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Glenwood Springs, Colorado CO

I read this section. But this is so important, I must write.

When I heard that the Democratic Convention platform, which is their plan on how to govern, had no reference to God, I was sad. This is the first time in hundreds of years that God was left out of their platform.

When the convention saw how many voters were upset, they tried to add God to their platform. Some people on the floor booed God. The president did not even address the booing of God. I guess he liked the platform just as it was, without God.

At least the Republican Convention had God in their convention and platform and in their talking and speeches and lives. The loud “no God” minority has pushed God out of our schools, courts, holidays and now our government.

Even our children do not say the Pledge of Allegiance anymore. Just ask your kids. Now we have locked doors, murders in our schools and our movies. We have droughts, fires, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, hunger, crime, homelessness, pain and suffering.

Big debt and big government are turning America into another Greece, Spain or Europe. It looks like our president is leading us there. It looks like he wants us to be a unit in the big one-world government.

America is the best country in the world. Why would he want us to be a unit? If you love America, if you want it to endure, read our Constitution, Bill of Rights, the pilgrims, George Washington’s prayers, and Mr. Lincoln’s prayers for America.

Big government and big debt will be the death of America. But maybe that is the president’s plan. People are out of work, homeless and worried, but we are not out of dignity.

Read, listen, pray and vote. Even the Democratic Convention hurriedly found a priest to close the convention. Better late than never.

We can work out our problems and fears as long as we rid ourselves of big government and big debt.

Patricia Tigert

Glenwood Springs

Former President Bill Clinton has been on the stump so much for President Obama, he’s been called “the Secretary of Explaining Stuff.”

But where is former president George W. Bush? We don’t hear much from him, do we? Why haven’t the Republicans used him to spread their gospel? After all, he was their leader for eight years.

When Mr. Bush assumed the presidency, we were at peace. Mr. Clinton handed him a balanced budget.

In eight years, Mr. Bush led us into two wars, slashed taxes for the rich, and deregulated Wall Street. He never found his weapons of mass destruction. The real estate bubble burst. (Where were the regulators?) He left office with Uncle Sam’s debt spiraling out of control and two wars raging.

Now Mitt Romney wants to be president. Like Mr. Bush, he favors gunboat diplomacy, even lower taxes for America’s billionaires, and getting government regulators out of the way so the market can work its magic.

Mr. Romney’s views have evolved, to put it mildly. But are there any fundamental differences between his current agenda and that of George W. Bush?

Ed Colby

New Castle

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