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The woman that sang the Black National Anthem to the tune of the Star Spangled Banner for the Denver Mayor’s Day should be recognized as having outstanding moxie to maximize marginal musical talent.

In other words, where does a relatively unknown singer go to audition for the August convention of Democrats? She got the attention of the USA and possibly international attention. Bet even the presumptive candidate was impressed.

Give her credit where due, even though it was inappropriate self-promotion.

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

I recently viewed a video that truly intrigued me by its words and meaning. I would like to share these words as food for thought. The following is from a James Pence video:

“If I were a terrorist and I wanted to destroy the American way of life I wouldn’t use bombs or planes to kill folks. Hells bells that would be too risky you might get caught or killed or both. Real terrorist get results and then they lay the blame where it can’t be found. So here’s what I would do if I was a terrorist.

I would foreclose on millions of homes, kick folks out of their houses. I would devalue the dollar so the price of everything would go up. I would outsource their jobs so they couldn’t find work. I would move the factories to foreign countries, you know, all the good-paying factory jobs. I would make education unaffordable, you know, terrorists don’t like having educated people around. I would make health care difficult to get and let the insurance companies get away with murder. I would listen to their telephone calls monitor their e-mails and use that information to really stick it to them.

Then I would give myself a big ol’ tax cut, sit back in luxury and watch them fight over the crumbs. But you know that we live in the United States of America. Thank you, Jesus, and the people who represent us would never ever let them get away with that would they? Would they?”

When the Mexican peso was devalued, Mexico lost its middle class.

Susan Burleigh

Glenwood Springs

Also addressed: Open letter to Steve Smith,

Steve, get over it. You know the tracks that were torn up were not suitable for a commuter train. A window of opportunity to sell the old rails was there, and it was correctly acted upon. Would it be better to let them molder in the ground and not have this world-class trail from end-to-end in the valley? It has not ended real transit opportunities. Probably by the time a train makes economic sense there will be better technology available, anyway.

In the meantime, we who are enjoying this facility and the merchants that are profiting from valley visitors would languish if we followed your thoughts.

Bob Lucas


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