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As the U.S. continues its downward spiral, it’s not hard to point fingers. We are not a united country. The powers that be keep us fighting and divided, while they live it up on our money.

The president does not put his hand over his heart and pledge allegiance to the United States of America. What is that all about? Our children are not taught to be “one nation under God.” They are not allowed to pledge allegiance to the flag.

United we stand, divided we fall. One nation under God.

Paul Harvey put it best. “We expect our leaders to be better than we are, and they should be. Or why are we following them?”

Our current president thinks it’s more important to go on nightly talk shows than taking care of the U.S. or any problems in the world that is on fire.

We need a leader, not a game show host. Is Rome burning?

Ron Myers

Glenwood Springs

In a Sept. 5 letter to the Post Independent, Anita Sherman declared that the current Garfield County Commissioners are “thieves in the night,” quite a foolish statement for a representative of the county Democrat Party. But really, the commissioners attend meetings to learn for and represent the interests of all the citizens of Garfield County (as they are elected to do) without inviting her, and she declares them sneaky thieves? They didn’t invite me either, but they told me and others publicly where they were going and the purpose – and I approved.

The commissioners are branded not “transparent” because they didn’t invite the people personally to their “secret” meetings. But at least those Democrats are being transparent, because others can see right through their protests as purely a ruse to discredit the commissioners for politically nonconstructive purposes.

This is not to say, however, that there are legitimate reasons and times for questioning all actions of our elected representatives, and citizens must do that, but honestly.

It is obvious and of record that the commissioners have, with much citizen participation, given thoughtful and fair consideration of all property rights, health and economic welfare of all concerned. With their well-considered actions, it is clear that the commissioners have developed a considerable control over the oil and gas industry activities, within the limits of authority as allowed by state statutes and regulations and federal authority, rather than being “toadies” to them, as the Democrats would have us believe.

It would be wasteful and foolish to vote against the current commissioners just to replace them with Democrats, especially with inexperienced and ill-informed ones. It would be shameful to lose all the valuable experience and civic expertise they have perfected over the years for the benefit of the social and economic welfare of all citizens and communities.

The Democrat candidates would have us believe that just having a lot of happy meetings with the people and just following their sentiments is the proper way to govern. We, all of us, elect representatives to lead and to act for all citizens.

Mike Blair

Glenwood Springs

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