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Glenwood Springs, Colorado CO

It is time to put aside our political differences and reclaim the ideals that made this such a great nation. However, we still need to make our leaders accountable for their actions or misdeeds.

Items we the people need to start working on are:

1. A balanced budget, and one that requires that we live within it.

2. Rewrite the Affordable Care Act, and make it work responsibly.

3. Rebuild our country’s areas affected by natural disasters.

4. Rebuild our country’s infrastructure, thus putting Americans back to work.

5. Reign in foreign aid to countries and groups that provide safe havens for terrorists.

6. Balance our energy plan. Drill here, not buy there. Continue to use coal as a source.

7. No more stimulus packages, until the underwriting of loans is corrected.

8. Investigation regarding Benghazi, who, what and when did they know?

9. A revision of our tax laws.

10. A strong military.

11. Tariff laws need to be reviewed and changed to benefit America versus foreign governments.

12. Education.

13. Secure our borders, no more gun or drug trafficking or illegal immigrants.

14. Allow immigration, but make them apply to become legal residents to live and work here.

Let us hope we all can work together and bring this country back together.

God bless the United States of America.

Ken Cox

Glenwood Springs

I have to address an issue I have with a graph that was shown on 9News the night of the elections. I do not know who composed this graph or where the composers of this graph collected their information, but I do know it was disgusting.

The graph 9News showed had labeled Americans who voted for Barack Obama as blacks, Latinos, unmarried and Americans ages 18-29. If you voted for Mitt Romney you were white evangelicals, white, married or 65 and under.

This is when I lost control and realized America has also lost control. The last I heard, segregation was long gone, but maybe not.

I want to know why this was even acknowledged? Why does it matter who votes for who? Why is the media bringing it up? It makes me wonder if this is going to become a fault in our nation. If it is, we need to stop it now. I don’t want my children to grow up in a country that has separated its people into labeled groups. I don’t want them in a country that has made it so it’s not who you are that determines your political affiliation. It is what race you are that determines your political affiliation, according to our news media, that is. This is not what I voted for on Nov. 6.

I guess I can only hope it was a one time stunt and does not develop into anything more, and I can only hope that we don’t let it become who we are as a nation.

Mitchell Reeves


Something to think about: If the leaders and citizens of our country turn away from God’s standards, the nation will suffer a shipwreck unless they change direction.

Joan George

Glenwood Springs

We want to express our concern for the impact of the TRES charter on Glenwood Springs Elementary School. We support Expeditionary Learning (EL), agree it would capitalize on the strengths of our area, and like that it is based on nationally recognized methods in education. Our concern is not of the intentions of the organizers, but of the route it may be administered.

We believe that this movement is a referendum on the decisions made by the board and superintendent in 2011 resulting in the firing of Principal Sonya Hemmen. GSES has struggled as a fragmented school in method, personnel relationships, top-down leadership and physical infrastructure. We do not doubt that you will find exceptional individuals implementing innovative techniques; however, if the institution is not a cohesive community, it cannot build on its strengths and emits a culture of confusion or worse, contention.

However, authorization of TRES may inflict a severe blow to GSES. This charter school hopes to locate within GSES boundaries and pull a majority of the students from GSES.

Financially, the school needs a strong student base to keep innovative teachers, fund a renovation of the playground, update classroom facilities, and replace the dilapidated modular buildings. Track records for other charter schools in the district and the culture of the Roaring Fork community shows that a charter will result in further segregation of the schools in the valley.

This is an opportunity for the school board to show leadership and cooperation with the community. We would like to see the TRES proposal turned into an opportunity for the district to pursue an Innovation grant to implement EL in GSES and perhaps at Glenwood Middle School.

This is a win-win for all at stake. For the district, it is an opportunity to strengthen existing facilities, personnel and community relationships. For the charter organizers, they will get the method and the change they are hoping for without the concern for sustainable funding, leadership and facility location. This way the amazing outcomes that are possible for an Re-1 EL school may be achieved.

Rosemary and Ryan McBride

Glenwood Springs

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