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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

The Post Independent is supporting Barack Obama for president. (See the Oct. 26 edition.) What is surprising is some of their reasons.

American jobs: there are 23 million unemployed or underemployed in America. If one includes those who have given up looking for work, unemployment is near 14 percent. Is this what Colorado voters support?

Students: student loan debt has exploded in the last three years, and yet 50 percent of those graduating from college cannot get a job.

Small business: a recent survey of 800 small business owners found 69 percent have been hurt under Obama and 55 percent say they would not start a business while Obama is in office.

Republicans stymied Obama’s every move: Democrats had control of the House and Senate for Obama’s first two years and yet did nothing to address the jobs picture. They have not passed a budget since he took office. They did ram the unconstitutional Obamacare down our throats, which will rob billions from Medicare.

Gov. Romney has shifted to the right, which will lead to higher debt: the debt has risen by over $5 trillion under Obama and is still rising by $4 billion per day. Obama has added more debt than all previous presidents combined.

Romney is ignoring climate change: A report last week shows no temperature rise in 16 years. In fact, since temperatures have been recorded, the total worldwide rise in temperature is less than 1 degree centigrade. What’s not to ignore?

Of course it is all because he inherited this mess from you know who. Imagine what the next president is inheriting. Now that’s scary.

A word about the campaign. Have readers seen the disgusting ad that compares a young woman losing her virginity with voting for Obama? “It’s like it’s your first time.” Unbelievable.

Or how about Obama calling Romney a bulls**ter in an interview with Rolling Stone? Very presidential, huh?

Or how about the lies and coverup of what happened to our ambassador in Libya by this administration? Do Colorado voters value that?

One word describes Obama’s presidency perfectly: failure.

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

What a wonderful story by Charle Thibodeau about adopting Tom the cat. It was a breath of fresh air to read something other than all the political musings. I am very happy that Tom has found his forever home.

On another note, to those who have fallen on hard times and can no longer take care of their pet or need help with feeding their animal, please contact your local shelter. There are many shelters out there that have programs to assist pet owners.

If you find it necessary to re-home your pet, please don’t just abandon them. Take them to a shelter. I don’t know of any facility that has turned away an animal.

Congrats, Charle, on your new addition!

Denise Van Hoorelbeke

Battlement Mesa

A letter published in the Sunday, Oct. 28, edition, “Romney is a flip-flopper,” was written by Donna Yost, who simply used the initial “D.” in signing her letter.

On Oct. 11 there was an article regarding the county towing policy at the parking lot at Eighth and Pitkin, paid for at least in part by Garfield County citizens. Let me offer additional information.

On Aug. 7, when I was at a city Transportation Committee at 7 a.m., my car was towed from that lot for a outrageous cost of $250 by Glenwood Shell. Information that towing would take place was not obvious and there was no one in the county building who knew where my car was. I finally found a number and called them on John Martin’s phone. Believe me, I was very angry and very concerned. In my vehicle were my work computer, my purse with all my ID, my phones – everything.

After finally getting my car back after paying this predatory cost and having my car broken into by the station owner, I found John Martin, who agreed that this was not a message the county wanted to send to citizens. He was as shocked and surprised that the fee was $250. He told me that he would refund it and be sure that the towing stopped. I got my refund, but if other readers had to pay $250, I suggest they demand repayment from the county immediately.

I was at a meeting at the Garfield County building again in October and saw yet another vehicle being towed. I asked John Martin why, and he said that while he moved to change the policy, it was not changed.

This is totally outrageous and must be stopped now. Glenwood Springs is a community of neighbors and this is not the way that neighbors behave with each other. Additionally, given the parking situation downtown with the current lack of available parking, this lot is an occasional solution to someone wanting to be involved with county government or commissioners’ meetings.

Use your voice to demand that charges be refunded and this policy be rescinded immediately.

Cheryl Cain

Glenwood Springs

In the past few weeks, several letters have been written claiming everything the Republicans say is an outright lie and everything President Obama and his cronies say is the God’s truth. This is downright laughable.

Just a few of Obama’s little lies: close Gitmo – still open; the most open and transparent administration ever – health care passed in the middle of the night; get unemployment under 6 percent – it took 46 months to get below 8 percent; cut the deficit by 50 percent in the first four years – raised the deficit by nearly $6 trillion.

But the worst lie of all is about the killing of four U.S. citizens in Libya. It took the administration several days to own up to the fact that this was a terrorist attack and had nothing to do with a video. They knew within hours what was going on and lied about it to the American people.

My biggest problem with this administration is the way they do math on the number of unemployed people we have in this great country. Since Obama has been in office, over 300,000 people have applied for unemployment benefits each week. That’s 1.2 million a month. In the past 40 months, that figures out to be 48 million people unemployed. Obama claims that 5 million jobs have been created in the past 46 months. Well folks, this appears to me that Obama has actually created a negative job growth of 43 million jobs. That is if you believe everything this administration says.

