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It’s nothing short of astounding to hear claims that the organic status of Eagle Springs Organic Farm will be threatened by the activities of Bedrock Resources. If this was the case, it would be featured prominently in the annual inspection reports for this farm.

Under federal law, anything that threatens the organic integrity of an organic farm in America, even if it’s a theoretical threat, must be clearly outlined in the annual inspection report.

Has anyone even seen the annual inspection report for Eagle Springs? And, if a threat is described in a report, the USDA-accredited certifying body responsible for certifying the farm in question must write a dated and signed letter to the owner of the farm outlining what actions it must take in order to avoid losing its certification.

Not only should the Garfield County commissioners insist on seeing these reports, and subsequent letters, if they exist, but the media should stop taking the word of the owner of Eagle Springs when he and his supporters claim he will no longer be able to operate as a USDA-certified organic farm if the Ellsworth family moves in next door to him.

It’s time for everyone to do their due diligence. Everyone. Please, get those reports.

Mischa Popoff

Osoyoos, B.C., Canada

We now have visible means of seeing that the new library (I had hoped you would keep the name Gordon Cooper Library) will soon be taking shape. I am so happy. Our library is too small. If you have ever been to the Basalt Library, you would realize just how small ours is. This will be such a treat to go to the new one. Places to park and the fact that this new library will be offering so much more than it has been able to. I am excited.

Jane Spaulding


I am writing this letter to express my support for Sherry Caloia for Ninth Judicial District Attorney.

While reading the April 26 Post Independent, I was appalled to see that District Attorney Martin Beeson was quoted stating that he seeks justice for victims: “to be tough on crime and seek justice for victims.”

This statement can only be one of two things: an outright lie or the reflection that he is completely out of touch with the actions of his office.

My ex-husband and I were victims of a crime in October 2008, and Mr. Beeson’s office treated us like the criminals. The victim advocates in his office were nothing of the sort; our assigned advocate completely missed the first court date because she forgot to attend, and this was over a full year after the incident. The other person admitted guilt from the beginning. We were then pushed out another two months before the hearing. I left numerous messages for our district attorney who “seeks justice for victims,” to no avail; I never received a phone call.

I have known Sherry Caloia for three years. Ms. Caloia is amazing, whether as an attorney or friend. It is my firm belief that Ms. Caloia is the future of the Ninth Judicial District. Ms. Caloia has the knowledge, experience, drive and recognition of the changes that must take place in this district. I cannot say enough about my support of Sherry Caloia for district attorney.

Danielle (Cerise) Gillman

Glenwood Springs

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