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If your son or daughter died in service to their country, would you not want answers?

The attack on our Benghazi consulate is a scandal of epic proportions, pretty much ignored by the news media. That, in itself, makes the mainstream media just as complicit as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Four Americans were killed as a result of the administration’s failure to pay attention. Multiple times over a period of months, our ambassador requested increased security and stated the potential for violence was escalating. These requests were ignored and existing security reduced. Obama and Clinton are directly responsible for the murder of these precious four Americans.

These men could have been your family members. Now we know how Obama will handle that 3 a.m. phone call Ms. Clinton mentioned in the 2008 campaign: he goes to bed. Only the president had the authority to order all avenues of assistance to stand down. It is totally un-American to stand by idly and just watch others die. We just are not like that, and these were our own people.

Obama claims he did not know of requests for increased security at this location. Why didn’t he know? It is his job to know. Perhaps it was because he skipped 60 percent of the intelligence briefings. Obama consistently refuses to take responsibility for anything that happens on his watch.

Those in the Washington, D.C., situation room watched the attack in Benghazi in real time. They watched our people under attack, watched them die, and did nothing – not before, not during and very little since. Whether or not they actually watched it or went bowling is anybody’s guess. Obama did not let it keep him awake; he had a fundraiser party the next day in Las Vegas.

We have barely scraped the surface of this scandal. There is evidence of weapons-running to Syrian rebels – another American Fast and Furious, and I believe our president was behind it. This is the catalyst for the current strife between Turkey and Syria. It involves both Russia and Iran as well.

Barack Obama has proven himself unfit to be president of the United States.

Juanita Williams


I write regarding the “No on Amendment 64,” editorial of Oct. 25.

While I appreciate that the Post Independent’s editorial board recognizes the futility, destructiveness and waste of resources that are our current marijuana prohibition laws, I’m disappointed the paper is not supporting Amendment 64.

I am a speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and a former Colorado assistant attorney general.

While it would be great if change came from the federal government, it rarely plays the part of instigator of social reform. It must be dragged kicking and screaming into the modern era, and it’s the states that must do the heavy lifting.

This was how alcohol prohibition laws were overturned, and it will almost certainly be how marijuana becomes legalized and regulated.

At this point, reform is inevitable. This Nov. 6, Coloradans have a chance to influence the structure of those reforms with a sensible, responsibly written initiative benefiting schools, police and taxpayers. I hope we lead the charge to more reasonable marijuana laws. I hope we vote yes on 64.

Sean McAllister


Bob Rankin let the ideological cat out of the bag with his stand on a proposed analysis of federal land decisions. I guess this stance is why the Colorado Peak Politics web site, the self-proclaimed “Colorado conservative bully pulpit,” proclaims Bob Rankin a “conservative thoroughbred” and “one hellava of a proven candidate.”

Mr. Rankin’s corporate experience was as vice-president of Ford Aerospace Corp., which had defense contracts for the government. I guess that is part of his thoroughbred breeding. He is a proven candidate according to the website because of his ability to raise money. That might make him a “proven” candidate but not a good candidate for our district.

If you look at his endorsements (listed by Ginny Love in her Oct. 24 letter to the editor) it leaves out some of his contributors, surely an endorsement. These include AngloGold Committee, a minerals extraction company, Black Hills Corp., a producer of oil and natural gas in Colorado, and Arch Coal Inc.

I wonder what Mr. Rankin’s priorities were when he ran against state Sen. Gail Schwartz, then proclaiming his residence was a 700-square-foot residence in Aspen. He seems determined to legislate.

I will engage in my own hyperbole and proclaim Mr. Rankin a classic carpetbagger, who will lack vision beyond his economic nose, and is all wrong for House District 57 – particularly Rio Blanco and Moffat counties. His candidacy begs the question, “All politics are local.”

Jo Ann Baxter actually knows people in her district. She knows that we cannot simply drill our way out of any and every problem. The Republican ideology of an ever-expanding economy will be challenged by changing global circumstances and our locally oriented, ex-teacher, Ms. Baxter, will understand the need not only for her former students’ mining jobs, but jobs and education for the new century. I trust Ms. Baxter and will be voting for her.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

Do you have a seat at the table? All of us would like to be involved in decisions that directly affect us and our children. We all want to ensure a future in which we and our children are prosperous and fulfilled.

There are many aspects of our lives where we do not have direct control of our destiny, so it is especially important to be able to exercise some level of control in the areas we can influence. One such area is county government. This we can influence. However, we are at a disadvantage when we lack information regarding the issues that are being decided by government officials.

This is where we need a paradigm change in Garfield County government. Contemporary information and communication technology make it easily possible for our county commissioners to communicate directly with the public regarding the major issues before us. Yet they are silent. Yes, the county operates an informational website, but it is neither up to date nor easy to navigate.

Imagine being able to subscribe to a monthly email from your county commissioner highlighting the important upcoming issues and decisions. Would this help you stay in touch with what’s happening in Garfield County? Would this create a more engaged citizenry?

Instead of having to pry information from our county government, it should be washing over us in a refreshing, cleansing wave.

As candidate for Garfield County commissioner, Sonja Linman is a new generation, a new breed of politician. Transparency, openness and outreach are at the heart of her campaign. She understands, lives and breathes technology in the service of the public. And she can get things done.

Of course I can’t guarantee she’ll do exactly what I envision; but I wouldn’t be surprised.

A new generation, a new paradigm, a new county commissioner. I’m voting for her.

Michael Larime

Glenwood Springs

I would like to propose that we hire Sonja Linman for Garfield County commissioner because she will work for us, the people of Garfield County.

Further, we should fire John Martin so he can work for one gas and oil company instead of working for all of them.

Laura Van Dyne


Can you imagine the mess President Obama will inherit if he wins this election?

Greg James

New Castle

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