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Does Valley View Hospital endorse a specific candidate for the 9th District Attorney?

We were very surprised on Aug. 22 as we exited Valley View Hospital’s main parking lot to see a car parked in a no parking zone on Valley View property. The vehicle displayed a sign the size of the driver’s side door endorsing Sherry Caloia for 9th District Attorney.

The car was parked right on the curve coming out of the main exit for all Valley View parking. It struck us as a very unsafe situation, not to mention illegal.

That was annoying enough, and then we discovered Ms. Caloia’s husband is a doctor with practicing privileges at Valley View. So, what’s up with that? Since three cars can’t pass each other on that street, who pays the collision bill?

As independently minded voters, that will surely affect our decision as to who to vote for.

How can a candidate expressing a desire to be a fair-minded district attorney disregard the rules of law and common sense?

Tom and Jane Ashworth


The Aug. 23 article in the Post Independent concerning the Third Congressional District race mentioned only the Democrat and Republican candidates, completely ignoring the fact that there is an Independent candidate, Tisha Casida, who was petitioned onto the ballot by the people and not chosen by the party elites, as were Scott Tipton and Sal Pace.

Ms. Casida is a very viable independent candidate who will truly represent the interests of the people, not just the interests of a political party as Pace and Tipton do. The platform she is running on may be found online at This is her own platform and was not dictated by a political party, as are the platforms of Tipton and Pace.

Our government has been and is now under the control of the dysfunctional two-party system for too long. As a result, our country is deeply in debt, has high unemployment, and has engaged in outsourcing of jobs, wars for profit, the destruction of the middle class, and open borders for illegal aliens, to name only a few of the problems.

To solve these problems, we must select and elect independent-thinking representatives who will take action to return our country to the principles of the Constitution and our founding fathers.

I believe that Tisha Casida is one of those candidates.

Garry Evenson

Battlement Mesa

y contrast, those presidents that are generally considered our most successful in office in modern times are Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. None of these men had either success in business or significant business experience. Most of these presidents were successful at lifting our nation out of bad economic times to prosperity.

Why should I think Mitt Romney would be any different? I don’t.

Brad Sherman


So, the reason I should vote for Mitt Romney is because he was a successful businessman? I don’t think so. Throughout our nation’s history, our presidents who were successful in business have never been good presidents. This is especially true when these men were president during bad economic times.

During modern times, the U.S. presidents that were successful businessmen before becoming president were Herbert Hoover, George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter. All of these presidents were very successful in the private sector, yet are generally considered some of the worst presidents in history. All were removed from office due to their failures during bad economic times.


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