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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

I am a 51-year resident of the Roaring Fork Valley, with 42 of those years in Carbondale. I moved to this area for the healthy environment and resulting quality of life.

Outside of the season when my 42-year-old organic vegetable garden doesn’t provide my fresh produce, I depend on organic produce from Eagle Springs farm.

It is imperative to protect this source of local, clean food, water and air, and the associated existing agricultural jobs from contamination by the proposed rock-crushing operation adjacent to Eagle Springs.

The Garfield County commissioners heard the people the last time around and apparently understood the importance of preserving a healthy and organic food production environment. The more recent application by Bedrock Resources shows little difference in the nature of use and its impact on Eagle Springs farm. I implore the commissioners to adhere firmly to their earlier stance and once again deny Bedrock’s application.

Laurie Loeb


This letter is for everyone against Planned Parenthood. Have any of these people done any research on what Planned Parenthood really does for low income woman? Or do these people just hate Planned Parenthood because that’s the thing to do right now?

Abortions make up a very small percentage of what Planned Parenthood offers. Their main goal is preventing abortions by making birth control available.

Along with birth control, they offer cheaper screenings for cancer, STDs and breast exams. They offer medication for STDs so they are not spread, and family planning counseling for many young women.

I have known many women to use Planned Parenthood having never had an abortion. Not that they shouldn’t have the right. Also there are plenty of doctors that offer to do abortions, and they are not under fire.

How can we attack something with such vengeance that has helped so many low-income woman to make their lives healthier?

We as woman had to fight so hard to get these rights over our bodies. And now are we willing to just give them up? Just to have our daughters fight for them again?

I do not believe I will ever in my life have an abortion. But I will not make that decision for every woman. I have two beautiful daughters, and I have the right to stop having babies, and still be intimate with my husband. And I hope my daughters will have that right when the day comes.

Every woman has the right to choose what to do with her body, to keep her body healthy, and to choose when and if she is ready to start a family.

We are all entitled to our opinions, but sometimes we need to open our minds and try walking in another’s shoes.

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need a place like this. There would be no cancer, no STDs, no unwanted pregnancies, no rape, and no one trying to force their beliefs on others. But we do not live in a perfect world.

I say thank you, Planned Parenthood, for giving woman a choice.

Jenny Beauchamp

Glenwood Springs

The Post Independent, on Aug. 6, published a letter from me asking what Mitt Romney might be hiding in his unreleased tax returns. This stemmed from the extensive use of offshore tax havens to hold a significant portion of his wealth.

These tax havens are often used to “game” the system and minimize taxes that would otherwise be collected by our American government. These shelters are often abusive and illegal. Taxes not paid by those who use the havens are covered by us regular, honest taxpayers.

I stated in that letter that I doubted that Gov. Romney’s use of these shelters was patently illegal. I now retract that statement.

His record of tax irregularities, which arose during his campaign for the Massachusetts governorship, raises questions about his memory or his veracity. I think we voters should apply the old Reagan axiom for dealing with the Soviet Union: “Trust, but verify.”

I, as a voter, still want Gov. Romney to voluntarily release the tax documents and confirm his assertion that he paid the legally required taxes. Failing that, I think the IRS would have sufficient grounds to audit his returns for overly aggressive, even illegal tax avoidance tactics.

Why, you might ask, do I have this change of position? Mr. Romney has an IRA withholding of $21 million to $102 million. According to William D. Cohan, writing on July 15 in “Bloomberg Review,” Mr. Romney had 15 years at Bain Capital with a SEP-IRA (which limits annual contributions to $30,000). How did $450,000 seed money grow to 227 times that value?

Mitt-the-investor seems to have put Warren Buffet to shame. More likely is that he undervalued significantly the investments that were placed into the IRA. In such a scenario, the IRS could recover a significant amount of unpaid taxes and penalties and thereby lessen America’s debt.

David Schroeder

New Castle

Is it any wonder that a lot of us old people who remember the glory days of the Grand Old Party have lost faith in its current leadership?

Don’t decisions like scheduling the Republican National Convention in Tampa during the height of the hurricane season give reason to be concerned? Simply using good judgment is not rocket science.

Let’s hope that the weather doesn’t interfere beyond wiping out the first day, so that “We built it!” can prevail.

Richard Doran


Walking beneath the Grand Avenue bridge, I encountered a lady carrying a gigantic rolled sign in the telltale red and blue so typical of campaign fare.

“Who’s your sign for?”

“Scott Tipton,” she beamed.

“Great” I said, and thought, “Total congressional obstructionist. One of the worst examples, of thoughtless party line voting in the House.”

Of course it was Tea Party Tipton and not our Democratic candidate Sal Pace. Those big signs can’t be paid for by the small contributions coming into the Sal Pace, Sonja Linman, Alex Briedis, Sherry Caloia and Emily Tracy campaigns. And imagine JoAnn Baxter’s battle in new HD 57, which now includes the natural gas-saturated counties of Moffat and Rio Blanco.

But they are clearly not as completely gas-money saturated as is Garfield County.

Independents and thoughtful Republicans need to give consideration to these names and why they haven’t heard them, or the issues they may legitimately bring into discussion.

Republicans (or anyone) elected with this money represent a small but powerful constituency that is then over-represented on every board and commission those elected thereafter appoint. The very information visited is skewed. Sound judgments cannot be made when all information and interests are not being considered.

When readers see those big signs and hear all those Mitt Romney ads, think big money and little diversion from bottom line decisions. We are air-breathing, water-drinking human beings, not corporations.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

For the last 25 years I’ve been here in Glenwood Springs, the downtown has grappled with traffic. Then the solution was done: Get the trucks off Grand. A truck bypass was constructed, Exit 114 was redone, along with an underpass of the train tracks. Midland Avenue was redone, including bike path and fencing. Utilities were redone, along with straightening of the road. The 27th Street intersection is a roundabout.

Then to Four Mile. It was graded, but the roundabout was not completed. Airport Road was to be improved and then the South Bridge built out past the airport, connecting to a raised section over the Jackson Ranch. This was to be a truck bypass, to get the trucks off Grand Avenue. This was 25 years ago.

Just do it. Problem solved.

Ron Myers

Glenwood Springs

As a summer resident of Glenwood Springs, I am concerned about the charming town losing its character, health and livability. It is being destroyed by Highway 82, when it should really be an inviting main street.

At a recent Downtown Market, I saw four plans for replacing the Grand Avenue Bridge. From an Arizona perspective, they all looked like freeway extensions to handle more and more traffic shooting through the middle of town.

None of these proposed options solve the long range problem – the huge volume of traffic. I understand the choking traffic is to double or triple in the future. Why isn’t the city pushing for a new bridge positioned for the Midland corridor or the railroad corridor?

David Archibald

Chandler, Ariz.

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