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In the Post Independent of April 3, Mr. Heck expressed his thoughts that the G.W. Bush Presidential Library should have opened on April 1. Under his reasoning the B.H. Obama library should open on the holiday that is celebrated by trick or treats. Current administration policy is trick the taxpayer into giving them big treats. For example, big pay, big health plan, big retirement plans and long, lavish vacations.

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

So everyone loves green energy and you constantly complain about how bad the oil and gas industry is to our planet and environment … well let me tell you a little about the waste from solar energy.

While solar is a far less polluting energy source than coal or natural gas, many panel makers are nevertheless grappling with a hazardous waste problem. Fueled partly by billions in government incentives, the industry is creating millions of solar panels each year and, in the process, millions of pounds of polluted sludge and contaminated water.

To dispose of the material, the companies must transport it by truck or rail far from their own plants to waste facilities hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of miles away.

In California alone, from 2007-2011, there was more than 46 million pounds of contaminated sludge and waste water, much of which was carcinogenic cadmium-contaminated water. Although 97 percent stayed in California, 1.4 million pounds were transported to other states – but hey that’s OK to transport across country, it won’t hurt anything.

In China, the solar manufacturers dump the waste on land around the plants, polluting groundwater and farmland. Oh, but it’s OK as long as it’s not in Colorado.

What a bunch of hypocrites. You complain because you don’t want oil and gas industry in your state but anywhere else is fine as long as it doesn’t affect you and your pristine forest. Bet you don’t have a problem driving your SUVs or flying on jumbo jets on vacation.

Yes, clean energy is a must, but utilizing our fossil fuels and developing better and more efficient ways of refining them is a must also. Educate yourself on oil and gas, not what envirothugs brainwash you into believing. Quoting EPA regs and other government regulations doesn’t make you intelligent or smart.

Sean Berry


Three cheers for Sheriff Lou Vallario, who provided a voice to we honest, law-abiding Coloradans when he spoke out against Obama’s restrictions on our Second Amendment.

We were ignored by our governor as well as the Democrats in the State House who, according to Sheriff Terry Maketa, “criminalized law-abiding citizens.”

Obama wants gun control and quickly, before more bailout money is given to Wall Street, before the little people rise up with “guns and pitchforks.”

Note to lawyers at Aspen Institute working for my billionaire neighbors who own Wall Street’s JP Morgan Chase: That’s a prediction, not a call to arms.

Lee Mulcahy


Thank you for the great coverage on Zyre Austin, and in particular her recent accomplishments in Italy. I recently congratulated her on Facebook, and I commented on how much of her success has been the result of her own personal effort and sacrifice. This is only partially true. The physical work, long hours, focus and sacrifice are a part of the whole story, but not the whole story.

I would like to point you in the direction of a success story that is taking place behind the scenes that has had no mention.

This is the story of a single black mother, small business owner, and the real story to the tremendous success Zyre is currently achieving.

Khaleelah Austin is the owner of Hair Magic. Located right here in town, she has sacrificed, and created opportunities for Zyre that goes way beyond the traditional role of soccer mom, which she also was for several years. Whether it has been driving many miles to get to events, putting up the finances, getting Zyre plugged into the right atmosphere, basically whatever it has taken, Khaleelah has been there. Lots of parents are doing this today, just not many that have Khaleelah’s background. Se has single-handedly run her business located below Rite-Aid for more than 15 years. Zyre is 19, so she was raised in the salon beside her mother.

When Zyre was going through the typical issues of being a teenager, Khaleelah is the one who made sure Zyre found her place in the right school. When Zyre was finding herself in trouble doing the things teenagers do in Glenwood Springs, Khaleelah was the one losing sleep, and again working to make sure her daughter found her way through those hard years.

Khaleelah was always there, and always will be.

To all the single mothers out there, Khaleelah and Zyre are a brilliant shining example of how things can work out when you don’t give up, find a common goal, and work towards it.

Ramon Montoya

Glenwood Springs

The chamber event last week turned into a fiasco. Instead of a productive meeting it was just a reason to bash CDOT officials and put the brakes on the much-needed bridge.

Most alarming were the questions of the credibility of individuals that are doing a great job working hard to make this an incredible entry into downtown. It appears that they have come up with an excellent solution to a very difficult problem that was created years ago. In addition, they’ve continued to listen for several years now to input to make this bridge better for pedestrians, bikes and downtown function.

Is a bypass needed to get around town? Of course. Is there funding available? Not at all. Does the bridge need to be replaced before it collapses? Most certainly. We have stretched this bridge far beyond reasonable limits. To even have bridge funding to address this problem we are very fortunate indeed.

Also, be very thankful that we have hard-working and very decorated engineers such as Joe Elsen and others on the job. Do something productive and give these people your constructive input on how to make this the best bridge in the country and showcase this great town. We have an incredible opportunity and need to make the best of it even if there will be significant sacrifice involved.

Meanwhile, maybe city and county officials (including Pitkin and Eagle) should start looking for creative ways to fund a bypass that really goes around the town. When I say bypass, I mean around the town and not another road into town.

Craig Amichaux

Glenwood Springs

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