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Lisa Bracken’s information about the deer and elk having problems coexisting with oil field drilling and construction is totally bogus. I see these animals plus many others, and they seem to be doing very well.

I have worked in the Battlement and Parachute Creek area, mainly for Williams and EnCana, and I have seen these companies put much effort into wildlife and reclamation.

I have lived in Western Colorado nearly all my life, and I have seen more wildlife in the past few years, working in high-density drilling oil fields than I had seen in the previous 50 or so years.

I have hunted deer and elk most of my life. I have the utmost respect for all animals, and am thrilled they have a sanctuary to spend the winters where, in most areas, no guns or hunting are allowed where the oil companies have control.

This area is the premier winter wildlife-watching area, but unfortunately most of it is not open to public viewing. People like Lisa have no idea what it is truly like. She would have a completely different outlook on the oil companies and wildlife concerns.

I’m sure the oil companies are spending a bundle on reclamation and storm water control. To the best of my knowledge, what I have witnessed is within the time limit given them as per their contracts and agreements.

I have seen deer and elk grazing in reclaimed areas all winter, without having to waste valuable energy traveling many miles in search of food. A herd of about 30 elk spent the winter on the same terraced slopes that had been reclaimed; grazing, chewing their cuds with not a concern about the vehicles passing by not more than a hundred yards away.

During the late ’70s and ’80s gas drilling boom, there were many infractions pertaining to reclamation and hazardous materials. I am sure there will be errors made during this era, but there are many dedicated people in this field who care about what happens to our environment and want to keep it a great place to live and enjoy.

Leonard Lewis


Thank you, Mr.Terwilliger. Your eloquent put-down made July 8 my lucky day, and a memorable one!

To have received recognition from the foremost self-appointed authority on just about everything has dramatically elevated my low self-esteem.

Regardless of your intentions, I feel privileged to have gained your attention, but I remain unscathed having developed total immunity to pretentious self-righteous negative liberal drivel.

God Bless America!

Richard Doran


I don’t usually respond to letters to the editor, but occasionally misinformation needs to be corrected.

In response to Wendy Lough’s letter regarding booking fees (July 13), I don’t smoke, its bad for my health; I live in Garfield County; the “Hummer” is actually a Bearcat Rescue Vehicle designed to protect the law enforcement officers that protect you; and the comment I made regarding pocket change was in response to the reporter’s question of what impact the estimated revenue ($80,000) will have on my multi-million dollar jail budget. I was not commenting on the per capita wages of the average criminal.

These fees, voted into law by the citizens, not the sheriff, are society’s response to being fed up with their tax dollars supporting inmates who live in jails for days, weeks and months with no responsibility to repay their financial debt. As long as these type of fees exist, I will continue to charge inmates to reduce the burden on Garfield County taxpayers.

Finally, I always welcome citizen comments and criticism, but I would suggest that Ms. Lough get her facts straight before she attempt public comment, again. I wonder what she’s been smoking?

Sheriff Lou Vallario

Glenwood Springs

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