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Do you want more than a banker for Garfield County commissioner? Don’t voters want commissioners who will increase diversity in the county? Don’t they want commissioners who do more than cut checks to their favorite projects? Don’t they want commissioners who will follow the comprehensive plan and land-use recommendations of the citizens?It is time to move forward in Garfield County. It is time to create a vision of the future for the children of the county. Balancing the budget is of no use if the county does not progress into the 21st century. I recommend that a vote for Aleks Briedis. Mr. Briedis is a dynamic leader with experience in the recreational industry whose vision is to move the county forward. He wants to increase our recreational industries through manufacturing and infrastructure.I have talked with a lot of people. I have heard amazing stories of the discontinuity brought about by the energy industry. There seems to be a new greed that is based on acquiring land, rights and permits and precious little neighbors helping neighbors. Ranches foreclosed to obtain mineral rights, house values plummeting because gas wells were drilled too close, roads built improperly for use by heavy machinery, ponds filled with toxic sludge. I think the county could do better and restore a people-centered government.Mr. Briedis will support land use codes that include environmental and economic impact measures to ensure basic levels of protections for residents; ensure healthy watersheds with conservation efforts; collaborate with research centers to include a standardized measure for water and air quality in local codes; and prioritize immediate baseline measures, while supporting a thorough health impact assessment for the next few years.His vision will be guided by the comprehensive and interdepartmental strategic plans to form a countywide action plan. He will collaborate with current directors and municipal leaders to identify gaps for improving economic development, but ensure that Health and Human Services is financially able to meet the needs of residents.Tom RutledgeGlenwood Springs

I was surprised at the article on the front page of the Oct. 23 Post Independent entitled, “Democrat women highlight ‘Romneysia,’ equal pay issues.” The headline should have used the phrase “Democratic women,” which is the proper moniker for those individuals representing the Democratic Party.Changing the name of the historic party of Thomas Jefferson to “Democrat Party” is a political epithet repeated by ultra-conservative politicians and media outlets in a deriding and hostile fashion. Hendrik Hertzberg, the primary political commentator for the New Yorker has stated, “There’s no great mystery behind this deliberate misnaming. ‘Democrat Party’ is a slur, or intended to be – a handy way to express contempt.” This conservative ploy reminds me of the ugly commentary about liberals expressed by the same right-wing politicians and talk jocks in previous years.Perhaps Democrats should rename the Republican Party as the “Republic Party,” or the GOP as the “Gas and Oil Party.” Fortunately, the members of President Obama’s party have more class, and I would expect the same from the writers and editors of the Post Independent. A community newspaper should strive for accuracy and respect, and reflect the views of all its readers, not just the mean spirited and petty among us.Janie EnrightSilt

This summer, at the Glenwood Springs Downtown Market, I found it very telling when I introduced myself to Bob Rankin and was summarily told by the candidate to bug off. He didn’t want to listen to my views, nor did he care about my vote.The Colorado state House District 57 race is making up exactly like many of the national races – wealthy special interest vs. a courageous, compassionate, intelligent, principled human being.I am casting my vote in the House District 57 race for Jo Ann Baxter. I have spoken with Ms. Baxter on several occasions now, and find that she listens. She does not immediately label herself or her position. Her western Colorado heritage puts her in touch with the majority of us who live here. We make a living, solve our problems, and help in our communities here, the same as she does. This is her experience, and this is how she can represent each of us in the Colorado state House.Her opponent comes recently from a lofty world that is built on influence created by money. His rules are relative to the game – the game of personal gain. Colorado is a passing interest in his lifelong profession, the quest for personal recognition, not community service, nor understanding of a rural way of life.The Post Independent report about contributions for Rankin confirms what I learned that day in late summer on my neighborhood street – Rankin would be working for industry-supported political action committees.Vote for Jo Ann Baxter and send a person the Colorado House who will support our Western Slope needs with a balanced, impartial focus on the issues. Ms. Baxter will be serving you, not money.Jock JacoberGlenwood Springs

