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Glenwood Springs, Colorado CO

I’ve had the honor of working for the Colorado State Veterans Home in Rifle for more than six years now. We help veterans come into our home to receive care, whether it is for short-term rehab therapies, respite care (for the caregiver), long-term nursing, dementia/Alzheimer’s care or even hospice care. We also can accept spouses of veterans, but only if our veteran percentage will allow us to accept a spouse for the same types of care.

One of my biggest roadblocks in helping family members of our veterans or the veterans and spouses themselves is locating their military discharge paperwork showing their proof of service in the military.

The “DD-214 form” military discharge paper is the form that shows the service member’s entry dates, whether they were honorably discharged as well as their discharge dates. Sometimes the DD-214 will confirm where the veteran served – in what states or in what foreign countries.

I cannot stress the importance of having this DD-214 form in your files. The DD-214 could help a veteran receive well-deserved benefits through the Veterans Administration, as well as help family members with burial benefits, even in obtaining an American flag at their local post office after the veteran passes away.

If records are available through the federal V.A. system, you can obtain a copy of a DD-214 by going online at The website will walk you through the process in filling out all of the pertinent information. It usually takes seven to 14 days to receive the copy of the DD-214. Try to make it a priority in finding this form in your files or obtaining a copy so you can have it readily available.

Lisa Adams


As more of the “parasitic, mooching” 47 percent recognize the contempt in which they are held by Mitt Romney, the more likely that President Obama will be re-elected. If single-issue voters and habitual Republicans give Mr. Romney the non-support he deserves, it could be a landslide victory.

President Obama deserves a Congress that will work across the aisle, rather than dedicate itself to his downfall. Sal Pace has shown this ability in the Colorado Legislature. He is not a lock-step ideologue, in contrast to his opponent, Scott Tipton. He will represent well all the people of our district.

Vote Sal Pace for Congress.

David Schroeder

New Castle

Gone are the days when right-wing crazies can say anything they want and by repeating it enough times believe that makes it true. Over and over again, President Obama has been criticized for apologizing for America. The right and their puppet news agencies seem to believe anything they speak out loud is true. The sad thing is many people accept these fake news stories and believe them.

Seek out and read the full statements made by the president, read the content and the context in which they were made, apply common sense and diplomatic art. Apply a certain cultural respect for another country, and you have President Obama. He has proven to be a great leader during incredulous times.

So if you want to make a charge (like apologizing for our country), then list the facts, be fearless in what you know. If all you have is unsubstantiated charges, mindless blather from a talk show, then just keep it to yourself.

Rick Davis

Glenwood Springs

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