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I recently watched a Carbondale Town Council meeting on TV regarding the proposed waste transfer station on County Road 100. I learned that, included in the scope of that business, is a plan to send semi-trucks up Snowmass Drive to Highway 133 on a daily basis. This proposal goes before the Garfield County Commissioners on Sept. 17.

I have two concerns that were not mentioned at the meeting that I hope will be considered in this decision. The first concern is that there is a break in the bike path on Snowmass Drive that requires pedestrians and bikers to use Snowmass Drive between County Road 100 and White Hill Road (County Road 101). There is two-way vehicle traffic on that road with a speed limit of 25 mph up to Sopris Avenue where it reduces down to 15 mph as traffic passes the church and two schools. Neither side of the road has a safe shoulder to use, which puts everyone using it on the road. At present the cars often have to negotiate around precarious situations, and when vehicles are approaching from both directions, often one vehicle needs to stop and wait. Imagine adding semi-trucks to the mix? How quickly can they stop or maneuver around when necessary?

My second concern is the intersection of Snowmass Drive, Sopris Avenue and White Hill Road. Those of you who have attempted to cross or turn onto Snowmass Drive from Sopris Avenue can attest to the fact that the visibility is a challenge. The road ends at a stop sign at the top of an incline. There are trees and a fence to the left that require the vehicle to pull up onto Snowmass Drive to look for oncoming traffic and then roll back down if someone is coming in order to get out of the way. This gets even trickier when the road is icy. Again, imagine adding semi-trucks to the mix? How quickly can they stop or maneuver around when necessary?

Please let your council members and county commissioners know if you share this concern.

Linda Green

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In response to Mr. Mc Williams’ letter to the editor:

I have a good reason why you would want Emily Tracy in the state Senate. She is more than willing to work with the opposing party for the good of the people in Colorado. Look at our politicos across the nation. There are not many who will work with the opposite party. The end result is we are a nation divided between Republican and Democrat.

The two parties constantly fighting each other will cripple our country. We need people like Ms. Tracy who will work with the opposite party for the betterment of Colorado. She is exactly the type of person we need in a public office.

Holly Pollack

Narrowsburg, N.Y.

To the despicable person who stole Flappy, Puffers, and Peepers:

You have no idea how devastated two little boys in Carbondale are now that their pet chickens are gone. I cannot believe that your gain is worth all the pain you caused our grandsons. You are a cold, cruel, and heartless person.

Sandy Towne


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