On Oct. 19 I was stunned to receive in my mail a glossy election flyer slamming Sonja Linman, who is running for Garfield County commissioner. I’ll admit I’ve been on the fence as to how I would vote. I feel John Martin has worked hard and basically done a good job. But I know Ms. Linman personally and she is one of those rare people I would describe as “golden” – one who truly lives in service to others. I would have complete faith that she would do her best in a straightforward and honest way. When I saw this vitriolic, almost slanderous ad, I felt personally attacked. Where was this coming from?The flyer listed the sender as Northwest Colorado Alliance, with a Grand Junction address. A brief online search turned up a home page that shows them to be a 501(c)4 non-profit organization with the stated purpose of existing “to educate citizens and Colorado public officials on issues of public policy.” They also claim, “specifically, the Alliance conducts non-partisan research and distributes information to citizens and public officials concerning the local, Colorado, and national economy.”Oh really? This flyer was not educational in tone and was definitely not non-partisan.Who funds the Northwest Colorado Alliance? Is it possible that my tax dollars actually helped pay for this ad? John Martin, can you explain?As for me, I’m no longer wavering. My yard sign is up and my vote has been cast for Sonja Linman. After all, the bottom line for me is it’s all about trust.Markita LerchGlenwood Springs

As a member of the Board of Trustees for the town of Carbondale, I believe it is my responsibility to carefully consider how each ballot measure affects our community. After reading and reflecting on the failures of our nation’s drug policy, I am announcing my endorsement of Amendment 64. I am also speaking for myself and as the father of a teenage girl and not for the Carbondale Board of Trustees. Amendment 64 should generate hundreds of millions of dollars in new tax revenues and law enforcement savings over the coming decade. The first $40 million raised annually is dedicated to fund public school construction. Our schools need the new revenue and this law funds schools without raising state income or property taxes. Regulating marijuana will take jobs away from cartels and give them to taxpaying Coloradans. Amendment 64 will also end the prohibition on farming industrial hemp, which has no psychoactive properties and can be used for paper, cloth, fuel, and food. This opportunity will allow Colorado farmers to corner the market on this highly demanded agricultural crop.Regulating marijuana for adults 21 and older and placing it behind a counter like alcohol will make it harder, not easier for teens to access. Replacing an uncontrolled underground market with a tightly controlled system of regulation is smart policy. Plus, it will eliminate a key source of funding for drug cartels and will allow the state and local communities to redirect their limited law enforcement resources toward violent and harmful crimes.I, like many other Coloradans, am proud of our healthy state. So I did the research and learned that government studies comparing the harms of marijuana and alcohol have concluded that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. It is less addictive, less damaging to the body, and far less likely to trigger violent behavior. It seems obvious that adults who prefer marijuana over alcohol should not be made criminals for making that choice.Coloradans understand what is best for our families and communities. Marijuana prohibition has been a costly and unmitigated disaster. Let’s regulate marijuana for adults and tax it. Join me in voting yes on 64.Frosty MerriottCarbondale

Time and time again I see the same people who don’t like John Martin writing in and saying what he doesn’t do. The Post Independent says that letters are not to be in bad taste, yet people like Greg Jeung and Tresi Houpt continue to go after Mr. Martin in ways that have nothing to do with the job he has done for Garfield County. If Mr. Jeung, Ms. Houpt and Judy Jordan are like anyone who has a job, they would understand that if you do it right, then you still have a job or are re-elected. It’s that simple. John Martin has done a fine job for Garfield County all these years.Patti NielsenLoveland

I have had the opportunity to know Jo Ann Baxter for nine years. Eight of those years, I was able to proudly serve beside her on the Moffat County School District Board and was excited to see Ms. Baxter announce her candidacy for Colorado House District 57. Throughout our years on the board, four of which Ms. Baxter presided as our board president, she brought composure to conflict, extensive years of classroom experience, and a wealth of knowledge and familiarity regarding legislative issues. I came to depend on her enthusiasm and expertise on legislative matters. She was able to provide guidance and explanation on the many complex issues we addressed, and possessed the ability to lead the board with professionalism, efficiency and compassion. When presented with some of the more difficult decisions that we as a board had to make, Ms. Baxter consistently listened to our constituents and the professionals we retained, gathering all the available information. She would research the issues and bring concerns and suggestions to the forefront of all discussions before presenting her own findings or opinion on individual issues.There were several times when Ms. Baxter’s diplomatic skills came shining through when faced with conflicted discussions. She was able to reconcile all parties and bring everyone at the table to a respectful, dignified discussion so that a resolution or compromise could be reached. Whether she agreed with a position on a particular issue or not, she always allowed all parties the opportunity to voice their own thoughts and present information. She stays true to the issues and the impact it will have on all stakeholders.If elected, it is my belief that Jo Ann Baxter will serve the people and represent Colorado House District 57 well. I will be casting my vote for Jo Ann Baxter, and ask that voters to do their own personal inquiry into her experience and principles to determine if they will do the same.Trish SnyderCraig