One last thought. Have any of you folks done any research on Obama’s new campaign slogan, “Forward.” It’s quite interesting reading.

Dennis Yost

Glenwood Springs

This presidential election is actually a test, not just of opposing candidates but of the entire voting public. It’s all about how the greatest country in the world will be governed.

If we have a president who can nullify by executive order acts of Congress and decide that some portion of the law will be enforced and other portions not, then we no longer have the separation of powers. Then the executive branch acts as the ruling socialistic power of our nation.

This election is a test of our democracy as to whether we can govern ourselves. It doesn’t matter what color, ethnic origin, or gender the president is. Let’s use some common sense. Being president means having the best interests of the lives of 300-plus million people in their hands and the future of people yet unborn.

If Barack Obama, the affirmative action president, gets re-elected, he will probably appoint one or two Supreme Court justices. Then he will have a rubber stamp to do what he pleases.

Maybe he’ll change the Constitution so he can run again in 2016 and then again in 2020. Sounds like Venezuela. Then President Obama becomes Dictator Obama for life.

The America that has flourished for over 200 years is being quietly but steadily dismantled by this administration. The only way our Constitution protects the American citizen is if we the people protect the Constitution.

How do we do that? We vote out those elected officials who violate their oath of office to protect and defend this sacred document. Because over time, it will erode to the point where it means nothing.

Already the Senate has violated the Constitution by not submitting a yearly budget for the past three years. The result of this fiscally irresponsible act is that we’re about to run out of money, like Greece and Spain. One way or the other the welfare-entitlement state will then come to an end.

Preserve the republic by voting Obama and all the weak, misguided politicians out.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

I want to start out my letter saying I am so proud of the Peewee Titans of New Castle. This team not only went undefeated this year, they did it with the most amazing sportsmanship ever. Under even the worst conditions, our boys were polite and considerate of the other teams.

Now for the real reason behind this letter.

Our team played Aspen teams twice this year and both times, both teams displayed the worst sportsmanship conduct I have ever seen. In the second game, my own son became a kicking post for another child while he was on the ground. What parent would teach their child that this is OK? What coach would teach a child this is OK? Why was this child allowed in the very next play and not benched?

Our coaches would not have stood by and let a child on our team display that sort of disrespect towards a fellow player. I am extremely disappointed in the players and coaches of Aspen. I really hope they take the winter and following seasons to take a look at their program.

I know as a parent, I would not want my child being taught this way and would not allow him to continue. I put my son in football to teach him how to work with a team and learn what it feels like to win and how to lose gracefully. I am proud of my son’s behavior this year. Even after being kicked while he was down, he didn’t get up bitter or mad. In fact, it only made him want to win harder.

Aspen’s actions were noticed this year by many. Other parents will not continue to accept this type of behavior.

Cynthia Wheeler

New Castle

Who are our county commissioners schmoozing with? Where is the money coming from for these mailings we are getting that support John Martin and Mike Samson?

I only know what I have seen. A few months ago I attended an Energy Advisory Board meeting at the Rifle library. A professor from Colorado School of Mines was giving a lecture on fracking. She gave a very good presentation on the structure of a well and the process of fracking.

At the beginning of the meeting I happened to sit in the very back row of the room, a seat away from Mr. David Ludlum, executive director of the Western Slope Oil and Gas Association. Soon Commissioner Tom Jankovsky entered the room and sat right next to Mr. Ludlum, then Commissioner Samson entered and sat in the seat at Mr. Ludlum’s left. They acted as if they knew Mr. Ludlum very well. They smiled and chatted throughout the event.

What bothered me was this: Whenever a local citizen would express concerns about the problems of drilling they were experiencing, these three gentlemen would look at one another and smirk, smile and whisper as if this was a joke.

I also noticed Sonja Linman was at this meeting. She was sitting in the midst of the people, taking notes and asking pertinent questions. Ms. Linman was not “buds” with the oil and gas executive.

I know what I saw. Vote for Sonja Linman. She will be fair.

It’s time to stop the buddying up to the gas industry, the firing of good people, the canning of a good health impact assessment, the erasing of recordings during meetings, the secret meetings, the spending of funds to join questionable groups and the purchase of property without price negotiations (how about offers and counter offers?).

Cheri Brandon

Glenwood Springs

Let’s put politics and issues aside and just see what we feel looking at Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, without listening to their speeches. Others have commented to me their observations, too.

With Obama we see and feel arrogance. He is often peevish, showing a good deal of underlying anger. Obama gives cold, hard, stares. What I see most is the nose in the air, the finger jabbing.

He demonstrated his lack of empathy in the way he treated the parents of two of those young men killed in Benghazi. Both sets of parents reported that the hugs were brief and obligatory. Obama never looked them in the eyes, and immediately walked away after the short meeting. I see little genuine warmth in this man.

Romney has warmth in his eyes when he smiles. He follows religious principles in the way he treats others. He is truly humble about himself and his business successes.

