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Columnist Ross Talbott’s refutation my Sept. 17 letter offered a long list of people who work or might work for government in some way. And how does he know the number of people his list adds up to and that this number constitutes more than 50 percent of the American workforce? Because he remembers Paul Harvey asserting it on one of his radio broadcasts. I thought I had researched the actual data, but Paul Harvey? How can anyone argue with that? I sure can’t.

So, now that I know “the rest of the story,” I do apologize to Mr. Talbott for failing to appreciate the beauty of his logic, the depth of his research, and the thoroughness of his fact-checking.

Ron Kokish


Really, women. This is what it has come to? The women’s movement saw you fighting for equal pay for equal work – rightfully so – and equal rights in other areas. You marched, demonstrated, burned your bras and demanded the right to open your own doors. “I am woman. Hear me roar.” Remember? You yelled your ability to stand on your own and be independent, as good as any man.

Now women want help paying for their contraception choices? They want other people to pay for their recreational sex liability? I find that very odd. If an individual female has a male interest – whether a husband or a one-night stand – it would seem to me that the two of them take on that responsibility and expense. Then women can rightfully claim equality.

Personally, I believe American women are too smart to be suckered by claims of a “war on women,” and allow that to define their stance this election year.

We have a $16 trillion debt and growing. I believe women are intelligent enough to realize that the 21 taxes hidden in the health care bill will cripple the middle class.

I believe women are onto deceitful men, and wonder why this president says one thing when he knows the microphone is on and something else when he thinks it is off. Russia is no friend of the U.S., yet Obama was encouraging Putin to wait until after this election when he would have more flexibility to do things Putin wanted. Wise women will ask, “What is up with that?”

I believe smart women will see the vacuum of leadership in foreign policy, previously always filled by the U.S., and understand that the radical Islamists are rushing to fill it. With political correctness and this “lead from behind” foolishness, Sharia law in this country is a real possibility and I believe that women have the insight to grasp what that could mean.

Real women ask why unemployment is higher for women than it has ever been. Private sector jobs are not up.

Clean the White House in November.

Juanita R. Williams


This is my first, and probably my last, letter to the editor. I have lived in New Castle for 47 years. I have watched, lived and survived all the growth and decline we have all experienced in Garfield County over the years.

Each town within the county has its own personality and interesting quirks. Carbondale lately has developed a persona of being extra creative, innovative, artsy, and just a tad preachy. They have tried to show the county the error of our ways such as with their plastic bag surcharge, and no big box stores for them.

Now a recycle trash center might be coming, and the chance to show Garfield County and us all how creative, innovative minds can be put to good use. What do we see? Whining, crying, cursing and the biggest case of NIMBYism ever. It’s excuse after excuse for not taking care of their own trash. Here are some examples

1. I moved from Aspen to Carbondale for quality of life. (The real reason: broke, can’t afford Aspen, and if economy gets worse might have to move to [gasp] New Castle or, God forbid, Parachute.)

2. Trucks must drive by schools. (We all know truckers are so dumb they drive extra fast and careless around schools because they don’t have children.)

3. Carbondale is no longer a mining town. (Working class people here? No way.)

Carbondale, get real. Your trash isn’t the only thing that stinks. Take your trash and turn it into something you can be proud of, I double-dog-dare you. Use those great minds.

Elena Harris

New Castle

Lost in the rhetoric of this election is our country’s dinosaur waddle toward the fiscal cliff of a $16 trillion debt.

Locally though, between the ups and downs of the real estate market, price changes of natural gas, the tourism and hunting seasons and springtimes of record runoff and summers of drought, our Garfield County Commission has quietly tended to mundane business of governance. Today, Garfield County’s financial footing is enviable by virtually any standard. If you don’t think so, ask some of Garfield County’s neighbors.

In the mid 1990s, Garfield County had a budget reserve of around $10 million and the government ran virtually hand to mouth. Today, the county has built a budget surplus of $100 million.

The only constant in Garfield County government during that time? Commissioner John Martin.

Mr. Martin knows our county can’t be strong and secure if it is financially weak and unsound. He knows that ever-increasing demands on the county for services and safety take money. He knows that protection of water, air and the environment requires money. Unlike most politicians today, he understands that quality of life requires money and economic strength is preferable to debt.

John Martin is unorthodox? Perhaps. Independent? Absolutely. Candid? Refreshingly so even after 16 years in office.

Mr. Martin’s steady hand on the till reaching back into the preceding century reflects an understanding of political and fiscal responsibility.

Experience matters, especially now. Vote for John Martin for county commissioner.

Mike Elkins


In defense of Stan Rachesky, when a person says they think wealth redistribution is a good idea, he is a socialist and President Obama has stated that. If you read his book, “Dreams of my Father,” there should be no doubt in your mind he is a socialist.

I’m a conservative. I have no problem when I’m called a conservative. Why do socialists take such offense when they are called a socialist? The Democratic Party has turned into the Democratic Socialist Party. Those who don’t like it should change it.

Joseph Ceremuga

New Castle

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