Question 1A on the Garfield County ballot would establish a sales tax to fund projects purporting to accomplish various conservation goals summarized under the campaign slogan “Ranchlands, Rivers and Recreation.”I participated in a citizen’s group that identified various lands throughout Garfield County that are currently in private ownership, and which appear to have potential for furthering these goals if Garfield County were to acquire an interest in them. This interest could take the form of outright purchase, providing for public access, or the purchase of conservation easements, which prevent development but rarely have provision for public access.Given the limited availability of funds for such purposes, I have a strong preference for acquisitions that expand the public’s rights of access, as opposed to paying land-rich ranchers to continue their current land use practices with only incidental benefits to the general public.While there is certainly a lot of public land in Garfield County, the major problem from the standpoint of public benefit is that access to it is often blocked by private landholdings liberally posted with “Keep Out” signs. This is particularly the case with many streams. They are a major recreational attraction for fishing and boating, as well as providing habitat for wildlife, despite many being severely degraded by excessive diversion of water for irrigation of pastures.In the meetings that I attended in identifying potential areas for land acquisition, no mention was made of a preference for outright purchase versus conservation easements. However, in its resolution placing Question 1A on the ballot, the Board of County Commissioners set a policy that only 25 percent of the sales tax receipts are to be used for land purchases. The remainder would go to conservation easements, with no requirements for public access. I consider this fact to be highly relevant, and yet it is not mentioned in the description of Question 1A on the ballot. Considering its poorly-disclosed bias towards ranching, I will vote no on Question 1A and continue to contribute my own limited funds to private organizations that emphasize conserving exceptional lands while also enhancing public access to them. Carl Ted StudeCarbondale

As a general surgeon serving the Roaring Fork Valley, I encourage you to join me in voting for Bob Rankin for House District 57. He has taken the time to understand the complicated health care environment of the Western Slope. The Colorado Medical Society, representing more than 70 percent of all Colorado doctors, joins me in endorsing Mr. Rankin because we know we can trust him to represent our profession and those we serve. Doug YajkoGlenwood Springs

Wow! Garfield County has arrived in the big time. I received my first slick, deceptive, glossy attack ad in the mail yesterday. I thought that by turning off the TV for the last month that I might be able to avoid such trash, but I guess that outside money has amazing reach – directly to my mailbox. Whether coming from the right or left, I view these ads sponsored by these well-funded, anonymous groups as cheap and dirty. Aren’t our values in Garfield County above this kind of politicking?I believe our candidates should stand up for their beliefs and stand behind their attacks on their opponents, not cowardly hide behind their anonymous donors and deny any part of their shenanigans. In this case, Garfield County commissioner candidate Sonja Linman was the target. So, I have to wonder: What is it that John Martin has promised these rich sponsors, or has already done for them, to be the recipient of this kind of cash spending on his behalf? Why is John Martin unwilling to make these accusations himself?I had always thought of Mr. Martin as a straight shooter. What has happened to him? Is he this desperate to stretch his reign as commissioner from 16 to 20 years? I say “man up,” Mr. Martin; if he believes something about his opponent, he should do his own dirty work.Beth ZukowskiGlenwood Springs

I want to thank the Post Independent for the District 3 County Commissioner endorsement.Next let me address another issue. Please do not believe the negative, mean-spirited, politically motivated allegations in the letters to the editor or from other sources. Please judge John Martin and Mike Samson on their character, integrity and work ethic.I believe we have always run good, positive campaigns and we will continue to do so. Garfield County is in good shape. If we are re-elected, you can expect to see the county continue to progress on the right track as it has for the past four years. Now for the really important part. Please remember to vote for solid candidates and encourage all to do so from the national to the local levels.Mike Samson, Garfield County CommissionerRifle

