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Will the time ever come to blame Obama for our country’s problems? Obama is so good at making excuses and so bad at everything else.

Area residents have no job, no money, are on food stamps, can’t pay their mortgage – it’s a sad state of affairs.

One in 46 homes in the U.S. is in foreclosure; every newborn baby is $59,000 in debt; since 2008, gas for your car is up $2 per gallon and it costs $40 more to fill up; new small business start-ups are the lowest ever; unemployment is realistically higher than 18 percent; 23 million Americans are out of work.

In the Glenwood Springs Mall, eight stores closed eliminating 48 to 64 jobs. Food costs are skyrocketing.

Obama keeps referring to his jobs report “as a step in the right direction.” What country is he talking about?

In 2008, Obama “promised to half the national debt.” Fast forward to $16 trillion later.

When he says to entrepreneurs, “You didn’t build that,” translated in socialistic lingo it means “You don’t own that, the government does.” That’s his “dream” for our country.

He is so hypocritical, he is going to require every citizen to be insured but don’t have to prove your citizenship. Regardless of citizenship you’ll still get free medical insurance paid for by those of us who are forced to buy it because we’re citizens. And if you refuse to pay the Obamacare tax, you’ll be fined. So if you think you’re getting free health care by forcing other people to pay, guess what, you’re the “other people,” except now you’ll also be paying the government to administer the program.

It’s doomed for failure. Why? U.S. Postal Service, Social Security, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Medicare/Medicaid, Amtrak are all broke. Draw your own conclusion.

Those of you who voted for Obama must have buyer’s remorse. Well don’t buy it again, because if you do your children and grandchildren will curse you.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

According to the Post Independent on Sept. 5, Secretary of State Scott Gessler said that he his sending out mailers to reach about 961,000 people who are likely eligible to vote but aren’t registered. I think this is a great idea.

However, he says they are are going to be in English and Spanish. The last time I heard you have to be able to speak and read English to be an American citizen, so why would you have your mailer in Spanish?

I’m very frustrated about the Hispanic people wanting to be American citizens, but not being willing to accept the language we speak in the U.S.A. I don’t see them writing the mailers in French, Italian, Chinese, etc.

Janna Sorensen

New Castle

As I was reading the most recent “Parent Talk” column in your paper, titled “Elements To Look For in High-Quality Child Care,” I couldn’t help but think of the CMC Mini College program.

Each concept outlined in your column is practiced to perfection at this preschool. Miss Joan and Miss Byrd did an amazing job caring for our children last school year. The parents and children walking through their door this fall are very lucky to have found them.

With never ending thanks,

Cassie Cerise and Tim Fenton


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