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In March, Mayor Matt asked me to give him a list of businesses, business building owners, and residents on Grand Avenue still not contacted. I have the report by a city employee to council, dated Feb 13, without any changes from the same city report dated five months earlier. I have talked to some of these people since this February report and they still have not been contacted. Council should be focusing on the in-house reports. I am not being paid to contact these residents and businesses. Perhaps if these businesses, business building owners and residents were consultants, they would be interviewed.

The CDOT proposed version of ACP on our Grand Avenue would cause the “shoulder streets of Grand Avenue” – Blake and Bennett on the east and Colorado and Pitkin on the west – to have increased drive-through traffic by residents (not living on those streets) trying to avoid SH82 traffic: unnecessary traffic patterns for a town of less than 10,000. The unintended consequences of the shoulder streets becoming “unsatisfactory replacements for our Grand Avenue” have not been discussed.

During the last 10 years, Glenwood Springs with CDOT’s assistance has completed the necessary Corridor Optimization Study and Corridor Optimization Plan to initiate an Environment Impact Study for an alternate route for SH82. I do not understand why the current CDOT staff has diverted us from completing 30-40 years of effort by multiple city councils to finalize an alternate SH82 route off of Grand Avenue.

I believe that a US DOT story about Littleton, N.H., could be our story in Glenwood Springs if our tax dollars were being used for an EIS, not CDOT consultants and city employees who have continued to violate the NEPA process for two years by not contacting businesses, business building owners and residents on Grand Avenue who will be impacted by the proposed CDOT Access Control Plan.

Karen Price

Glenwood Springs

According to reliable media sources (gosh, are there any that aren’t reliable?), the Obama administration will be hiring “tens of thousands” of “navigators” to help people get signed up for Obamacare.

Since the rules allow for these people to come from action groups such as Acorn and Planned Parenthood as well as unions and health providers, we apparently should be confident that they will provide unbiased advice. Does this mean that we can hold them in the same degree of trust that we have in MSNBC and the New York Times for fair and balanced reporting?

Apparently, the navigators will be responsible for explaining and “translating” the unbelievably complicated and excessive rules and regulations contained in the 2,700 pages of the bill and its citations. If more than half of the American public is in opposition, wouldn’t it be appropriate to organize a counter-contingency of grief counselors who would administer to the unknowing victims as they become enlightened on the true disastrous effects of the highly mislabeled “Affordable Care Act?”

By definition, the term navigator suggests a person who conducts explorations by sea. Does it not follow that many of these Obama explorers may find themselves in over their heads?

There are some who believe that Obamacare will simply self-destruct as more details come to light. So, could these navigators actually become terminators?

Richard Doran


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