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I am writing as a permanent resident of Blue Creek Ranch, which is accessed from Catherine Store Road, County Road 100. We have followed the recent discussions on the proposed use of the Mid-Continent site for trash transfer. I agree with all of the stated reasons to reject this proposed use of the site as very inappropriate and negatively impacting the surrounding areas.

In addition, I would like to raise two additional reasons why the proposal should be rejected.

We purchased our residence in early 2011 and there was no disclosure of this proposed use even though the application and discussions were in existence.

The second reason is that it is incumbent on county commissioners to initiate rezoning activities as changes occur over time to prevent this very situation. We have been in the Roaring Fork Valley as second home owners since 1991 and it is obvious that the properties on County Road 100 have been becoming more residential while maintaining their agricultural influence. This property should have been rezoned to commercial from industrial many years ago, thereby preventing this debate.

I will be attending the meeting on Monday and hope to hear that the county commissioners are going to reject this request and will take further action to rezone this property.

Robert C. Davis


I want to encourage all concerned citizens to learn about the proposal to convert the old Mid-Continent facility on Catherine Store Road into a solid waste transfer station.

The Garfield County Commissioners will hold a public hearing at 1 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 17. This may be the only opportunity for public comment.

A local company, MRI, wants to drive its garbage trucks to the Mid-Continent site, where they will unload trash and recyclables. After some sorting, the materials will be loaded onto semi trucks for the onward journey to the landfill or recycling site.

This facility, located outside Carbondale opposite the rodeo grounds, has the potential to impact the community in many ways. Personally, I’m concerned about traffic; the semis will have to drive in and out via Snowmass Drive, past the elementary and middle schools.

Other people are concerned about water quality, fire hazard, odors and noise.

Some people say these are nimby (“not in my backyard”) concerns. I think the nimby label applies only when the project being proposed is for the greater good. Is this project for the greater good?

I’m willing to say that, as proposed, it would probably be a wash for the larger community. It would simply spread the impacts of the trash we generate in this valley around a little bit, and shift some traffic from one route to another.

But as others have pointed out, the facility doesn’t really make economic sense as proposed. There are many reasons to suspect that, once approved, it would be expanded into something much larger – something more on the order of a landfill – which would provide better economies of scale for the operator, but also impose greater impacts on the community.

Bottom line, there’s potentially much more to this proposal than meets the eye, and the county’s review of it so far has been rather cursory. I hope that the county commissioners will take the time necessary to fully study the implications and to impose whatever conditions of approval are necessary to protect the community.

Dave Reed


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