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I am amazed at how this newspaper continues to print Stan Rachesky’s baseless attacks on the president. In his Sept. 14 letter, Mr. Rachesky repeats the typical Tea Party talking points: Obama is a socialist, he wants to take our guns away, he’s responsible for the long-term effects of the worst financial collapse since the Great Depression (which hit before he was president), etc. Politifact, a respected fact check website, categorizes the socialist accusations as an example of their most blatant “pants on fire” lie. In addition, if Obamacare is the argument for that claim, Romney is a socialist, too, as he passed a nearly identical law in Massachusetts. It’s sad how the people who are screaming the loudest about the requirement to carry health insurance tend to be those who are already insured and would not be affected by that provision. How can anyone not want to help the 30 million Americans who are afraid to go to a doctor for fear of losing everything they have? Mr. Rachesky’s comment, “imagine a disarmed citizenry,” is pure fear mongering without a shred of evidence. And suggesting that anyone could have significantly reversed the economic disaster that President Obama inherited three-plus years ago is just nonsense, especially considering that the Republican Party refused to cooperate with anything he proposed, publicly proclaiming that their primary goal was to insure that the president not be re-elected. In spite of that, our economy has steadily improved under President Obama and is in better shape than most European countries.Mr. Rachesky assures us that Mitt Romney is as American as apple pie. I’m not sure what that means, but I don’t find anything inherently American in changing your core beliefs based on the political winds, or an unwillingness to level with us on how much he has paid in taxes, or his saying that he would have allowed the U.S. auto industry to go bankrupt and close down, or taking an issue as serious as global warming and turning it into a laugh line at his convention. Jerry KrebsGlenwood Springs

“s&%#@%!”I do not know if this is my censored reaction to the Grand Avenue Bridge Alternative 3 or just a string of characters that look similar to its path. Alternative 3 looks as if it was modeled with a Brio Train set by people with great job security who don’t have to reconcile the checkbook. Respectfully, the designers probably have done a good job within the parameters set. But this is not the right solution for our bridge problem.At one time, Midland Avenue was designated the “alternate route,” but I understand in our current environment how hard it would be to complete that. We are at a unique point in history where necessity, property and probably funds are available to move the traffic out of the middle of town. Unlike Alternative 3, we could make a straight line from the existing intersection up the railroad corridor to Highway 82. There could also be a modification to account for quicker traffic flow to the Meadows.This is the right choice now. The opposition in the past did not want this route so close to our schools. But I ask, is it better to have our kids crossing this traffic two and three times a day? I believe we have the most dangerous crosswalks and the worst side street traffic flow I have seen in this country. And I have no idea how a pedestrian will make their way through Bridge Alternative 3.Just because we as a community are used to Highway 82 bisecting our town, that does not make it the best choice. Let’s look to the future and change this now and all reap the benefits going forth.Brett MorrisonGlenwood Springs

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