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Gov. Romney, in his latest local radio advertisement, says President Obama can’t tell us if we are better off under his administration. Well, if he did ask me, I would say, “You betcha I am better off; let me count the ways.”

The Dow has gone up 71 percent under President Obama as opposed to down 1 percent under President Bush in his first term and down 24 percent in his second term. My house value has leveled off after a catastrophic decline under President Bush. The company I retired from has reached a new high in value on the stock market, thus securing my pension for a little while.

My little town of Glenwood Springs has multiple building projects and is planning to replace the aging bridge over the Colorado River. I love seeing the new library going up and the dedication to mass transportation with the VelociRFTA. Coal trains rumble through town on a regular basis and there are at least 18 gas drilling rigs currently operating in Garfield County, and 64 around the state of Colorado.

Three out of four of my children have houses, in Colorado, Florida and Washington, and they are climbing the job ladder. With help from loans, my youngest recently graduated college with honors in history and is exploring her future. My Navy son is no longer on a carrier sending planes over Iraq and is now home building a family.

My Medicare works great, and Obamacare will be a great advantage to my children, and to my spouse who is still too young for Medicare. Hopefully I will never again have to fear whether my family will have good health insurance.

The most interesting aspect of Gov. Romney’s statement is that I think Gov. Romney with all his investments is also better off with the rise in stock values. Could be, that is why he won’t show his tax returns – because he, too, is better off under Obama.

Tom Rutledge

Glenwood Springs

In an interview on Sept. 20 with Radio Iowa, Ann Romney chastised Republican pundits for criticizing her husband. “Stop it. This is hard. You want to try it? Get in the ring.” I wonder how many Americans are feeling Mrs. Romney’s pain. Here is a short list of things I think may be harder than what she is going through.

Answering the door or phone when a family member has served in Iraq or Afghanistan. (Something none of her five sons did.) Getting insurance when a family member has a pre-existing condition. Getting insurance, period. Living on minimum wage. Being middle class. Living on Social Security and Medicare. Getting a good education. Paying for an education. Losing your home and/or retirement to Wall Street fraud. Losing your job. Being gay and trying to have the same rights as everyone else. Being a teacher, or fireman or police officer.

How’s this for hard? Being elected president in the middle of the worst economic recession since the Depression. Reversing the loss of 750,000 jobs per month. Trying to pass legislation with a Republican Congress whose sole goal is to make you fail at your job. Watching the world economy continue to struggle because of Wall Street greed.

It was hard to get health care reform, Wall Street reform, end Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, protect Pell Grants and other student loan programs while increasing private sector job growth for 30-plus months and counting. It was hard to get Osama bin Laden and numerous other al-Qaeda leaders. It was hard to watch the Arab Spring with minimal interference, and to not overreact to the killing of Ambassador Stevens and three others in Libya.

The hard thing for me was not jumping on the not-so-secret taping that included the “47 percent” comments, but that would have been too easy.

Ann Romney thinks running for president is hard. Being the president in 2012 is really hard. Too hard for Mitt Romney. President Obama has done the hard things. For all of us. Vote!

Craig S. Chisesi


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