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It is both disappointing and concerning that our current Garfield County commissioners postponed a decision on the controversial MRI / IRMW II application for a waste transfer station just outside of Carbondale until after the Nov. 6 general election.

The seven-hour hearing on Sept. 17 included clear direction from the Carbondale Board of Trustees, which unanimously opposes the project, as well as impassioned pleas from nearby property owners and those within the Carbondale community that have made it clear that MRI’s proposed waste transfer station is in a terrible location, and has too many negative impacts, drawbacks and conflicts on the community and the surrounding residential and recreational areas. In fact, the applicants would have a hard time finding another location within Garfield County with more conflicts.

The Carbondale community has spoken in no uncertain terms – this is the wrong location for a waste transfer station. As our elected officials, it is the commissioners’ duty to represent the interests of the constituency that voted them into office. Or perhaps it is time to for us to consider electing public officials who will stand behind our communities and our best interests on Nov. 6.

Josh Lewis


I want to say a big thank-you to Hal Sundin for writing his Sept. 20 column on the U.S. economy. I endorse Sundin’s call for the higher $11 per hour minimum wage for the American working population.

Today, the middle class has shrunk severely. Democrats and Republicans need to realize that there is nothing more to tax from the middle class or what is left of it. The wealthy 1 percent need to step up and be taxed at a higher rate.

The current conventional economy is not broken for the wealthy 1 percent. It works just fine for them. Wall Street, the big banks and big corporations broke and nearly destroyed the economy for the rest us in the 99 percent lower income groups.

Main Street America needs to create a new economy of its own. No more trickle-down economic policies from the Federal Reserve. Since 2010, Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke has spent over $600 billion trying to stimulate the economy. All of this money went to large banks and Wall Street.

I strongly recommend that we find a way to create a separate banking system for small businesses, home loans and automobile loans. No more Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This would be the new banking and financial system for Main Street America.

We need to create a network of small community banks and expand and utilize existing credit unions. We need to get back to old-fashioned personal and family banking at the grass-roots level. Here we can create our own economy separate from Wall Street and the big corporate banking industry. This is how to create American jobs and grow an economy for Main Street America.

I do not see a presidential candidate who has the leadership to enact or approve this type of economic policy. For sure, Mitt Romney would not approve this policy. Would President Obama approve this? I don’t know. How long will Main Street America be economically depressed and suppressed?

Randy Fricke

New Castle

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