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My daughter called the RNC convention a unicorn convention since most of the get-together was about an imaginary world. The Eastwood fiasco was a terrific symbol of the three days of imaginary discussions.

Jeb Bush thought that we should forget his brother’s presidency. How do we forget one of the worst presidents in recent memory who sunk our country into the deepest financial catastrophe since the depression? The RNC wants you to imagine that Obama should have been able to fix this catastrophe in three years. Romney’s plan is to return us to the Bush era of tax reductions for the wealthy, and reduction in financial and environmental protections. This idea destroyed the global financial market less than four years ago.

Secretary Rice seemed to be equating leadership with pre-emptive wars, ala Iraq. Fundamentalist Santorum was focused on the RNC anti-women campaign that is now part of their platform and is so ineloquently championed by Rep. “legitimate-rape” Todd Akins. The imaginary bad teacher came up frequently as a reason to kill the teachers union. More than one person announced the imaginary reduction in Medicare benefits. Newt talked about the imaginary elimination of work for welfare that is the Reagan-era dog whistle for racism.

Paul Ryan’s speech was totally imaginary but the crowd loved it. Rep. Ryan seemed to be trying to win some contest on the number of lies in an acceptance speech.

We were asked to imagine Romney as a loveable man who was Mr. fix-it as CEO of Bain and has been very honest in paying his taxes. Romney asked us to imagine that there was no impact on our environment by carbon dioxide emissions and that we should burn more and trade our environmental future for short-term economic gain.

The GOP tried to show its diversity, but one TV scan of the audience told the real truth. There were three realities that came from the convention. Granted we need to work on our debt, Ann really loves Mitt, and Romney/Ryan will take us back to the Bush/Cheney failed policies.

Tom Rutledge

Glenwood Springs

Once upon a time there was an undersized roundabout (defined as: marginally-managed vehicular chaos).

Nearby, two 16-second traffic signals (defined as: a green light releasing four cars (or one semi-trailer truck) every two minutes if they each lay scratch) at the Friday afternoon rush hour compete with a plethora of 18-wheelers.

Enter a lost timid driver in a mini-van full of screaming kids with a clueless navigator, looking for the Hot Springs.

Result … seriously? That intersection will have traffic backed up from Oasis Creek to City Market every night with no chance to unclog it without a crane. The British invented the traffic circle a century ago and wouldn’t think about a stop light nearby. The traffic modeling doesn’t reflect everything that happens in that intersection. CDOT, don’t build it, and then tear it out in three months when it proves to be a miserable failure. It won’t work even though your architect thinks roundabouts are the answer to World Peace. But if you do build it, why don’t you put parking meters in it. At least they will pay for the crane.

Michael Lipscomb

Glenwood Springs

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