President Obama rescued the auto industry. While Mitt Romney has gone from “I would have let them go bankrupt” to “I would have done the same as Obama did.” Really?ObamaCare is the same as RomneyCare, and was originally a Republican proposal. Romney has twisted himself into a pretzel trying to explain this one.On foreign policy, we are respected in the world again. Romney has flip-flopped on his position from leaving troops in Iraq, and on originally saying Russia is our greatest foe to now naming Iran as such. Or is it China? The 47 percent comment. Is that not what he really believes? He was saying it to pander to the people in the room – 1 percenters, or he really believes it. Does either explanation sound good? If Romney was so great in Massachusetts, why is he currently 15 percent behind Obama in that state? Research shows that he did not run for a second term most likely because he would have lost. His approval rating was 43 percent and he trailed all possible Democratic candidates. So I ask again – if he was so great as governor as he keeps telling us, why didn’t they want to re-elect him? Even the Salt Lake Tribune decided to endorse Obama.Things are not where Obama would like them to be economically. But we are headed in the right direction. We shouldn’t return to the policies of Bush or Reagan, which got us in this position to begin with. And don’t worry about the 1 percent paying more – they have done very well during this recession. The money you lost – they found. And with the vague policies Romney has put forth, we could be losing the home mortgage deduction to pay for that 20 percent tax deduction on the wealthy. Please vote for a second term for Obama, and not for a flip-flopper who has no clear reason for you to vote for him.Get the facts. Check out or other fact-checking websites to get the truth, and research Paul Ryan’s budget proposal.D. YostGlenwood Springs

It is time we take a stand and take back our Congress. Presidential politics are one thing, but those we choose to represent us in our own districts will make the most impact on our local communities and our individual freedoms. This is why I am so encouraged to find an independent woman running for Congress in our own District Three, Tisha Casida. I’m so tired of the major party candidates who are funded and controlled by their parties, and find it refreshing that an Independent can actually represent we the people.I traveled to Grand Junction this summer to be present at the debate between all of the Congressional candidates for our district. The Democrat and Republican candidates attacked and blamed each other, right along party lines, never addressing actual taproots of the problems. Tisha Casida spoke of the important issues of sound money, the economy and a Constitutional federal government and more.Sick of Congress? Then do something about it. Vote for an independent woman running for Congress in our District Three – Tisha Casida. Ms. Casida is standing up for our individual, natural rights and understands and protects the Constitution, including states’ rights. She is the only candidate agreeing to term limits, and will protect our property rights and food freedom. Jamie HuizengaGunnison

It is a fact that marijuana possession and use are prohibited by federal law. Established federal law, according to Article VI of the U.S. Constitution, is the “supreme law of the land.” So those who put Amendment 64 on the ballot and those who vote for it do so in total disregard of federal law and the Constitution. The proponents of Amendment 64 ignore, and would have others ignore, federal law, on the principle that laws may be disobeyed if we don’t like them. Since Amendment 64 is predicated on breaking the law, why should anyone be bound by its provisions limiting the use, possession or distribution of marijuana? This amendment, if approved, will not only boost marijuana use; it will further weaken public respect for the rule of law on which civilized society depends.This exercise in legalizing the violation of federal marijuana laws has already been practiced by Colorado voters, as well as by voters in more than a dozen other states, in regard to medical marijuana. This massive flouting of federal law was the result of the decision in 2009 by Attorney General Holder, in dereliction of his duty, to give such states a pass and ignore the widespread defiance of the laws he took an oath to enforce.It is amazing the extent to which our political leaders, legislators and executives and councilmen have blithely participated in subverting the rule of law. All legislators and officials who implemented the medical marijuana amendment did so in violation of their oaths of office. One has to ask: How can blatantly unconstitutional measures such as these even show up on the ballot? Vote no on Amendment 64.Mike MechauPalisade

