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Oil and gas lease extensions have absolutely no business being left up to one person.There should be no question in anyone’s mind, that if we don’t run the single-minded energy exploration barons out of the mountains they will eventually be left barren waste land.Steve Bennett said (and I quote), “This is one of the most difficult decisions I’ve made.” It’s easy. Just use the first word that you ever learned: no.And I must add that no one person should have the authority to make a decision that affects so many, especially when it comes to the environment. We don’t need the gas anyway. We should be focusing on the technology we already possess for alternative fuels.If you think that’s radical or ignorant, sit down, and think some more.(Uncle Joe) LewisSilt

Once again we see the typical overwhelming sense of superiority displayed by a liberal in the letter written by Mr. Bokenko. Dan states that he found his quote that I had referred to in a recent letter in the archives on the Post Independent website but could not figure out how I found all of these old quotes. “I gezz iz juss som stewpid rite winngid waakkko cuz I iz two stewpid two findz thos thingamagigs Dan calls quotes.”Seriously Dan, you may think that you and your progressive, left-wing liberal friends are so much smarter and superior than anyone that opposes your views, but you are wrong. Even I am smart enough to go the Post Independent website and use the words “Patriot Act” in the archive search and read the hundreds of letters slamming the Patriot Act during the Bush administration. That was the point, Dan, the left slams Bush over the Patriot Act but nothing is said when one of their own acts in similar fashion. That is the utter definition of hypocritical.As far as Dan’s claim that “the left is too busy defending themselves from right-wing attacks.” Really, are you serious? Is Dan and the left so blinded by their beliefs that they do not see that the attacks are a two-way street. During eight years of Bush, Dan and his fellow liberals attacked the Bush administration on a daily basis. I guess it is only an attack if it isn’t what Dan believes?Seriously, if the left would like to challenge my letters let’s stick to the facts, and the fact that I brought forth was that the left is very hypocritical. And again, I will remind Dan that I did not complain about the Patriot Act during the Bush administration, he did. Also, I have not complained about the Obama administration’s statement that they are free to use drones on the American people, Dan is just assuming that my letter was a complaint. Again, when someone assumes they make a democratic symbol out of themselves. Doug MeyersGlenwood Springs

Hydraulic fracturing on Thompson Divide is a highly debatable issue these days. In my school we are doing a project called Project Citizen. We have chosen to research the Thompson Divide fracking issue. Gas/oil companies are not releasing the chemicals used to get to the resource. Gas companies must start releasing the chemicals they use to the public. If the chemicals used to extract this gas get in people’s water, it will cause health issues. We need to know whether or not we need to be worried.Wyatt Till Glenwood Springs High School Project Citizen GroupGlenwood Springs

Thank you, Steve Smith, for that cogent letter the other day. I hail from Golden, and we had (have) similar issues with traffic and a state right of way that went through town. Unlike Golden, we in Glenwood do not have ample open space to build a bypass for 82. We can redirect the traffic onto to some other undeserving neighborhoods, or we can deal with the problem on Grand. But, if we do nothing, there is the real risk of an overdue bridge failure. Then how will we deal with traffic through and around town?CDOT is taking the appropriate proactive step of dealing with the bridge problem before the bridge deals us a problem. And if you really want to try on some alternative solutions, try limiting the vehicle size, or turning the bridge into one lane each direction. I’ll think you’ll see pretty quickly why the proposals have developed the way they have. It’s going to be a big bridge; downtown is going to change. It’s called life. We just have to get on with it.Susan RheaGlenwood Springs

The Garfield County Emperors have no clothes: Commissioners Mike Samson, Tom Jankovsky and John Martin stand in front of the people of Garfield County without constitutional clothing and are not worthy of your trust. Furthermore, County Manager Andrew Gorgey, Oil & Gas Liaison Kirby Wynn and Communications Officer Renelle Lott also stand in front of the citizens of Garfield County stripped of their constitutional clothing.They all swore a “Colorado Constitutional Oath” to protect We the People of Garfield County and each one has desecrated their constitutional vows and their personal honor. Article II, Sec 3 of the Colorado Constitution reads as follows: “All persons have certain natural, essential and inalienable rights, among which may be reckoned the right of enjoying and defending their lives and liberties; of acquiring, possessing and protecting property; and of seeking and obtaining their safety and happiness.”By their group decision not to report the March 8 hydrocarbon spill near Parachute Creek in a timely and forthright manner to the Post Independent and the Grand Junction Sentinel; they are all guilty of a conspiratorial cover-up to protect their corporate masters in the oil & gas extraction industry. On March 8, they were all made aware of the 60,000 gallon hydrocarbon plume north of Parachute, yet in a premeditated plot, official Garfield County remained silent. Consequently, the property owners along Parachute Creek, whose property the County Commissioners swore a constitutional oath to protect, were left in the dark and became cognizant of the oil spill only because of a Sunday, March 17 article in the Post Independent exposing the fact nine days after Samson, Martin and Jankovsky and Gorgey were informed.But the real blame lies at the feet of the Garfield County voters who re-elected Mike Samson and John Martin last November. As economist Art Laffer has stated: “In a democracy the voters get the government they deserve.”Carl McWilliamsSilt

The March 15 edition included a letter to the editor commenting on a photograph, also printed in the paper, on March 8. The letter stated that a large piece of equipment shown in the photo belonged to Aztec Drilling. That is incorrect. The piece of equipment shown is not part of the drilling rig.Aztec Drilling did not utilize the routes mentioned in the photo’s caption. Nor did the Aztec rig stop any traffic. What Aztec did do was to obtain the necessary permits, and follow required safety protocols, which included pilot cars.Aztec Drilling is a new member of the WPX Energy contractor workforce, and we are excited to have them. They did not deserve to have their introduction to our community happen this way.If anyone has questions about WPX Energy rig moves, I welcome their questions at any time.Susan B. AlvillarParachute

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