this entitlement and to return the accumulation of the past 20 odd years to the government, since he is well positioned in his individual responsibility.

Mr. Ryan’s ideology is strong and pure. I know he will be a fine example of its truth.

Mabel Macdonald


Alabama just adopted the first official state ban on UN Agenda 21; an Arizona bill is in the hopper, Tennessee passed a resolution slamming it; Kansas lawmakers are seeking a resolution against it; Texas City has withdrawn from both ICLEI (International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives) and its counterpart, UN Agenda 21, and many towns and counties are fighting tooth and nail to get rid of these entities in our governments.

Alabama’s Senate Bill 477, now law, rightfully ended the era of United Nations bureaucrats (not to be confused with constitutionally elected representatives), having successfully infringed upon private property rights without due process for years. The state now reserves the right to implement environmental and development policies that do not contravene the Constitution of the United States, as do such internationally-focused entities.

Why should we care about UN Agenda 21 and its counterpart, ICLEI? Because, unknown to most citizens, they’re as close as Carbondale (in the case of ICLEI), and few are aware of their more sinister side. Let’s just take a look at the two-pronged master plan for the redesign of America being implemented right under our noses.

The Wildlands Project: This is designed to reduce human activity, including habitation, on over 50 percent of our landscape.

The other is Smart Growth, which plans to herd Americans into highly regulated urban communities. Who doesn’t want to live in perpetual closeness to an apartment next door for the rest of their lives, in some place other than their home state?

ICLEI and UN Agenda 21 are deeply embedded in every aspect of our society in some form or another, and with strong backing from powerful entities in our own government. It’s a relief to know, however, that America is ever-vigilant in condemning and removing those who would choose our destruction in such vile and clever ways as these two have demonstrated so very well.

Betty Scranton

Glenwood Springs

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