Tax increases are always a difficult proposal, and given the current economic uncertainty, the consideration of any increase in taxation may seem ill advised. However, with most decisions in life there are no absolutes and no matter what influences that are predominately present, you must look beyond the current forces, study the facts, and weigh the costs and benefits with sound reasoning. This election year we have an opportunity to consider a small change in our sales tax that will have exponential rewards to all of us, our visitors, and generations to come. It is the Garfield County Open Lands Program, known as initiative 1A. This is a proposal for a 0.25 percent increase in sales tax that will create an estimated $2 million per year that will be spent judiciously on conservation easements and selected land purchases that will preserve open space, allow families to continue working the land, and keep many of our vistas as we see them today. While many may argue that limiting development opportunities will have economic consequences, there obviously is a reason people are drawn to our area. If we do not preserve our open space and plan prudently, we are at risk of killing the goose that laid the golden egg. It is a question of balance, and Colorado has extensive examples of over-development resulting in diminished economic vitality and quality of life. Will the Garfield Open Lands Program 1A mean no development? No, there will still be many opportunities for quality development. But it will help in creating the proper balance that will keep our area appealing, our land working, and our vistas intriguing.For our economic health, quality of life, and for the benefit of future generations, I encourage voters to support this program by voting yes in the coming election.Dave ScrubyCarbondale

It’s time to send Obama packing and vote him out of office. This president and his administration have hurt America over the past four years. His domestic and foreign policy is terrible and it’s making the United States weaker and more vulnerable. The economy is terrible, we have more people out of work than ever before and it’s not George Bush’s doing. Obama has a record now and his policies have been in effect the past four years. The administration is cooking the books when it comes to the unemployment numbers, they’re not counting all the factors that go into unemployment numbers. Mitt Romney has a proven track record as a businessman and has created jobs and brought companies back to being prosperous that where going under. Four more years of an Obama administration will mean high unemployment, higher utility bills, higher gas prices, higher food prices, a weaker dollar and more taxes on a struggling economy. If we have four more years of Obama, this country will change in a way we have never seen it before and it won’t be for the better. If you like the direction the country is going in, then vote for Obama, but if you want a stronger, more prosperous America, vote for Mitt Romney.”He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.” – Benjamin Franklin”When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” – Thomas JeffersonCurt HasonGypsum

I’m a lawyer and past president of the Colorado Municipal Judge’s Association and a former prosecutor.Sherry Caloia and Martin Beeson are running for Ninth District Attorney.Democrat or Republican doesn’t matter; the DA doesn’t set political policy.I have known both of these candidates for many years.Sherry Caloia is a far superior choice by a huge margin for many reasons, but the basic one is simply she has much better judgment and experience.Beeson brags that he has gotten 400 years for criminals. No responsible DA measures performance by years in prison. The American Bar Association standards state: “The prosecutor should not make the severity of sentences the index for his or her effectiveness.”Don’t we all know this intuitively; the job is to do justice, not rack up years in prison?Beeson says he’s financially responsible and stayed within budget. He didn’t say the budget has gone from $1.8 million to $3.2 million. If your budget went up at taxpayer expense like that, could you stay within it?Beeson says he’s gotten convictions. Every DA gets convictions; the DA chooses which cases to prosecute. What isn’t said are the times he prosecuted the not guilty, or had the jury convict on lesser offenses than the charges. No one discusses the emotional and financial toll on those folks and their families.Beeson is running for a third term. The Constitution limits him to two. He says the first one didn’t count. The courts will ultimately have to decide this issue, but he could have avoided it by addressing it earlier.Beeson claims the opposition is because he “doesn’t coddle criminals.” Honestly, financially I will do better if he is elected, bad judgment creates conflict.I’m for Sherry Caloia because it’s the right thing to do.Thomas SilvermanGlenwood Springs

We are getting tired of the constant propaganda put out by the Democrats and Republicans that the president cuts taxes, spends taxpayer money and makes job-killing regulations.A careful reading of our Constitution specifically sets out that the president signs or vetoes bills passed by Congress and negotiates treaties which must be approved of by Congress. The president does affect jobs when he negotiates free trade agreements like NAFTA that result in off-shoring of jobs to foreign countries. Starting with Bill Clinton, the presidents have done exactly that.Only Congress can spend money, affect tax policy or regulations. Therefore if the people want change, they must change the Congress by electing more non-affiliated and independent members who must be negotiated with when proposing or passing legislation.An excellent start can be made by electing candidate Tisha Casida to the Third Congressional District. She has made it clear that she will negotiate with both sides of the aisle in order to get legislation that will be of the most benefit to all the people, not just the elites and special interests.Garry and Bettie EvensonBattlement Mesa