I see in Romney a caring person who will go out of his way to help others. Case in point: closing his plant to have everyone search for a co-worker’s missing teenager. Romney is a problem solver. He will not exclude the other party from discussion as Obama has.

To me, Romney looks like someone who can lead with respect and dignity. He will not lead from behind. He will not ignore duty, whereas Obama is self-serving and dismissive.

Carol Abbott


I have voted for Jo Ann Baxter for Colorado House District 57, and here is why.

Ms. Baxter has lived and worked on the Western Slope for 38 years, with many years of experience in teaching and managing. She clearly cares about the education of our children. This is vitally important, as these children are our future.

Her doctorate in education makes her uniquely qualified to take Colorado into the 21st century, a century that will revolve around our citizens’ capabilities to handle the ever-changing jobs of the future and to compete not only within Colorado and the U.S., but with the world.

I have discussed the future with Ms. Baxter and know that she is concerned about the balance of economic development and environmental protection. Her passion revolves around the future of the people of the Western Slope.

Jo Ann Baxter is a voice for all of us. Please consider voting for her in this election.

Colleen Kennedy Rutledge

Glenwood Springs

In an Associated Press article, Robert Laszewski, an industry consultant and blogger, is quoted as saying the tension is becoming unbearable.

“I spend a lot of time in executive offices and board rooms, and they are good Republicans who would like to see Romney win,” said Laszewski. “But they are scared to death about what he’s going to do.”

This is a quote by a person in the health insurance industry. I don’t understand why, if Mitt Romney is elected and repeals Obamacare, and their companies could lose billions of dollars, they are voting for him.

Why is it okay to have the government tell us we have to buy car insurance, and not okay to tell us to buy health insurance? I have been to the doctor a lot more than I have taken my car to the body shop.

Full article:–finance.html

James Gilliam


The Post Independent’s editorial of Oct. 26 endorsing Barack Obama is high on emotion and nearly devoid of facts.

This administration has no balanced approach to energy development on public lands, only reduced drilling. The increased coverage on health care will still not be accessible to all. The bill was passed by bribing members of Congress who knew we could not afford it, and ignores the issue of who will finance it. The jobs market is much worse now than four years ago, when true total unemployment is considered. Student loans are “being forgiven,” but ignores the issue of who pays for this policy, another means of buying votes with taxpayers’ money.

The Post Independent blames Republicans and the Tea Party for not compromising with this regime, even though the Democrats controlled the House, Senate, and the office of president for two years. The Democrats never sought compromise when they met behind closed doors on Obamacare. The refusal of the Senate, controlled by the Democrats, to enact a budget for more than three years is not compromise.

The Navy Seals delivered justice to bin Laden. The president was sitting in the safety of the White House. All he did was give approval for the sanction. The auto industry bailout was a payback to the United Auto Workers union. All those individuals who held bonds were “thrown under the truck.” Many of these people were retirees and lost a source of income. This president also circumvented U.S. bankruptcy laws to do this, while still claiming that we are a nation of laws. The new Obamacare removes over $700 billion from Medicare to finance these programs. Removal of billions will only accelerate the demise of Medicare.

Finally, the Post Independent cites the growing urgency of climate change. The Earth’s climates are cyclical and are subject to major change. The last major ice age covered what is now Europe and parts of the U.S.

What is this president’s plan if re-elected? Borrowing and spending another trillion dollars per year is more than alarming. Maybe you should check out his 923 executive orders and see if you can envision his view of a transformed America.

Karen and Jerry Foster

Glenwood Springs

Several comments here.

I really understand Stanley Trulock’s concerns about commercialism of the American flag in his letter of Oct. 27. However, I am more concerned about some of our very high up leaders who have protested and refuse to wear our flag on their lapel, or refused to salute our flag in a ceremony.

I’ve been involved with a young boy’s youth group here in New Castle for about five years, and I try to teach them to not only respect our flag, but to honor our flag and our country, to make the right decisions in life, and to have good moral and ethical values. The red stripe on our flag represents not only valor and bravery, but the blood of Americans fighting for freedom.

We have a wonderful country that is slipping into political correctness to try and please 5 percent of the people.

Our government leaders says that we have the right to not be disturbed by phone solicitation. But of course it doesn’t apply to them and their re-election.

What’s wrong with these pictures? We have the best country in the world. I’m 66 years young, and grew up in the Denver Public School system. I ran into one of my middle school teachers a number of years ago, and asked him how it was going. His response was very positive at first, but after a few questions, he said he can’t wait to get out. He said trying to integrate the school system to bring the underprivileged up to the standards of the middle and upper class has only brought that group down to that of the underprivileged.

I can’t believe that today our local schools would allow a sixth-grader to move on, without being able to write, or read cursive. Our country has become so passive, and accustomed to our comforts that the world will soon pass us by.

Please stand up and voice your concerns.

John Harcourt

New Castle

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