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Another election cycle has assaulted America. I have come to see again, there are no real leaders to vote for. My entire voting adult life has been composed of me casting my ballot for the lesser of two evils.

During the first election for which I was eligible to vote, I heard, “Read my lips, no new taxes.” There were new taxes. The last election I heard, “Today I’m pledging to cut the deficit we inherited in half by the end of my first term in office.” So much for that.

All I have heard has been the same recycled material and false promises, over and over again. I want an honest person able to make hard decisions. None have materialized. We haven’t seen a Lincoln, Teddy, FDR, Ike, JFK or Reagan. We have seen zero leadership.

What do we have? We have an electoral cycle comparable to American Idol. Maybe we should tie the two together. American President? Let’s have the Democrat and Republican candidates each give a song-length speech. They can then perform in a few competitions. I think the first one should be “Who can give the best 30-second sound bite?” and then “Pandering to your base.” Let’s not forget my favorite, “How fast can you cash the super PAC check?”

Throughout all of this, Michael Moore and Rush Limbaugh could commentate. So, when they have finished dancing around for each other’s amusement, we the people can vote for the guy who has embarrassed our country the most yet again.

It’s an election of the media, for the media, by the media.

Unfortunately we can’t just blame them. As a society, we have become addicted to our phones, computers and televisions. We stand in our zombie-like daze awaiting the next spoonful of information, trend and command from the hidden gods awaiting there. Our children play video games all day, sitting pale and isolated like the vampires they are entertained with.

How can we expect a leader to arise from that pool of candidates? We are going to collapse in our decadence and not know it happened.

Zell Zordel

New Castle

To those who characterize the Democratic Party as wanting a bigger, more-controlling government, may I suggest that they reframe their concept of the purpose of our government. Isn’t it to protect and preserve the quality of life that was laid out by the founding fathers – the American Dream?

I don’t think any rational person wants larger government per se, but rather enough government to control those forces that withhold realization of the American Dream from a large portion of our population. If more people lived by the principles of honesty, compassion, diligence in their work, and commitment to the welfare of community – from family to nation to world – there would be no need for so much governmental oversight.

Viewing the shrinking of the middle class due to the amassing of wealth in the top 1 percent of our population from the same perspective, one has to recognize that though some people have a knack for making money, the important thing is not how much they have but how they got it and how they use it. If they gain it out of greed and dishonesty, and store it in ways that amount to tax evasion, maintain a lifestyle that is harmful to the environment, or use it for political influence (think Jack Abramoff vs. Bill and Melinda Gates) they are contributing to creation of an oligarchy (government by the few), which is antithetical to the American Dream.

Remember Lee Atwater, the Republican consultant and trickster who sabotaged the political standing of such Democrats as Michael Dukakis and Jimmy Carter? He recognized the error of his ways on his deathbed. Let’s hope it doesn’t take imminent death or near-death experience to teach us what is right.

Barack Obama is not perfect, but he is my choice for steward of the American Dream.

Pat Girardot

Glenwood Springs

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