I write regarding John Cooper’s letter of Oct. 25, “Checks and Balances not as bipartisan as it appears.”It’s unfortunate that Commissioner John Martin’s campaign has misinterpreted our survey as partisan.In September, we commissioned a nonpartisan survey from the Republican polling firm Bellwether Research & Consulting and the Democratic polling firm Peak Campaigns.Both firms are respected and have extensive experience in developing fair surveys to gauge public opinion. Their clients include interests from across the political spectrum, including Duke Energy, Citizen Gas and the Front Range Economic Strategy Center.We worked with Democratic and Republican polling firms to ensure the questions presented just the facts and that both the pro and con statements were fairly characterized. The questions were randomized according to standard practices.The Garfield County commissioners have taken several controversial positions on energy issues. We wanted to know whether or not the public supported their actions.On every issue we tested – including the illegal oil shale lobbyist resolution, using $20,000 in taxpayer funds to hire a partisan firm on energy and sage grouse issues, and the firing of the county oil and gas liaison under their watch despite the fact that she had received a “95 percent glowing” job review – more residents disagreed than agreed with the commissioners’ actions.Also, respondents were asked to rate the commissioners’ job approval prior to the energy questions. Commissioners Martin, Jankovsky and Samson all scored below 50 percent.We invite anyone who is interested to review the poll and decide if the questions were presented in a fair and balanced way. The poll, cross-tabs, and memo from the polling firms can be found on our website at an age where oil and gas money drives lobbying and politics, we think it is critical that elected officials know where the public stands on these issues.Matt Garrington, Co-DirectorChecks and Balances ProjectDenver

I write regarding the Oct. 24 article, ” ‘Kill Obama’ message draws scorn from Aspen neighbors.”The graffiti stayed up much longer than I wanted. I first saw the most recent vandalism when I arrived at the house at around 10 a.m. on Oct. 23. Not having a phone, I immediately borrowed my neighbor’s and called the police. I was instructed to not paint over anything until they arrived. During the ensuing six-hour wait, I called the police twice more and expressed my desire to cover the message before the local school children returned home, and was told not to touch anything until they arrived.I waited, and waited. The police finally arrived, accompanied by a secret service agent, at around 4 p.m. They took a picture of the graffiti and I immediately painted over it.While I was surprised to see a Secret Service agent accompanying the police, it was only the agent’s very forceful attempts to have me sign a lengthy document that I had not read that arguably shook me.As readers are well aware, I have always stood behind my actions, right or wrong. I had nothing to do with this message. This is not the first time my house has been vandalized: earlier in October the “End War” and “Endless wars” paintings were destroyed with black spray paint, prompting the installation of a camera.I would have responded to the Aspen Times’ emails had I had access to a computer while waiting all day for the police.Let me state that I abhor violence and war. As an Eagle Scout, the suggestion of violence in this graffiti is shameful; neither I nor anyone I know did this. However, it is also a shameful, cowardly act to deface anyone’s private property in the dark of night.I believe in community. I believe in social justice, peace and freedom. We must love our neighbor, and agree to disagree, but still break bread together.Lee MulcahyAspen

On Oct. 25, I too saw the pitifully racist bumper sticker regarding the presidential election: “November 6, 2012: Don’t Re-nig.”What was deeply disturbing to me is that, according to the owner’s license plate and other stickers on his vehicle, he’s a Vietnam veteran and an ex-Marine, as am I.There was no shooting war when I did my hitch, so I respect this man’s combat experience. However, the U.S. Marine Corps is not a racist service. There is no black, brown or white. There are only Marines. Thousands of Marines have died fighting racist enemies to defend equality and stamp out bigotry.For all I know, this gentleman may have been awarded the Navy Cross. If so, I commend his courage. But I do know for certain that he’s woefully deficient in understanding what the Corps stands for.Pat DalrympleCabondale

Realizing the truth of “All politics is local,” I ask readers to consider what the impact of a Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan victory would be, right here in Glenwood Springs. Amtrak would soon be history.Planned Parenthood, gone.EPA restraints on the gas and oil industries would be history.Improved national health care: sorry, back to the bad old days.Public broadcasting – no more Sesame Street.A Romney presidency would see our Supreme Court even more in the pocket of big money; you can thank the current conservative justices for all those wonderful million-dollar TV ads we’ve been enjoying.I am sure readers can come up with some other reasons on their own, but you get the drift.Jan Girardot Glenwood Springs

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