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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

I wanted to respond to the letter from Linda Holloway addressing book sales at the new library in Glenwood Springs.

It’s true that we are putting an end to big annual book sales at this branch and are shifting to a smaller ongoing book sale program. I know that the sales have been a popular event that has invited the community into the library, and the Friends of the Glenwood Springs Branch Library have relied on these sales to raise funds for the library, which supports vital programs and materials. So why change?

We believe that libraries are for use. The new library has been designed to maximize public space, and we do not have the same amount of storage that we now enjoy in our existing building. Instead, we’ve added special areas for teens and children, an early literacy installation, three study rooms, computer center, conference room, a large meeting room and a quiet reading area for adults. This is all in addition to lots of new books. We are working within a budget and believe that we are making the best use of the space we have available. The second floor will be unfinished and won’t be available for public access until we complete it in the future.

Will we still have large used book sales? Yes! We have space at our New Castle Branch Library to stage large sales, and the funds raised will benefit all of the libraries in Garfield County. Do we still want your donations of used books? Absolutely. Donated books may be added to our collections or sold to support library programs and materials.

We’ve already converted to ongoing used book sales at four of our other branches, and we continue to raise funds for those libraries in this way.

Do we appreciate our Friends? Always. The Friends continue to do great work in supporting our main goal: free and equitable access to information and materials that help everyone improve their lives.

Amelia Shelley

executive director, Garfield County Libraries

While we’re all yammering loudly about weapons, crime, debt, fracking, immigration, access and more, it seems we lose sight of playing well with others in our own backyards. Today, I’m speaking of my personal backyard.

I have a little spot of private for my home. It’s not unusual to stay in my not-all-togethers for the start of day. I also enjoy stepping out (in those same “nothings”) to warmly watch, with some glee, a wild flock that visits several of us.

Other wildlife briefly wanders through for brief moments each year. Our birds, though, have four seasons they share with us. Big birds. With patterns and rhythms and behaviors and beautiful displays. Lucky us.

Occasionally, a photographer will knock on my rear door for permission to access my land and click. If they understand the rule of not disturbing, they’re likely welcomed. Some just wish to let me know they’ve parked nearby. It’s appreciated. And courteous. And correct.

Now, I’ve had four occasions of stepping out to face large lenses attached to large cameras, attached to humans that seem quite … what’s that word? … entitled. I’m certainly peeved at the poke to my privacy, but even more irritated at the irritation to our flock.

These grand birds are in display for a reason. Their rhythm has purpose. When you stalk and stomp, intent on getting action, you’re disrupting. Now this flock’s been rattled and scattered. Hey, these hens don’t need to carry your stress to their nests.

And to you parents who toss your little ones across my greens to run shrieking after these birds, imagine the rip that one of those talons could land on tender skin. Shame on you.

I ask you all to go home, until you can learn to play well and show respect. (Except for the one good guy, and you know who you are.)


P. Welch

Glenwood Springs

What are our county commissioners doing spending money on the sage grouse? Since when have they become interested in ornithology and bird habitat? Why are they meddling in this issue when we already have scientists and experts in another agency working on it?

Our commissioners have hired a private biologist to study the grouse habitat here, which seems to be on gas-rich land. They are spending a lot of our county money for this. They (we citizens of Garfield County) are paying this biologist $35,000. They (we) are also paying $20,000 to the Stewards of American Liberty hoping they will look into the issue as well.

Perhaps the gas and oil industry has more of an interest in squeezing this bird into extinction for the sake of extraction. I wonder if the industry has asked the commissioners to help them out?

If our commissioners want to become environmentalists and scientists, may I suggest they head out to the plume in Parachute and get a firsthand look at a very important human habitat issue. I am surprised they haven’t been out there yet.

Cheri Brandon

Glenwood Springs

Obamacare is not free by any stretch of the imagination. It’s a law of broken promises and the complete socialization and ruin of the world’s premier medical system.

Higher premiums will soon be the harsh reality of the Affordable Health Care Act. The Supreme Court ruled it a “tax” on the people. At least 20 new taxes will be emerging during the implementation period scheduled to begin in 2014.

People with pre-existing conditions will be paid for by young and healthy people who will be required to pay more than their fair share. Then those people will drop their coverage because of its cost. However, there will be a penalty tax on individuals who do not carry insurance.

There will be new taxes on flexible and health saving accounts. A 40 percent tax on comprehensive coverage that costs more than the designated cap. All the new people on the federal dole (Medicare, Social Security, unemployment, Medicaid, disability, etc.) means the rest of us have to pay higher taxes to support the program.

Surtaxes on investment, medical devices, even the sale of your home will be going to support Obamacare. Everything Obama told you about this program was one “big lie.” It’s got to be stopped in court on Jan. 1, 2014.

Our world class healthcare system is in a downward death spiral, and Obamacare is the principle cause. This isn’t just about you, think about the next generation – your kids.

Based on his track record, Obama should never have been re-elected. His votes came mostly from low income, uninformed alleged citizens living off various forms of government welfare. Romney’s strong suit was in areas where the land was owned by taxpaying citizens; Obama’s strong suit was in promises made to ethnic lower income groups and young impressionable college-age students who were influenced by liberal professors and social media.

If amnesty and citizenship is granted to 20 million criminal invaders, aka illegals, and they vote, within five years say goodbye to the good ole U.S.A.

Believe me, you don’t want to live in a socialistic society. Make your voice heard. Call your congressman.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

As an immigrant from Mexico myself, I was impressed with the young activists in John Colson’s story “Locals take part in ‘Keeping Families Together’ tour.” They are educating our neighbors about the importance of immigration reform to our community.

My family moved here more than 10 years ago for the promise of freedom and opportunity. I have been a successful student and have worked hard to make my parents proud and to pursue my dreams. I am proud to be a taxpaying and contributing member of the Rifle and Roaring Fork community.

It’s important to know that people move their families here in order to provide a better life for their families, and they contribute to our economy and communities. It’s time for Congress to alter our immigration policies so that immigrants can fully become our newest Americans.

Junior Ortega


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