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We should stand tall for our president because:

1) He is a great family man and role model, and not just for minorities.

2) His keen insight and quick action by the Fed kept us from a Great Depression. As tough as things have been they could have been a lot worse.

3) The president has brought many of our fine servicemen and -women home and gotten us out that terrible Iraq war. Given time and he will do the same in Afghanistan. History tells us peace will bring prosperity. Look at the the drop in unemployment and you will see it is already happening.

4) We have had four years of security at home without a single major terrorist attack with Obama as Commander and Chief. Bin Laden is dead and al-Qaeda is on the run. The same for other terrorists like Qaddafi, one of the worst ever.

5) He took on the fight for health care despite raucous opposition. Now you cannot be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. That means alot to many of us.

6) He has promoted responsible development of resources such as natural gas, yet refuses to let the gas companies control our energy policy. Without regulations, it’s no doubt they would run “roughshod” over our beautiful public lands.

7) He has promoted the development of renewable energy such as solar and wind energy. The climate scientists are not lying when they say global warming is upon us with possible dire consequences. Germany’s entire “smart grid” will soon be run by a combination of wind and solar power. How cool is that?

8) He has been a great supporter women’s rights. Soon women will receive equal pay as men in similar positions.

9) He has promoted equality for gay people, because no one should have to fear recrimination for being “different.”

All these things were accomplished despite an “Obstructionist” Congress, where some members voted against him 97 percent of the time. Vote to re-elect President Obama and give him the vote of confidence and trust he deserves.

Thanks for listening.

Joe Mollica

Glenwood Springs

This letter is in response to a disturbing statement that was published on Oct. 13. Mr. Heck seems to be implying that the statements coming out of the GOP are all lies, and anyone who agrees with the statements are now at risk of being vandalized.

It bothers me that someone could make the claim that private property could be egged only because he/she disagrees with their party’s campaign remarks. I think its ironic that the same citizens who think there should be a peaceful public discourse and civility in politics would take time to make threats against personal property.

I’m 23 years old, and I am hoping that Mr. Heck is in middle school because that’s the last time I heard anyone talking about going out at night and throwing eggs. It’s extremely childish and I hope that anyone thinking it’s OK to destroy someone’s property would think twice.

I’m a very vigilant person and will protect my neighbor’s property just as I will protect mine.

Mr. Heck you are a disgrace to your cause. I hope that threats like those are not published again, because they are not taken lightly by anyone. May all the Roaring Fork properties go untouched.

Evan Schillaci

Glenwood Springs

After 32 years of being actively engaged in elections and legislative policy, it’s amazing to hear the filters some people use to choose their representatives. For me, actions speak louder than typos.

Based on her letter to the editor of Oct. 10, it’s clear Nancy Turner, Commissioner Tom Jankovsky’s spouse, has never been hijacked by auto-correct. There’s even a Facebook group dedicated to cursing this nasty software feature.

I recently heard the same spelling qualifier by a 50-something resident in Glenwood Springs, for his reason why he wouldn’t register to vote. He said, “Can’t nobody speak, read, write and spell anyway on that ballot.” I won’t share what he called our seated president.

He continued with, “They’re idiots ain’t able to speak God’s language, which is English.” It was hard to keep a straight face when I asked, “Wasn’t the Old Testament originally written in Hebrew?” He replied that I was probably one of those dumb liberal Democrats, and slammed the door in my face.

Standing on his porch, it occurred to me that this angry man probably couldn’t read. His anger was a cloak for his vulnerability and insecurity. Nothing in our human world is ever absolute. The angry man reminded me of why I participate in our democratic process. I care that people like him are given opportunities to succeed without filtered labels.

We may all be equal in the eyes of the Creator. However, we are not all equal in the eyes of some people. People create corporations and policies that make corporations equal to people under the Constitution, placing greed over public need. Voting is a process that should not only include our heads, but our hearts as well.

Check your voting status, and make sure your registration is current. Mail-in ballots went out on Oct. 15.

Unlike typos, our democratic process doesn’t come equipped with auto-correct. Choose wisely this election cycle, and vote the full ballot of candidates. Choosing a president is very important, but the president doesn’t write our local land use codes.

Your vote matters.

Anita Sherman

Glenwood Springs

This letter is written to the Republicans and Tea Party members of Garfield County who will vote the Republican ticket regardless of which individual the GOP nominates. As we all know, these fellow Americans believe the Constitution of the United States is the “Supreme Law of the Land” and hold dearly to the inherent fundamentals of our “Republican Form of Government” as guarantee in Article IV, Sec. 4, of the U.S. Constitution.

A “Republican Form of Government” is a system of government where the people hold the sovereign power and elect representatives to exercise that power. Historically, the constitutional guarantee of our republican form of government finds its roots as “Consent of the Governed” in the Declaration of Independence.

Now stay with me: In the Oct. 11 Post Independent, Republican incumbent Garfield County Commissioner Mike Samson boasted of his and Commissioners John Martin’s and Tom Jankovsky’s accomplishments in establishing the new Federal Mineral Lease District (FMLD).

Please, Garfield County Republicans and Tea Party members, read for yourselves from Samson’s prepared statement: “We wisely formed the Federal Mineral Lease District, our goal being to put millions of dollars each year into the hands of the Federal Mineral Lease District board that is independent of the Board of County Commissioners.” Thus Samson’s, Martin’s and Jankovsky’s FMLD removes millions of taxpayer dollars per year from the control of the sovereign’s elected representatives, the BOCC, and gives control of those millions to an unelected board.

