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I think Kenny Ogden’s letter to the editor hits a chord with many people in this community. I believe there is a feeling of bewilderment when the average citizen reads about “our” city council endorsing CDOT’s plans for Glenwood Springs. Is this a condemnation of our representatives? Absolutely not. I am actually in awe of the time and dedication that these members of our community give to us. I truly believe that council believes they are acting in our best interests. The problem, as I see it, is a common one in government. Representatives are given an extremely difficult task to solve. They then dive into the process of endless research and advice so they can solve said crisis. But what often happens is that they get so caught up in the research, reports, advice, etc., that they unconsciously lose sight of what the actual job at hand is. And that is to simply “represent” their constituents. When I read the very first article about taking out the traffic light on Eighth Street I think my brain shut down on this whole issue. Eighth Street is the heart and soul of Glenwood Springs. To go out on a limb let’s go back to the ’70s for a moment. What we had then was called the “Barn Dance.” Part of the traffic light cycle stopped vehicle traffic totally, in order to allow pedestrians (yes, workers, tourists, students, shoppers, handicapped, etc.) to cross Grand Avenue safely, in any direction they desired. What a concept.The reality is the current situation, on all of Grand Avenue, is dangerous at best. There is zero consideration for people whatsoever. So what is my humble suggestion? I think it is time for a citizens “initiative.” I believe this decision is way too big for any 8 or 10 people to make for this community. This decision will dictate what becomes, or doesn’t become, of Glenwood Springs, for the next 50-100 years. It is a daunting task that demands consensus. No easy task. But it’s time to make decisions for Glenwood Springs and not for CDOT.Ed RosenbergGlenwood Springs

This letter is in response to the article in the Feb. 16 Post Independent edition regarding the Silt man forced to clean up his yard.I’m ashamed to live in a city that is pointing its finger at a resident who has “miscellaneous materials” in his yard when the town of Silt is not a sight for sore eyes itself. I believe that this homeowner is being targeted because he lives right across from the Silt Municipal Building. What’s ironic to me is that right in front of his property is a town-owned sidewalk that is in disrepair.Not very long ago, the Silt mayor stood in my home declaring to take action on homeowners with vegetation overgrowth in their yards because it was becoming increasingly difficult to utilize the public sidewalks in my neighborhood. I do believe some action was taken because I saw a slight improvement. However, when I’m out walking, enjoying the sidewalks that my tax dollars helped fund, I’m forced into the street to avoid overgrowth attack at about one in five homes.Further, the next time you enter/exit Silt, notice the corner at the roundabout where the vacant Bar & Caf sits. Not only does that building need to be bulldozed, the properties behind it are a disaster. And this is a representation of our town when first entering from the highway.What I’m saying is, if one homeowner in Silt is the target, then all homeowners with “miscellaneous materials” must also be targeted … including the town itself.Wendy HobbsSilt

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