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In reading the paper Nov. 9, I noticed what was supposed to be a cartoon with a bumper sticker that read, “$ for schools” (with the dollar sign marked out in red) and another sticker that read, “Ask me about my grandkids. Yours can drop dead.”

What low life would write such a thing about any child? Any red-blooded American grandparent should be upset about that statement, no matter how they voted or what their race or religious preference is. What a horrible thing to say about anyone’s grandchildren.

Shame on you, Post Independent, for printing the thing. Dollars don’t mean everything.

Martha Smith

New Castle

It is an outrage to call the people who voted for the president “a whole lot of stupid people.” I am white, educated, working, and yes, a woman. No one is robbing me of the fruits of my labor, and Ayn Rand will never be my scriptural reference.

I will, however, pray for Bob Anderson, Jack Blankenship and others like them who are so based in fear and vitriol for their fellow men and women in what is still a civil society, that they are hunkering up with their guns and drugs.

No, America, my America, is still alive. In transition, yes, and that is synonymous with growth, not a withering vine of “old white guys and girls.”

Ruth Belda

Glenwood Springs

Let me see if I get Bob Anderson straight. Anyone who doesn’t agree with him is “stupid.” It’s too bad there are so many Hispanics, women, blacks and people under 30 who vote because only “old white guys and gals” know what is good for the country. Also, 50 percent of the country wants to live on handouts (a new talking point on Fox News).

I’m glad Mr. Anderson is taking responsibility for his life by making sure his guns are ready. What is he getting ready for? The 50 percent who “want things,” like a compassionate society?

My 86-year-old aunt is an object of his ire. Taken out of school after the eighth grade, she was sent off to work in the city, slept in a few doorways along the way, but was determined to make it on her own. She worked in factories almost her entire life, including as a teenager in Chicago during World War II, and lost a few fingertips on one job.

I can’t believe she has the nerve to collect Social Security, take advantage of the Medicare program, and live in partially subsidized housing for the elderly.

Is she stupid because she worked her entire life, paid her bills and taxes, and always tried to help others when she could? Is she stupid because she voted for President Obama and doesn’t agree with Mr. Anderson? Perhaps we should take that freeloader out to the woods and leave her there – you know, compassionate conservatism.

Also, she made less money than the men she worked very, very hard right beside her entire life. Yeah, those were the good old days if you were male and white.

Yes, let’s call people stupid and hunker down with guns. And Mr. Anderson still doesn’t see why the Republicans lost with such enlightened representatives? Should we alert the sheriff?

David Petechuk


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