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Do you want someone to represent you in the Colorado House? Are you tired of the Republican mantra of trickle-down economics? I encourage voters to vote for Jo Ann Baxter, the Democratic candidate for Colorado House District 57.

Ms. Baxter understands the quintessential relationship between an educated populace and economic development. At the end of July this year there were 3.2 million job openings, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many of these job openings require some type of post-secondary education. Ms. Baxter will break through the resistance in the Colorado House to new ideas, a resistance to the economic fundamentals of the 21st century. Colorado is not just about oil and gas and water, it is a diverse state of high technology, business models and population.

Ms. Baxter will bring new ideas to the Western Slope to help prevent the boom and bust cycle of energy development. As a resident of Moffat County since 1974 and with a doctorate in education, she understands the needs of the Western Slope. She will be a great leader for Garfield, Moffat, and Rio Blanco counties.

Jo Ann Baxter will balance the 21st century necessity of an educated state, sound fiscal policies and economic development, while maintaining the clean air and water that Coloradans expect.

Tom Rutledge

Glenwood Springs

Many have their ballots now and voting has begun, and I am encouraged by the belief that women have a more mature view of the important issues of this election.

We are biologically the nurturers and as such, women understand who the bullies and blow-hards are, and things like the importance of health care in general and women’s health care in particular. Women, being the ones who bear children, understand the implications of an attempt to take reproductive decisions out of the personal realm.

Women have a fearful, gut-wrenching understanding of the true costs of war, which can bring death to their doorstep. They recognize saber rattling and Pentagon budgets gone wild.

Women can see daily effects of failed educational priorities on their children. They ache for the opportunities missed if their children are left behind (no pun intended).

They deal with the illnesses caused by environmental degradation, and genetic frankenfood.

I trust women to see through the barrage of ads and accusations and vote for Barack Obama, who will better protect the health and safety of families. They, in particular, will cut through a veil of misinformation meant to facilitate an increase in the profits of some corporation, be it energy, pharmaceutical, insurance, banking – you name it.

Take a cue from Nuns On a Bus (ww.nunsonabus) and vote your values. Their guide:

• The Affordable Care Act will expand access to health care for millions.

• Tax policy that includes subsidies to oil companies, tax cuts for the wealthiest.

• Americans and tax incentives to ship jobs overseas, must change. Who can you trust with that?

• No cuts to spending for food assistance and health care for seniors and low income Americans.

As the nuns point out these issues involve Congressional and presidential scrutiny.

We are alone in that voting booth to make our own decisions. Women must be wise and proud and vote for a sustainable future; and then the real work begins.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

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