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I would like to take this opportunity to welcome and congratulate the tens of thousands of new felons in Colorado, created by a stroke of our governor’s pen.

It will be exciting and life-changing for us now that we can’t vote, among other small details.

For those of you, like the authors of the bill in question, who know nothing about firearms or those who own them, I will explain.

The law controlling the capacity of magazines contains wording that actually makes all magazines illegal. You own a magazine-fed firearm of any kind, now you’re a felon. Neat, huh?

Now the fact that “they” won’t enforce that particular provision of the bill right now lends little comfort. It’s much like the “unenforced right now” provisions of the Patriot Act that could actually be twisted into having a “criminal” magazine owner shot without trial as a terrorist.

Think it ain’t so? Read those idiot laws that well-meaning people have been stampeded into supporting.

Please, spare me the various suggestions as to what hunters need or don’t need in the way of magazines or firearms. I’m a life member of the NRA, and I don’t have any trouble with background checks, and I would support more appropriate controls on “assault” weapons, not a ban. A ban specifically and directly interferes with the “militia” portion of the second Amendment and we, as nation bent on imperialism, seem not yet done with things military.

I’m aware that non-gun people don’t fully comprehend the intent and importance of that provision, but a lot of gun owners don’t either, and it is the undiscussed important issue in these debates. Be very wary of the assault on these rights, it’s only partly about alleged safety.

I know these corporate-owned newspapers hate it when we remind you, but this is precisely the same track of curtailment of freedoms, done in much the same way, as that unmentionable country in Europe, circa 1930s. Combined with the theft of economy by the wealthy and the corporations, I’d say, welcome to the impending police state.

R.W. Boyle

New Castle

Hooray! All our gun problems are over. Thanks to our Democratic Congress along with Gov. Hickenlooper, we are now safer than ever. These new gun laws do nothing against the illegal gun owner. It may also make a Colorado manufacturer move to another state, while putting hundreds of employees out of a job in Erie.

Unfortunately, there are no gun laws for those who don’t obey the current gun laws, much less any new ones. We are right were we started. Nowhere. Let’s enforce the current laws. Maybe longer incarcerations for gun related crimes? Maybe less obstacles for those legal gun owners? Maybe observe the Second Amendment?

These gun laws are supposed to ensure the safety of our children and adults from crazy people. There are evil people in the world and there will always be evil in the world.

Children should be completely safe in our schools, our homes, any public areas and even in the womb. We as a society, should be equally horrified by the millions of babies killed through abortion. Not killed by a gun, but by evil. We can never rid evil, but we are required to try.

Every life lost is lost forever.

Judy Campbell

New Castle

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