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More bad behavior by energy companies drilling in northwest Colorado should be an eye-opener to the Bureau of Land Management as the Aug. 14 Roan Plateau lease sale approaches.

News that four different energy companies are under investigation by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) for illegal discharge of wastewater indicates to me that this careless practice is not an exception, but the rule.

Furthermore, the current barrage of industry ads protesting the rule changes proposed by the COGCC shows that they want to continue business as usual regardless of the pollution and habitat destruction they cause.

For sportsmen who value the public lands atop the Roan, this news should be even more alarming. The fact that a private landowner became sick after drinking benzene-laced well water does not bode well for the Roan’s fisheries resources, which include some of the last native cutthroat trout populations in the region.

I’m convinced the industry is simply participating in a huge land-grab sponsored by the current administration, conducted under the assumption that things will change quickly under a new president, regardless of party. The Roan and thousands of acres of public land that should be left as they are today are likely to become sacrifice zones to industrial greed in our state, and while the jobs and the money are nice now, the other shoe will drop, and we’ll be left with scarred country, poisoned water and depleted wildlife.

I call on the BLM to rethink this mad rush to lease away our priceless public lands to an industry that cares little for our people and even less for the precious fish and wildlife resources that hunters, anglers and countless others value today. Remember, these lands belonging to all of us.

Bob Millette

Glenwood Springs

Warning to the public. Put your gas mask on.

It looks like the Colorado Oil and Gas Association (the natural gas industry lobby) is now trying to brainwash the public with their big bucks advertising campaign. They are placing big ads in local newspapers to sway public opinion against new stricter rules and regulations that the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission may soon adopt.

The gas industry does not want rule changes or any rules at all. Even if new rules are adopted by the COGCC, the gas industry would not obey them, anyway. They will continue to pollute our water supplies and dump hazardous chemicals into our streams and rivers. Much of the gas drilling chemicals are probably flowing down the Colorado River right now.

How many more contamination coverups are out there? How many more people will get severely ill or suffer permanent catastrophic diseases from the gas industry?

The COGCC needs to implement and enforce strict rules and regulations upon the gas industry.

If you are on the environmental and health side of this issue, let’s boycott the use of natural gas as much as possible.

Switch your appliances to electric or solar. We need to get the solar industry going as fast as possible. Let’s build up the solar industry, not the gas industry.

Also, join one of our great environmental organizations right here in the valley to help save this beautiful state.

Randy Fricke


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