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These self-appointed defenders of the faith who endlessly spout biblical quotes and loudly proclaim their piety … are they trying to convince us, or themselves and their fellow travelers that they are true believers? I think it’s the latter in as much as the name calling, the vociferous support for imperialist aggression, pre-emptive wars and violence in general is in direct contradiction to their alleged faith. One convenient thing about blind faith is that you really don’t need any facts or proof, just the party line.In his recent letter (July 7) from the bastion of aptly named Battlement Mesa, Mr. Herbst attempts to have us believe that fascism is a farce invented by the left, an assertion too ludicrous to warrant further comment. Then he goes on to prove how out-of-touch with world reality he is by dissing the Nobel awards because he doesn’t approve of some recipients. His list of the dissed should have included his hero Ronald Reagan who, among other idiocies, aided and abetted enemies of the United States for political gain. That is probably alright with him, though; Ronnie was a Republican, and that makes it OK. Perhaps we could address the ridiculous statement that Bush brought us seven years of a prosperous economy. If prosperous is $10 trillion in debt owed to Red China, almost 5,000 American troops martyred on a cross of oil profits and the blood of tens of thousands of innocent civilians of several foreign countries. Is it more convenient to forget these innocents to further your righteous fantasies, Mr. Herbst?No Bushie crimes? Where is thankfully ex-Attorney General Gonzales and why? Scooter Libby? Ashcroft? Where are the WMDs that led us to this disastrous war? Please don’t come up with the Canadian yellowcake farce now in vogue with the party. Well over half the people in the world would try your beloved president, the best recruiter the terrorists have ever had, for war crimes. I’ll be happy to mark your words, Mr. Herbst. … Your grade is an F.R.W. BoyleNew Castle

Eureka! I’ve discovered the true essence – the core, the crux – of the Obama campaign. It is based upon a concept called perception management, a term that has recently entered the public lexicon.I just finished reading “The Whole Truth,” a novel by David Baldacci described as a terrifying global thriller. In the book’s author’s note, perception management, known as PM, is defined as “creating facts” and then selling them to the world as truths.Perception management experts are not spin doctors, because they do not spin facts. They actually create big lies through incredible concentration and attention to detail using different manipulation procedures. While amazing, the techniques outlined in this fictional work are merely standard operating procedures for public relations firms (or campaign strategists) who practice this concept. Using their specialized methods, a major untruth can be established so quickly and overwhelmingly across the world (or nation) that no digging by anyone after the fact can make a dent in the public consciousness, even though it actually isn’t true at all.In further discerning Obama’s campaign strategy, it appears that another technique, that of deception management, is being used, as well. God bless America!Richard DoranParachute

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