Obviously, the new FMLD is unconstitutional, as it violates Article IV, Sec. 4, of the U.S. Constitution. A Rifle High School civics student could see that Samson’s, Martin’s and Jankovsky’s Federal Mineral Lease District is repugnant to a “Republican Form of Government.”

Clearly, Republicans Samson, Martin and Jankovsky have violated their sworn oath to defend the Constitution, and we must respond accordingly. As a matter of conscience, if you cannot vote for Democrats Sonja Linman and Aleks Briedis, then simply leave that section of the ballot blank, or write-in Ronald Reagan in protest.

Carl Mc Williams


I have had a garden at the community garden on Wulfsohn Road in Glenwood Springs for three years, and my boyfriend has had his for two years.

We do not have the room at our home for a garden and think it’s great that the community has a place for people to have a garden. We enjoy our gardens and love to be able to provide food for our family. Now, with the economic hard times, it’s even more important for us to be able to grow food for our son, as we are having just a hard time making it from month to month like so many other people.

But when theft happens on such a regular basis from our gardens we will no longer be able to have the garden. We’ve spent a lot of money in our garden with the goal of being able to provide for our family. My boyfriend went to the garden today to harvest his vegetables from his garden only to find just a few pumpkins left. All the squash, watermelon, zucchini and cucumbers were gone.

The people who stole from our garden are taking food out of our son’s mouth, and the mouths of everyone else who has had food stolen, which is everyone who I’ve spoken to about this at the garden. One gentleman had to fence in his garden and there was even a lock on the gate for a while to deter theft.

My boyfriend will not be returning to the garden next year because of this, and I’m not sure I’ll be keeping my garden, either. We are not alone in our feelings, and I know others will not be returning to the garden next year because of the theft. I want the people who have taken food that they did not plant at the garden to know that what they are doing is wrong, and they are affecting a lot of families who work hard for the food they have grown. If you didn’t grow it, you should not be picking it.

Kristin West

Glenwood Springs

I see some worrisome issues regarding our county commissioners. I wonder if they are truly serving their constituents from Parachute to Carbondale.

Not all issues can be addressed, but some must be: Are the commissioners serving themselves before their constituents? Is there is a conflict of interest with the oil and gas industry? Are county funds being used for the best interest of Garfield County?

It was shocking to read in the Aug. 14 Post Independent that Tom Jankovsky admitted to receiving political contributions from SG Interests, which wants to drill in the Thompson Divide. I hope that money falls within Colorado Campaign Finance regulations.

Can our commissioners be fair when at least one accepted money from the oil and gas industry? I can only surmise (yet not claim to know because Mike Samson and John Martin have not been as open as Mr. Jankovsky) the other commissioners received SG Interests money as well.

It’s wonderful that the Grand Avenue Bridge will be improved to accommodate heavy traffic in Glenwood Springs. Yet heavy traffic on the south side, where constituents live and commute up and down the valley, is being ignored, as well as a serious safety issue to Sopris Elementary since there is no outlet on South Midland Ave.

The county holds a fund of some $100 million. I’d like it used for the betterment of our community: building, repairing bridges and roads, but also alleviating school crowding by contributing funds to expand schools like Sopris Elementary, which currently has modulars and “cells” in hallways. I know the Re-2 school district needs more funds, considering it cut a teaching day out of the week.

These topics directly affect all Garfield County constituents, and they should be treated without bias.

The election is soon. I urge citizens to learn about their choices for county commissioner. Look at their voting record, read the newspaper. Become informed. Make an educated decision. I believe it’s time for new people to replace some of the three who make so many important decisions that affect all of Garfield County.

Annie Uyehara

Glenwood Springs

Apparently the letter writers complaining about “Republican lies” haven’t been paying attention to Libya.

Let me refresh your memory. On Sept. 11, according to Mr. Obama, a mob incited by a movie posted only on the Internet attacked the U.S. facility in Benghazi and killed the U.S. ambassador and three State Department employees. This statement was continued on all the Sunday news shows and repeated at the U.N. There is one problem with this story, however: It is not true.

According to testimony this week in Congress and broadcast on CSPAN, there was no mob. The attack was planned by an al-Qaeda branch that intelligence knew was just one of several al-Qaeda-sympathizing groups operating in the area. Furthermore, the idea of an embassy in a dangerous area being denied additional security, which was requested at least twice before Sept. 11, is ludicrous. Yet this is exactly what some State Department flunky did.

Now, to compound the administration’s lies further, is that they are now blaming Republican budget cuts for taking away the security. This is a bald-faced lie. The State Department budget has gone up more than 20 percent for security in the last three years. Where the State Department has wasted money is the purchase of a Volt and a $100,000 charging station for the Paris embassy.

Please watch the hearing on C-Span and see who is really lying. Just take a look at what the mother of one of the murdered embassy employees said on CNN, as reported on DrudgeReport Thursday, that “she is still waiting for the truth.” She goes on to say that the administration told her “they were still investigating what happened.”

It is time to hold people accountable for these lies. At the very least, Secretary Clinton should be impeached and Mr. Obama should apologize to the country for the incompetent handling of this attack.

Sharon Brenner

Buena Vista

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